24 Yr Old. Pre Op - A Cup. Melbourne, AU

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So far I am extremely impressed with everything...

So far I am extremely impressed with everything Andrew Greensmith told me in my consultation and I feel confident and excited for my surgery in June. From the first contact I made with Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery/ Your Breast - They have been wonderful. I am a constant worrier, I had a million questions to ask. Some of them I had sent over before my consult and they were all answered quickly without making me feel like i'm being a bit of a pest. I took a notebook to my consultation with around 10 pages of questions... literally! Dr. Greensmith answered every single one and encouraged me to check if I had any more before ending the consult. He looked at my Vectra images and I tried on some sizes. We then decided on 350cc's which I later decided to maybe try 370cc's. Smooth silicone implants, under the muscle - inframammary incision. I was originally booked in at TCI Sydney. Upon doing my research I realised that they were cosmetic surgeons.. not plastic surgeons! Personally, I feel that if somebody is going to cut you and alter your body.. You'll want to find somebody properly qualified to do so. I am confident I have made the right decision choosing Andrew Greensmith. I am feeling very excited, relaxed and happy about my upcoming surgery knowing that I am in more than capable hands.

375cc, Smooth, XHP, Unders, Melbourne

The morning of my surgery I was super nervous! I can't believe how quickly it all happened. I was taken into a room, had my blood pressure checked etc by a nurse, then the anaesthesist came in to ask a few questions and explain what was going to happen. He was very reassuring and I felt a lot more calm after speaking with him. Still a little nervous though! Then my surgeon came in (Andrew Greensmith). After that I was very calm. He was speaking to my partner and I about football haha (we're from the UK) and he seemed to make the whole situation seem so much more relaxed. He then made all of his markings on me, asked again about my desired size etc and made sure I was happy with the desired choice. Then that was it!

Literally 2 minutes later the nurse came to collect me, I said bye to my partner and then I was lay on the operating table. I thought that It would be very daunting but it really wasn't at all. (And I'm a total wimp). My IV was put in as the nurse was asking questions about what I do for a living etc as she wrapped me up in a warm blanket. She then placed a mask over my face and I loved it haha. I don't know why I enjoy being put under.. But I think it's the most warm cosey sleep you'll ever have!
Next, I woke up in recovery - very sore! I was sleepy and very very tight. I was shaking thinking I was cold - due to the anaesthesia. The nurses were SO lovely, they helped me walk to a room with recliner chairs, gave me some apple juice and pain killers. I then fell asleep for a little longer and my partner was sat next to me listening to the instructions from the nurse about my pain meds. By this point I was already dressed (really don't know when that happened haha). I was then put into a wheel chair and taken to my partners car.
The next day I returned to have my drains taken out - I'm not going to lie, that was the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. It makes me sick even now to think about it. But I will say.. Everybody else doesn't seem to mind it so much haha so that just shows what a wimp I am!
After having my drains out, I had my surgical bra changed and an ace bandage placed over the top. My surgeon also came to see me and check that I was happy with everything! Also asked where my unicorn teddy was ????
Day 1&2 were very sore, day 3 there was an improvement, day 4 I watched a movie with my partner downstairs and ate take out food. It's now day 5 and I am definitely on the mend!
I do get sharp pains now and again but I'm pretty sure that's something to do with the nerve endings reparing.

Overall - I would recommend Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery to anyone. I would ESPECIALLY recommend Andrew Greensmith. He made me feel very comfortable and confident with the entire process. At the end of the day, when you're lay on the table about to go under, you want to know in your own mind that you have 100% made the best decision.

I will also add that the fact that he uses a Keller Funnell is also a fantastic bonus! I would recommend everybody to find a surgeon that uses one. Why wouldn't you want a smaller incision and decreased rate of capsular contracture?

375cc XHP round unders

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Progress pics

Progress pics

Progress pics

375cc XHP, Smooth, Unders. Pre Op - A.

I recently wrote my review on Andrew Greensmith and the team at Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery. Since then I have had my BA and I'm now 11 days post op. On the morning of my surgery I was feeling a little anxious/ nervous/ excited. My main concern was actually with having drains & the IV in my hand. The anaesthetist came to introduce himself and ask a few questions. I mentioned that I was nervous about the IV and he told me he will do what he can to make me feel better and assured me it would be OK. Andrew then came in to do the drawings/ markings and check I was feeling happy with our chosen size etc. (originally we chose 350cc but I told him I'd be happier if I came out and he had used 375. I thought I may need bigger but he advised me that it may look unnatural. Now that I have them, I am SO glad I listened to his advice.) I feel like as soon as Andrew came in, everything felt very calm and the nerves went away. I was 1000% confident in him from within about 5 minutes of my original consult. Next, I walked myself to the operating room, lay on the bed and was given a warm blanket. As the IV was put in, I had people around me making sure I was comfortable and asking me questions. All I remember was falling asleep saying "please tell him to use 375cc's" and we were laughing. I then woke up in recovery feeling a tight and a little swollen. My partner was right beside me the entire time and the nurses were supplying me with apple juice and doing whatever possible to make me feel better. I was then told that he used 375's and I was so happy! The nurse put me in a wheelchair and wheeled me into the lift and helped me get into my partners car. I thought that was also very kind, even though he could of done it himself, she genuinely cared. The next day I had to have my drains taken out (not going to lie.. That was the worst part for me). Andrew then came in to check how I was feeling etc. Since going back to have my dressings changed I have noticed how tiny my incisions are as he used the Keller funnel (no touch technique) which makes such a difference. I am so pleased I had the chance to have that!I'm now 11 days post op and even though I know there are many changes to come as they settle into place.. I am SO happy! I understand plastic surgeons do these surgeries daily, but for me that day Andrew completely changed my life for the better :) It's a wonderful thing to have complete confidence in your surgeon and I would recommend him to everybody! He is an extremely experienced professional that I believe is also a very nice person in general. This will leave you feeling comfortable, confident and ready for your procedure.

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