Aqualipo Worth the Pain? - Memphis, TN

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I had the aqualipo/smartlipo procedure done on my...

I had the aqualipo/smartlipo procedure done on my outer thighs (saddlebags). I exercise regularly, am at my ideal weight but couldn't fight genetics. I am small evrywhere except my fat saddlebags so i decided to have this done. This procedure is marketed as a "no down time back at work the next day little bruising and swelling" kind of procedure. So imthought great! Bring it.

The consult was great and i met with the surgeon and really liked him. The day of the proceudre imtook my 3 valium and a hydrocodone and went in. They marked up my thighs and administered the shots of lidocaine- w on each leg. That hurt oh so very much. But then after that the incisions were made and imdidnt feel a thing and the doctor infused the incisions with lidocaine. He then waited for about 5 minutes to let the lidocaine numb me up nice and good and then he began.

The actual,procedure wasnt too bad. There were only a few times when i could feel a twinge of pain but it left as quickly as it came on. The procedure took about an hour and a half. Afterwards i was helped off the table and was given a compression garment. People please, of you learn nothing else from this post, please learn that the compression garment is the worst part of this whole ordeal. It hurts to get it on sooooo badly and then by the time i got home my incisions had drained to the point that the gauze was soaked through so i immediately had to take off the compression garment when i got home to change the dressings. Blood and water drained out of the incisions, which i had been warned about. So we redressed the incisions and i was shoved back into the compression garment. Oh my gawd. That happened two more times before the drainage finally stopped.

Plan on not sleeping comfortably if you get your legs worked on. The recliner worked well at first, then my back started killing me. I was back in bed after about 4 nights. But i digress... The next day i could barely walk. The swelling and bruising started in on the third day. The bruising got so bad that i looked like i had gotten into a severe car accident. Plus having to slide the compression garment off daily to shower and then back on is a nightmare. I am tired and ended up taking 3 days off work and could easily have taken a week. I am now 8 days post surgery. I am still bruised all to heck and i still am walking funny.

The only improvement is that i can now get the compression garment on and off without wanting to kill myself. I have cut down to only 2 painkillers per day. Sleeping involves lots of pillows, a patient husband and a caring cat. Sitting has become bearable now so maybe i can actually go back to work monday and be of some use. I wish they wouldnt sell this as a no down time back at work the next day little bruising and swelling kind of surgery. It has been the exact opposite of that for me. And i wasnt warned about or prepared for the level of pain and discomfort i am experiencing.

All that said, my saddlebags are GONE, even with the swelling and bruising still present. My legs look normal now and i know that when everything is back to normal they will be very pretty. My surgeon and his staff were wonderful and kind and the RN has taken my phone calls and has been very nice. She gave me a shot of steroid 4 days after surgery to help with the swelling. She got me back into my compression garment with little to no problem! I can update this post as i heal.

I am now 2 weeks post surgery and am feeling so...

I am now 2 weeks post surgery and am feeling so much better. My swelling comes and goes and the bruises look a little better. They r still big bruises but the color is changing. I actually was able to lightly exercise today and walk better and better each day.

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