I Got Veneers and I Feel Like It's Affecting my Whole Life, and Not in a Good Way - Melville, NY

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I got veneers on my upper front 2 teeth. Prior to...

I got veneers on my upper front 2 teeth. Prior to the veneers, I had bonding on those teeth for over 10 years as they came in with brown spots. The bonding needed to be redone annually for the most part, and they were slightly yellowed and duller than the rest of my teeth, but I was accustomed to them and not overly self conscious of my smile. I felt almost pressed by my dentist to get veneers but he only pushed the pros (mostly cosmetic). I gave in, sadly without doing much research, and since having them I completely regret it. I wish I had done more research to fully understand what the procedure entailed and the impact that it would have on my life.

I feel like I can't eat anything without worrying that they're going to come off or crack. I used to eat apples almost daily as well as celery, baby carrots, and other veggies you bite into. I've began to cut up my apples and it's been OK but I can't help but think that I'm going to have to do that for the REST OF MY LIFE. I'm only 26 years old. I also used to eat sandwiches but now I wonder that if the bread isn't soft enough will I crack my veneer? What if I want a sandwich on ciabatta bread or a hero, or what if I want a slice of pizza? I feel like those are no longer options and I hate that my entire life and eating habits have to change. What can you really eat with veneers?

On top of all of that, I'm moving to London in less than six months and I'm worried something will happen to them while I'm over there. My dentist removed a significant portion of my front teeth prior to applying the veneer and not only will they look ridiculous if the veneers were to fall off, but the underlying tooth is extremely sensitive (he removed the enamel as well). What do you do if one comes off? What if you're on vacation? Is there a temporary solution if you're not near a dentist?

I appreciate any help/advice anyone can give me along with how long you've had your veneers and any problems you've encountered and how they've been resolved. THANK YOU!!

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My dentist told me about them and continued to "sell" them until I finally agreed.

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