Liposuction and Vaser Hi Deff on Stomache, Outer Thighs, Outer Buttock and Neck

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I've been planning my liposuction for many...

I've been planning my liposuction for many months and had the procedure yesterday at the best surgery I could find in Melbourne Australia. I'm 22 years old and weighed 63 kilo's with some localized fat such as love handles, large thighs and a bit of a stomach.

The surgery I went to were amazing, they were very professional. I explained to them that as I was a full time student, I had very little money and that cost would be a huge factor in me deciding which clinic I had the procedure done at. Because of this, they gave me a brilliant price, very discounted and said they would do my neck liposuction for free! They also had a dietitian on staff that I can see any time for free and spoke to before the procedure. I was having many areas done and the surgeon was concerned about how I would handle the pain, but I said I had a high threshold. I went in at about 11:30am and I ended up waiting for about 2 hours until anything really happened. After an hour of waiting they took photos and then an hour later the surgeon came back. He drew on me in texta and took more photos. The next stage was having the anesthetic fluid flushed into my body. They started with some morphene and anti-nausea medication. The next step was to put some anesthesia in all the incision spots. There were about 7 or 8 spots. The sting was quite painful and then the nurse got the rod and used this to flush fluid into my stomach, thighs, buttocks and neck, This was probably the most pain I experienced the entire liposuction procedure. It was incredibly painful at times (and intensely painful when they flushed my neck with fluid)It felt like all the tendons and muscles were tensing hard like a rock in pain. My body expanded so much full of fluid, made me even fatter! The amount of pain at this stage scarred me because I believed I have a high threshold and was worried about the stage where they would start sucking the fat out. After they finished this, they left me to sleep for an hour to let the anesthesia work and have full effect. This was great, as I hadn't slept well the night before. Then the surgeon came back in, inserted the canula into all the holes they had used to flush fluid in and went to town. There was no pain at this stage at all for me. I could feel the cannula going in and out under my skin but there was very little pain (except a couple of times the cannula went futher then the area that had been flushed). I was so relieved that this was relatively pain free. When they did my neck, this did not hurt either, it just felt numb and pressure. He sucked out 2 lites of fat!

After he finished, the nurses came in and put some bandages all over the incision spots. They then put my first compression garment over the bandages, and then the vaser hi deff compression garment over this. I also had a neck compression strap. During the surgery when the nurses were flushing me with liquid, I told them that my body was shaking and I wasn't sure if this was from being cold (as it had been a little chilly earlier) or of it was something else. They said it was normal and not to worry. After I finished I had some tea while I waited to be picked up. Still there was very little pain at this stage.

I got home and took some pain medication and antibiotics and rested on the couch. A short while later I went to the bathroom and had to bend down to feed the dogs. I felt excruciating pain, it made my whole body shake, it made the room spin, I felt dizzy and nauseous and was crying a lot. I was bleeding a lot from the cannula holes. I threw up quite violently, and after alot of the nausea went, thank god! I called my surgeon and explained what was happening as I was worried I was having an adverse reaction or something. He explained that the light headed and shaking was from the surgery and the blood loss. He explained the blood loss was normal and that I should lie down a lot so I don't faint. I felt a huge amount of pain getting into bed, and having to get up to go to the bathroom. The pain was so intense, it made me shake with pain, go white in the face and made me feel like I wanted to throw up, although I didn't thank god. It felt like white hot searing burns in the places where the pain was. I think the severe pain was caused because I ended up being in a gap between the pain medication they gave me and the medication I was taking when I got home.

Sleeping was very uncomfortable because I could only sleep on my front and not on my side or stomach where I normally sleep. I took my pain medication before I tried to get out of bed which was a good idea. I went to the surgery and had my bandages taken off, they said that everything looked great and no sign of infection. I felt a little nausea during the day, but no where near the searing pain from the night before.

Today I had a meal at lunch time and drank water during the day. I threw up late evening around 9:30 and still feel nauseous. I feel really nauseous after I showered this afternoon, but didn't end up throwing up. I'm not sure why I feel so nauseous and if anti nausea medication would help but I plan to call the surgeon tomorrow. In a few days I'll post up pictures of my before and after my liposuction so you can see the results and keep you posted about my condition. If your planning on having the procedure done, make sure you have someone with you the first 24-48 hours. I didn't think I would need it but I really did.

I'm happy to answer any questions about the procedure. I do think the surgeon is brilliant so if your looking for a melbourne clinic I'll pass you on their details. just wishing this nausea would stop!

It's now day two after my procedure and I have...

It's now day two after my procedure and I have thrown up every meal I've tried. I'm not sure why I'm throwing up but I;m having to drink special re-hydrating icy poles to make sure I have fluid in me. The pain is a lot better today though, especially after they removed the bandages as I was allergic to the tap they used to strap them on and it's a lot less itchy now. Will keep you all updated on how my recovery progresses!

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I looked at many surgeries in Victoria and other states in Australia and had many consultations. These we're the most qualified, professional and understanding and were willing to be competitive on price in acknowledgement that I'm a broke student.

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