Feel Sick and Depressed Due to New Tattoos! - Melbourne, AU

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I'm 27 and got 2 new tattoos a few days ago and...

I'm 27 and got 2 new tattoos a few days ago and ever since I have been crying on and off, feel sick,depressed, loss of appetite and bad anxiety. I just want them gone! I want to turn back the clock and not get them. I seriously feels like a bad dream. The tattoos were planned, I got a tattoo of a fox and of a wolf. I did my research & tried to find the best artist,paid a small fortune. What I originally wanted was a fox and a wolf jumping in a circle about 3 inches in total size on my inner forearm..so pretty small. I had a picture of the exact fox I wanted but sent a lot of wolf pics to the artist and tried to explain what I wanted him to create. He didn't get back to me dispite my efforts untill 12 hours before I was due to be tattooed,and I didn't like his design for the wolf and I ended up picking a completely different wolf picture and decided if I didn't like it in the morning I would just get the fox tattoo. So I get there and he tells me having the fox horizontal on my arm like I wanted it would look bad so he talks me into having it the other way, he then made it double the size because if I was going to get the wolf on the other arm like he suggested then I'd want them to match in size. He made the wolf then larger than I had imagined too to cover some old scars which actually now look worse and more obvious when he told me it would look better! I felt like I was put on the spot for every decision and every time I said I wasn't sure I was talked into something. I wish I had got up and left and thought about it. I know at the end of the day I agreed and it's all my fault. I love tattoos on other people,strongly influenced by social media and Instagram and love all the tattoos I see and thought I would love these.What I didn't anticipate was maybe I love tattoos on other people but not on myself!!!! My partner doesn't like tattoos and told me not to get any more which adds to my guilt and feeling ugly. I already had one tattoo but it was just writing and hidden on my body and it never bothered me. Whenever I look down now I see these large dark things on my forearms and feel sick when I look at my body in the shower and the mirror. I know some of this is irrational because the tattoos are 5 inches by 3 inches roughly,but to me it looks huge and dark and I'm praying this feeling goes away or I'm going to have to get lazer which I can't afford. I've been researching ways to change the tattoos so I like them more but don't want to risk hating them more, aswell as removal creams. The tattoos them self are quite good, I don't dislike them because they are bad tattoos,and you'd hope they are good quality for what I paid, they just don't feel like me! And they are too big and dark.It's so hard to explain. On top of that my partner and I aren't well off and I feel extreme guilt in spending money on something I hate and don't want when it should have gone towards our holiday which we are getting into more debt to go on. I feel so stupid. Why did I do this why!!!! Honestly so depressed. I just literally feel sick and want them gone. I was actually happy for the first time in ages planning my first trip away ever to Thailand with my partner we are supposed to go in a few weeks and I'm no longer excited. I feel ugly. Anyone got a time machine? My brains so scattered right now I can't even think straight, overwhelmed. Will I ever like them? How long should I wait before I decide to get lazer?


Keeping them for now, still not happy with one but have grown to like the other. Planning to add to them.
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