Lipo On Abdominal Area - Memphis, TN

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I had aqualipo (or Body jet lipo, as some call it)...

I had aqualipo (or Body jet lipo, as some call it) on Friday, May 30th. I decided to have this surgery after hearing about it from a coworker. I lost about 40 pounds over the last few years by changing my diet and working out. Last year, I worked out every day with weights and cardio, but the belly fat was still there. After a while, I became pretty fixated on it, and it started to wear me down. My clothes fit better, but I still had a little gut even though I had lost so much weight. When I found out about the procedure, I called the next day and scheduled an appointment for a consultation. At the consultation, the employee really didn't give much of an overview, as I told her I had already looked at the reviews online (on real and elsewhere.) I had read several times about people having excruciating pain afterwards even though aqualipo is billed as being so easy afterwards. I also noticed that several of the reviews seemed fake, like someone had created them from the office. (One of the Yelp reviews even had the name of the clinic as the reviewer name...duh!) Despite this, I knew I needed this done, and I have weathered pain before. My appendix burst and I had pre-cancerous cells removed from my face before, so I can handle pain!

I was a little skeptical that I had to pay everything up front and that there was no refund if you pulled out 48 hrs or less. I suppose this is just to keep them from getting a bunch of people who would flake out. Knowing there could be pain involved, I went anyway.

The day of my procedure, I showed up and was escorted back to a waiting room, where I was to put on several garments including some goofy looking paper boxers and a gown. The nurse came in and reviewed the post op procedures, answered my questions, and then gave me a cocktail of sedatives, painkillers, an anti-nausea drugs. Within about twenty minutes, I was loopy. I only vaguely remember the doctor coming in to look me over before the procedure.

The procedure itself was very uncomfortable, but fortunately it was short. I couldn't have gone hours. They poke and prod around in your stomach, and occasionally they hit places that haven't been numbed. I said a few times that it hurt, but the pain would end for a few minutes. If you're going in expecting this to be easy, you're wrong. However, the pain is worth it at the end.

After my procedure, they helped me put on my clothes, and they put in the car with my designated driver. Even though I was numb in places, the pain was there from the start. Having had an appendix surgery, I can compare it easily to how that feels after surgery. It is not pleasant, but again, it's what you sign up for. It's bearable, especially with the painkillers they give you.

For the first day, I slept most of the day. I was in pain, but I was able to sleep through most of it. I highly recommend having someone stay with you the first 48 hours, as I needed help getting up to go to the bathroom. I also needed lots of help changing my bandages and putting on my compression garment.

Yesterday (the day after the lipo) was the worst. I was in a lot of pain all day, and it didn't subside. However, this pain was not completely unbearable. I was dizzy several times when I would get up. My friend changed my dressings once, and the sight of the bruising and blood made me pass out. It is NOT pretty. You will not go into the clinic and come out looking perfect. The recovery time is longer than they say, so just be aware of what you're getting yourself into.

Today I woke up and feel a lot of better. I'm still woozy, but I can get around nicely. I even cleaned up the house a little. I've started to eat again, but I'm very careful about what I'm eating, as the sodium will make you swell. I can already see a HUGE difference in my stomach even though it is still swollen and bruised, and the pain is not at all what it was yesterday. I have followed the instructions given to me by the doctor to the letter, and I highly recommend you take it easy and follow directions precisely!

Even though I'm only two days post-surgery, I can tell you that I'll probably be very happy with my results once the swelling and bruising goes down. The staff at the clinic were very nice and very professional, so they put me at ease despite my concerns.

Here are my tips for everyone:
1) Don't believe any review that goes into great detail about the surgery but says nothing about the pain. Being a communications and linguistic major in college, I was easily able to spot the fake reviews on many sites. It hurts, it sucks, and you're not going to enjoy it. It's surgery, after all.
2) Drink lots of water.
3) Have a friend around for at least the first 48 hours to help change your garments and help you to the bathroom.
4) Ask for a mask so you don't actually see the surgery. I'm squeamish, and I'm fairly certain I passed out at least once on the operating table.
5) Buy body pillows and surround yourself with them when you sleep. It will keep you from rolling over.
6) Wear very loose clothing to the procedure. I bought a t-shirt two sizes too big and wore stretchy pants to the procedure.
7) Don't get up too quickly or you might pass out.
8) This will hurt! There will be pain, but it will go away, and you'll most likely enjoy the results.
9) Check the BBB website about the business before having your procedure.
10) Change your bandages often, but do yourself a favor and don't look if a friend helps you. It is disgusting until the skin goes back in place.

Two Weeks Later

It's been two weeks since my liposuction and I'm feeling great. The swelling is down considerably and I can begin to see how my body has changed. They did a good job, and so far I'm very pleased. I've always had trouble with my midsection even though I am thin, and working out never helped as much as I would have liked. This has made a big difference, even when I'm swollen. I took a week off after the surgery just in case, and I probably could have gone back much sooner (I just treated it like a vacation).

Here's what I absolutely know and have learned the hard way: Salt is NOT YOUR FRIEND when you are recovering from liposuction. I went out to eat one night as a "cheat night", and I walked out of the restaurant in pain. My stomach swelled to the point that I had to readjust my compression garment. As a salt lover, I've made sure to keep away as much as possible. I've also been doing a raw vegan diet, and it has definitely helped keep the swelling down. Aspirin and naproxin sodium do the trick as they say. When I'm feeling a little swollen, I pop two of them and it helps.

I am officially OVER this compression garment. I read in other reviews that it was the "worst part" of the whole ordeal, and they are right. It's irritating, uncomfortable (especially when you sit down for long periods of time at work), and is driving me crazy. I have to medicate myself before I go to sleep so I won't toss and turn all night. I know that I need to keep it on, though, because I have been lumpy in my stomach. It's very easy to get rid of the lumps though. Before bed, I turn on the tv and massage each of them until they go away. They aren't always pleasant, but it doesn't hurt as bad as some say.

I'm going back to the gym on Monday, so I will keep you posted on how that goes.

The doctor didn't give me my photos of the before and after, and I didn't take one before my surgery. I'm going to see if he can give the pictures to me when I go back for my six week visit. If so, I'll post them here.
Dr. David Conner

I only met the doctor once, and I was heavily sedated. I honestly can't tell you much about him, but I'll keep you posted on my one week return. The staff of the clinic were great. They were very helpful, friendly, and took their time with me.

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