Just Starting the Invisalign Journey. From Vampire Fangs to a Great Smile -Melbourne, AU

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I originally set out at 52 to correct my smile...

I originally set out at 52 to correct my smile with composite veneers. After a consultation and some very serious dental hygiene issues, my teeth were at least healthy. I had a break and then thought to myself, why have a procedure that was going to grind away all of that healthy tooth in order to get a great smile?. I decided then, to investigate invisalign.

First tip, don't limit your options, most providers offer free initial consultation, so go to a few. I went to 3, the cost ranged from $7800 - 10,000 AUD. Second tip, go to either an orthodontist or a platinum elite provider. I had already spend a lot, getting my teeth up to scratch. At the consultation at the orthodontist, he suggested that I had 7 cavities that need to be filled before he would go ahead with invisalign. I was very confused as the dentist had not indicated to me that I had further fillings needed. Additionally another 7 filling would have added to the cost of invsalign. I sought a second opinion at a local dentist - no fillings necessary, so I went to Freedom dental. They were great, after explaining my circumstances they did another exam and found that I did not have cavities and suggested that the ortho may have been being cautious.

They also have a very reasonable payment plan available. So after my initial consult, I have had my work up appt, where they took X rays and 3D scans of my mouth, jaw and teeth. No yukky impressions! My clin-check was 5 days later and wow was I emotional. The video look so good I could not believe the difference. I didnt want a perfect Hollywood smile, but I am excited about the end result.

So I am waiting for my first sets of aligners to come in. Super excited to begin the process. Will keep this updated.

Thanks to everyone for your advice!

Week one, tray one. Off we go

Received a phone call this morning! My aligners have arrived. So here we go. Had a couple of goes getting them on and off, a little awkward but I am managing quite well. First impressions, not too bad, a little pressure, a couple of spots that rub on my inner lip. Feels a little strange, a slight lisp. I got this!

Week one, day 4, tray one

Traveling well so far. Getting them in and out is easy enough. I admit that there is a bit of pain, more like pressure sensitivity especially when you take the aligners out. I am finding it much more comfortable with the aligners in. Brushing, flossing etc is a bit arduous, when you are out and you have only had a coffee. But it is doable. It might be my imagination, or the aligners themselves, but my teeth look bigger and straighter when the aligners are in (maybe it's magnification lol) either way, I am chuffed. Hope everyone else is doing OK

Day 6 tray one

Nearly end of the first week, boy is it going slowly. Today I noticed there is not as much pressure and I can get my aligners in and out better. So I guess that is my teeth moving a little (excitement). Have fallen in a good routine with my hygiene. I have found though, that my lips are so chapped. Whether its because of all the toothpaste and brushing etc or because my mouth is sometimes dry and I lick them. So I have added a chapstick to my 'invisalign bag' in my handbag. looking forward to next week and tray 2....

Day 11 Tray One

Not much to report in. Swimming along really. I have been waking up with my teeth 'catching' the inside of my cheek, thats a little annoying. I am actually looking forward to changing to aligner 2 on Thursday.

My invisalign plan 25 trays

Day 5 Tray 3

Still swimming along after starting tray 3 last week. There is more pressure on this one, although not painful. Back to the dentist on next week for attachments IPL and tray 4 to 8. Hope everyone else is doing well.

Tray 4, Week one - attachment mayhem!!!!

OMG, I was so looking forward to today. My first visit to pick up trays 4-6 and to get the attachments on. The procedure was painless, although the dentist struggled to get the attachments to stick. She had to reapply a few of them twice. The dentist suggested I wait a few hours before removing the trays, to give the attachments time to bond. So 3 1/2 hours later, I attempted to take them out while I ate dinner. Three came off! After cleaning etc I put them back on, then just now, took them out for my nightly cuppa - another 3 off. OMG less than 12 hours and I have lost 6 of the 12. Looks like an early call in the morning to see if they can fit me in.... No eating tomorrow!

Attachments back on!

I must say that Freedom have continued their excellent customer service. A quick call this morning and they booked me in to have the attachments re-bonded this afternoon. So far so good. I have taken them out to eat and put them back in - no issues! Feeling a little less panicked. They are tough to get on and off. I can see why so many struggle. It does feel like you are puling out your own teeth by hand, but it is easier than yesterday. Staying positive.... :0)

Been meaning to do this

Although I post my clincheck video. I wanted to post some progress pics. Here's one with my new attachment and my tray in. I can actually see a difference compared to the clincheck. It's working!!!!

It's been too long. Now at tray 23/25

It has been a long time since I posted here. Just busy with life in general.
I am nearly finished my first set of 25 trays. Everything has gone so so well. My teeth are so much better than my last post, almost straight. I have one problem spot that seems to be more stubborn than the rest. So I spoke with my dentist last visit and we are going to go ahead with some adjustments. So next visit it will be another 3D scan and go from there. He will also take of these attachments ( it will be nice to have them off for a while.). my teeth are naturally whiter, thank to the constant cleaning, but that's OK. I do have some gaps appearing- black triangles. my dentist said I may be a candidate for a small amount of cosmetic 'filler' in the gums, to fill the gap. It's only temporary, would have to have it redone every 12 months or so, but a better alternative to fillings or veneers.
Freedom Dental

Have exceeded my expectations from the very first phone call. Wonderful atmosphere with friendly professional staff.

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