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I'm 5"8 tall (173cms) and 140 pounds (63kgs), am...

I'm 5"8 tall (173cms) and 140 pounds (63kgs), am super fit and healthy but because I do quite a bit of exercise, including lots of jogging and cycling, I have really small boobs!
Have been considering a boob job for years and finally decided to get one - I'm all booked in and paid for, for 30th June this year - can't wait!!

Some before pics...and some dream boobs!

I've decided to take some before pics. They're not that great (thanks Samsung...I really miss my iPhone camera! So much better in my opinion) but you get the picture. Left boob a bit smaller, it's always been that way. That said I'm happy with the shape of them, I think they're lovely and I don't mind the little bit of unevenness as it's barely noticeable, I am just frustrated with the size.
I still have about seven weeks to go until my op. Wish it was tomorrow! I'm so excited about it, I just can't wait....thinking of booking into a hotel that's near my hospital, just so that I don't have to travel too far and so that I will be in a nice big bed with lots of pillows! My bed in my apartment is not that big and I don't have that many pillows so I'm thinking that might be nice.
Also I am thinking I'll make sure the hotel has a spa, so that I can have a tiny bath if possible. I wonder if that's possible on day 1 post op? Who knows..? My partner will look after me so he will be able to help me in and out I guess :)

forgot to post the dream boobs...

I got so carried away with posting my before pics I forgot to post my dream boobs. Well here are a few of them!

More pre op boobies!

Immediately post-jog, pre-op boobs.

Pre-op bathers shot

I haven't ever really worn a bikini - I was wanting to post some pre-op and post-op shots in the same bikini so I can show the difference, but since I don't have a bikini...this is impossible!
I can assure you I will be rectifying this situation once I have some boobs to go in one! ;)

Zip front bra

I've been avidly searching for some cheap, nice looking zip front bras and have found a good range on Amazon, from the Victoria's Secret ones that are around $40 US which i think would be about $45 or so Australian, and have also found a range from about $16-$18 US so around $20 bucks Aussie I guess. Not too bad.
Have also seen some really nice ones today in Body which is a spinoff of Cotton On - they were only $20! Think they're going for the VS look actually. Anyway I was thinking about getting a 12D but as i haven't had my op yet I just don't know what size to so jumping ahead of myself here.
But I really can't wait. My one piece of advice for any girl at this stage (still 5 weeks pre op!) is don't book your appointment too far in advance! There's no point and you'll just get so impatient if you're anything like me.
I booked mine at the end of June specifically because I can take some time off work then, but still it's driving me bananas. Want. Boobies. Now.!!! Feeling impatient and super excited and just can't wait to get my rack on :)

In boob limbo.

I feel as though I'm in boob limbo right now. Just had a call from my surgeon yesterday saying that he's now going overseas for a holiday at the time of my operation, and that he won't be able to do my operation until August. I have had this operation booked for months!! And have two weeks off work that I have also had booked for months!! And it's 4 weeks out from surgery, I can't actually do the surgery in August as it's in the middle of semester. So I can't take time off as I work at a university and teach and research during semester...very very frustrating.
I have already paid for most of the surgery, I have paid the surgeon's fees and also the anaesthetist's fees, I haven't paid the hospital fee or for the implants themselves. I guess they will have to refund me if they can't do the procedure on the agreed date? Because I can't actually reschedule when they can do the operation.
Feeling very frustrated and flat at the moment. I was looking forward to everything so much and was feeling so organised - I had all my ducks in a row. I know it's not like life saving surgery or anything, it's a luxury and one I feel privileged to be able to even contemplate. But!! Still so frustrating and I must say I'm pretty angry.
I called the surgery today to try and find out what's going on and see if I can organise a refund but the surgery manager was away unwell, so I will call her again tomorrow and see what the go is and whether they can organise a refund.
Meanwhile I have been looking into heading up to Sydney (from Melbourne) and getting my procedure done there instead at The Cosmetic Institute. I called them today and they have a spot in July for me, towards the end so I'll have to change my leave slightly but it's not a major deal as it's still before semester starts so will be fine in terms of me being able to take time off to recover. So I am going to take photos for them as I can't pop in for a consultation, send those off tomorrow, and get that consultation booked in as well as try and sort out this bloody surgery refund / date business with Dr Fox.
The surgery in Sydney is way cheaper too (like $4000 Aussie dollars cheaper, which is $3107 US dollars) so I would be able to stay in a gorgeous hotel for a week, and save the rest I guess! So I'm really coming around to these guys after all. Most of their pics are really the breast implant look with extra high profile but I'm hoping for a more natural look...anyway I'm putting the cart before the horse a bit. Need to get things sorted out tomorrow and will update once I know what I'm doing!

Thank you

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and support. It's a lovely community on here :)

Well nothing much is happening in the way of boobs at the moment except that I have confirmed I can't go ahead with Dr Fox in a couple of weeks as he's now going to be away, but the clinic is refunding everything straight away no questions asked. So they should, it's their fault, but I am really glad and they were apologetic and lovely about it.
I have been talking to The Cosmetic Institute in Sydney and have been given my doctor, who is Dr Dash - he has expertise in breast reconstruction so that's pretty good. The price is also cheaper than here in Melbourne so I will be able to stay in a nice hotel (with lots of comfy cushions!) and sit in the spa and get my hair washed etc throughout that week as I won't be able to have a shower. So I am actually kind of looking forward to that! Rather than being at home in which I would just be pottering around, no bath or spa in my apartment so harder to wash without a shower.
I am in the process of confirming dates with them, it's not going to be ideal I think as I was hoping for at least a week or two before I have to teach so I have time to recover but I think it's probably going to be only a week - better than nothing though! Plus it's winter here so everyone's been getting around in big woolly jumpers etc so no one will be any the wiser for a while :)

My doctor

So this is a link to some background info about my doctor, whose name is Dr Dash:

I have been looking at his work on the TCI facebook page and have posted a couple of pics of recent ones of his. Both of these look quite voluptuous but they're actually both less than 400cc. Maybe this is because they're high profile? I am going with moderate profile because I want a natural look if at all possible, but it's so good to see some of Dr Dash's work and how amazing it looks. Getting excited the more research that I do!!

More goal boobies

Well it's a public holiday in Melbourne today, hence the flurry of posts! And with the amount of boobs I'm looking at on the internet I'm feeling worse than a teenage boy. Oh well it's all in the name of boob research! ;) :)

Here are some more goal boobies:

All over the shop with dates

Well my search continues. Turns out TCI have no record of my booking, call or anything - yet I have received an assessment of the photos I sent in. I think they are just too busy to have kept accurate records. So there goes that option. To be honest I was a bit worried about them being so cheap and about the fact that they just operate in their own facilities not in hospitals, so I guess that has turned out to be okay in the end that I'm not going there.

I have booked in for a few more consultations and have two coming up on the 25th and 26th June. Both of these places are with single or a couple of doctors only rather than mass facilities as such, so I think they are probably better quality (hoping!). They can't get me in until end of July.

I did, however, have a consultation with Dr Andrew Ives yesterday - my goodness he is the most delightful man you could ever hope to meet. So informative, kind and I had full confidence in him. He can also fit me in when I want my operation...he's $3,000 more expensive than what I was originally paying with Dr Fox, and over DOUBLE what I was going to pay at TCI!! That's my only hesitation. I was happy to pay up to $10k but $13 is a lot...

You know what though, my sister had hers and paid that much and she had an exceptional quality doctor and procedure. So I don't think I'll really regret it. Thoughts? Is the cost prohibitive? I guess it is for many. It just really seems like a lot to pay. But basically no girl ever regrets having excellent new boobies so that's good I guess. I am going to pretty much go ahead with Andy I think, he's basically one of the best in Melbourne by the looks of it - in terms of quality, price, qualifications etc.

Here's his website:

2 weeks to go!!

Only two weeks to go....well technically 15 days but who cares. After feeling like I can only eat rice & beans for the next three months after paying for my future boobs in full on the weekend it's basically all systems go from now on.
I've got my second consult with Andy on Wednesday and will be trying on sizes.
Now I'm thinking maybe 380 or 400cc moderate profile, teardrop /anatomical, furry Brazilian under the muscle. But I'll be guided by Andy on sizes and what's proportional. Want a natural look hence the unders and teardrop, but I figure I'm a fairly tall girl with broad shoulders so I could definitely get a fair rack & still look natural. Maybe? I think so!!

This is probably not vety exciting but here's some more pre-ops. Looks like I'm in a theatre but it's just my weird living room curtains :)

More wishies....

Here's some more wishies:

2nd consult & settled on a size!

Well it's official: I'm getting 410cc!! Tried on boobs today and the first one Andy gave me was what I came back around to preferring. I didn't know what size it was but after I'd settled on it he told ne 410ccs. Perfect!!
He knew exactly what I wanted & knew what would look best in terms of width and projection for my frame. Hooray!
So I'm going 410ccs, Natrelle anatomical under the muscle. Under-boob incision.

I'm the most excited girl in the world.

Bought 2 soft sports type bras today thst zip at the front.

Can only think about boobs. 13 sleeps to go!! Yay to saying farewell to these little ladies and hello to an actual rack :)

Got boobs!

I had my operation yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon and it's all done. I wasn't nervous - just excited! So now I have boobs. Couldn't sleep the night before - I felt like a little kid, tossing and turning due to excitement!!

I'm feeling fine today, it's 7am-ish the day after. My surgery was at 3pm.
No pain really, although my back is a touch sore on the sides, nothing major; the feeling is a bit like after doing weights or something. The boobs feel quite heavy on my chest. Also my throat's a bit sore from the tube, again nothing major and it's just like that sore throatiness you get the day after a night out at a gig where you've been yelling to your friends over the loud music :)

I have to wear this tight boob tube thing for ages now, six weeks, or I can change to a sports crop type number after a week. It's winter here so it's unlikely I'll be wearing anything vaguely revealing in the near future, but I could always switch back to this boob tube if I did want to wear something strappy or a pretty, flimsy top, as it's strapless. Bloody tight!! & looks like a bandage. Lots of pics to come soon :)

Had a great experience with Andy, have ended up with 360cc instead of 410 as he tried those but felt they didn't suit me and were too much. I'm happy with that and trust him - he is one of those surgeons who approach surgery as both an art and a science so I always had full confidence in him & am happy with these. I was told he's conservative and that works for me, I'm thrilled he chose what's best for my body. He also said the surgery went perfectly to plan - yay!

I was in recovery for a couple of hours and the most delightful and sensible nurse, Anita, looked after me. Exactly what you want a nurse to be :) Woke up carrying on abd babbling about how I was so sorry I fainted and they don't have to worry and it's just something I do sometimes. ....I kept apologising!! My brain must have been quite confused and tried to make sense of the situation, assuming I had fainted and was waking up out of that. I'm a regular fainter so I guess that's why! Anyway no big deal and to be honest I was worried about saying rude or stupid things to the nurses, so I'm glad I was just rabbiting on about fainting and apologising profusely instead! Anita said I recovered fine and came out of the anaesthetic nicely as well so no issues there.

Had some raisin toast and a cuppa, white with 1, that tasted like pure heaven on a plate - I was beyond ravenous sfter not having eaten since 6am!! Yum yum.

Then got picked up at about 730pm by my partner and we went to collect my scripts then home. So freaking good to be home. My partner tosses and turns a lot at night and throws a leg or arm over me to cuddle a lot during the night & we were both really worried he'd throw an arm out while he's sleeping and whack me in the boobs unintentionally, so we got another mattress and set him up on that. Missed him in the bed last night, but it's for the best and only temporary I guess!

My only concern is that the pharmacist wouldn't fill my script for antibiotics which I'm supposed to take four times a day...kind of worried about that. By the time I got to the chemist and worked all this out it was like 830pm so couldn't get in touch with anyone at the surgery. I'll have to contact them today and see what they can do.

Am currently hungry and thirsty! All good signs. Am moving Very. Slowly. right now so will just pop out and get some porridge or something going. Lots of pics to come!! Xx

Ps here's the final shot of my boobs in the shower yesterday...last photo ever! And one of me rocking my white surgical gown.

Pics!! Full update soon x

Day 4 post-op pics and update

Still a bit of discomfort here and there, really just when pushing the muscles such as when getting up from sitting down on the couch or shutting the car door, but no pain. Haven't needed the really strong pain meds, only light panadeine that I take with the antibiotics.

Boobs feel quite heavy on my chest and seem enormous when they're out - yay! Tiny tingly feelings sometimes running through the boobs here and there - this is apparently the nerves healing. I dont have much nipple sensation on either side but this will probably improve, I expect. When I start walking I'm doing it with one arm across the girls just as kind of a protective action, but sooner or later I forget about it & am comfortable walking around without any issues.

Went bra shopping for about 3 hours today. Such. Fun. I was down to 2 really crappy old shit bras so they're in the bin now, and I have a new bra drawer that I've organised with four shiny new bras in it. An investment right...? I mean a girl would be silly to spend all that dough on new boobs and then go without nice new bras to put them in, don't you think?!

Makers of comfy new post-op bras available in Australia: try David Jones or Myer. Berlei make a post-op bra that's super daggy and ugly but really comfortable in "skin colour" (ugh) if you're pale-apricot-ish coloured. Amorena make a daggy but super comfy post-op bra in white, which I am currently rocking. Amorena $40 & Berlei $60 when I looked today.

Champion make a really nice zip front sports bra in pink or blue that's high support, maybe good for a couple of months down the track, Ambra make pretty and soft t-shirt bras without underwire - also for in a month or so. I terms of what else I got today, Moving Comfort make a great black sports crop top style bra that makes my boobs look insanely huge btw...but my favourite is the Triaction bra by Triumph - so amazingly comfy and actually sexy too! Gorgeous thin double straps, great spandex-y material that's super comfy. Comes in jet black and I also got one in b&w stripes. Couldn't find a pic of it online but never fear dear reader, I'll post pics of Yours Truly in all my new bras shortly.

Day 7 post -op

Can you believe it? Day 7! The big 'one week' mark. I'm heading in to see Andy today to have my tapes removed. That'll be nice and I will post some pics for sure. Interested to see what the incisions are looking like. I've had no problems with them so hopefully they're all fine. I'm pretty squeamish so I'll be laying down for this part I think!

In general feeling better every day! It's an operation for sure and needs recovery but it's not disastrous or anything. For girls who're nervous, that's natural, but you'll be absolutely fine :)

My band / tube I have to wear will be coming off today and I will be able to wear my nice sports crop tops instead - much comfier!! So wanting something with straps that I don't have to keep adjusting.

Here's some pics from yesterday which was day 6.

So. Happy. Actually I feel like I'm on a permanent high about it - just goes to show it was the right decision for me! :) :) :)

I am not walking around holding them protectively any longer - they still feel a bit heavy and new but the tube is really tight, so once I'm in my nice sports bras that'll completely subside - I anticipate!

Yay boobs! Zero regrets and 100% happiness! So glad I did this and can't believe I get to keep them forever x

Where to follow more Australian girls

Forgot to mention - there are tonnes of girls on Insta with private BA accounts you can follow for info on their experiences, lots of pics and updates, and they talk about how they found their surgeon etc as well. I haven't got a separate BA account on there but I do follow a couple of girls and a few big surgery clinics like TCI and it's been quite useful for inspiration on size, profile, how to prepare etc.

Day 9 or 10 update

This is day....9 today. Kind of feel like it's further beyond this though! The new boobs are really feeling a part of me, although I'm super conscious of them still. But feeling much more confident with them in general, in terms of I'm not wrapping myself in cotton wool or walking around protectively anymore. Have realised I have ZERO revealing clothes in terms of anything that vaguely shows my boobs - for obvious reasons, ie not having any boobs in the past to speak of - so this is something that will have to change. Soon!! Gonna get a couple of pretty tops very shortly.

I actually did go out last night, for a couple of glasses of wine, darling, to a gorgeous and very hip rooftop bar with my partner. Got the girls out - which for me and my non-revealing-wardrobe involved wearing a vest. A VEST!! A YELLOW VEST!! Admittedly a really lovely ribbed mustardy-coloured vest with brown buttons from Veronica Maine that I inherited from my sister, who has exceptional taste, thank goodness someone does in the family - but srsly - girlfriend gotta get some nicer threads!! Anyway the night was a success to me, mustard vest or no mustard vest - I felt Absolutely Gorgeous and boobish and voluptuous and totally validated spending all my (and the bank's) money on a boob job. Wore one of my sexi-lexi sports crop tops, the black Triumph Triaction one, as it's got really thin strappy straps and doesn't interfere with singlets - so that was good underneath.

Morning Boob - it's still a thing. Less problematic though than it was at first, it really just feels like the muscles all across my chest are sore. Once I get going in the morning though it subsides as I guess the oxygen reaches everything and my body starts to warm up etc, it's just because I've been still throughout the night that I then wake up with muscle stiffness I think. So expect a bit of morning boob to roll on into week two, girls!

My nipples are a bit sore at the moment as well, just in terms of super sensitive - which is weird as they're also pretty numb still! As a Professional Medical Doctor (not really!!) my own diagnosis of this situation is that my nerves are healing...I do get the occasional sharp pain, it's not really a sharp PAIN though it's more just a bit of a medium-sharp-ish jab, down the side of one boob or another. I'm guessing this is to do with healing as well. This sensitivity is why I'm still always conscious of the boobs - I can just kind of 'feel' them there, you know?

For those worrying about how they'll feel post-op, it's definitely not that bad, discomfort and hating sleeping on my back is the worst I have gone through! As another key benefit, I have also found that whatever problem I am facing is instantly solved using the following strategy:

Post BA Problem Solving - with Katerina Ballerina!
1. Think about problem
2. Take off top and bra
3. Stand in front of mirror
4. Boobs are excellent, therefore you feel much better instantly
5. Problems start resolving themselves like that *clicks*
6. Put clothes back on and go face the world with the knowledge that your sexy and fabulous Secret Boobs are Going On Underneath


Different paces

I've noticed my right boob feeling a bit more uncomfy and wondered whether I'd have what many girls have reported feeling - the dreaded 'one boob dropping & fluffing faster than the other' situation. I'm right handed so obviously favouring my right in general as that's what feels natural for me. And consequently I've just noticed my right IS definitely d&f-ing faster! Check out these pics from today, and you'll see what I mean.

Both boobies looking good, to me, but the right isn't so high anymore and is also kinda starting to come out forwards more? As in...settle...or in BA terminology...fluff! You know what I mean :)

Going to try to be more conscious of this tomorrow and for the next little while to try & even up the score. I'll be trying not to favour my right hand. The difference is minimal so don't worry about this girls if your BA is coming up. No one can notice in a bra or clothes too.

Also posting some incision pics. Now my original tape is off, the stitches are feeling a tad lumpy but look good & will dissolve over time by themselves. I'm replacing the tape every four days currently. Micropore tape - supports healing and reduces scarring.

3 week boob-iversary

Can you believe it has been over three weeks! Feeling fantastic - Morning Boob reduced to about 5% and everything's starting to settle more.
Left boob also catching up to right so I'm pleased with that. I am used to sleeping on my back now but have introduced a cheeky half hour on each side of a morning. Aahhh...the simple things!

Check 'em out - 3 weeks old. I'm loving myself! So. Thrilled. Perfect size too.

By the way no one has noticed - it's winter here so I've been in jumpers and scarves and things.
Dr Bruce Fox

I have changed and am not going with Dr Bruce Fox anymore as he is now going to be overseas at the time I was booked in for surgery. So I am going with Dr Andy Ives from Endless Solutions and couldn't be happier! He is kind, informative and very considerate. Plus he has 14 years experience and manages the burns unit at the Royal Melbourne Hospital so is extremely skilled at reconstructions. I couldn't be happier with him and I know I am going with one of the best ones in Melbourne. His staff have been lovely too and are based in both Windsor and Port Melbourne in inner Melbourne. Operation coming up on 30th June!

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