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Does anyone have a positive experience for Dr...

Does anyone have a positive experience for Dr Faizal Anwar? Am getting nervous. My nose is so awful and he has promo atm for only $8,000 as he is new to Melb and guaranteed a good result for me. I could never afford Dr Moss or Dr Callan :( and feel this is my only chance. His before and afters look good but a couple of negative overseas experiences has me worried. Plus i have already paid. Not sure if i could ask for it back.

Ok it is done!

I checked the surgeon is board certified. I checked with the clinic that previous patients were satisfied and also had a chat with the nurses who watch him perform surgery. I had another consultation and asked 3000 questions after which i felt a lot more comfortable. He told me my surgery was 99.9% controlled and my result would be really predictable and woud be what i wanted and also really natural. The surgery was a breeze i recommend local with heavy sedation to anyone. I remember nothing and woke up comfortable. Apparently i started talking to the doctor during procedure and i said look i am 100% awake i need more drugs please! Haha. I took some panadol and went home. I feel fine. A little swollen obviously which i expect to worsen but not much blood just a little. In fact i went out the back yard and got some logs to put on the fire. I can breathe through my nose easily. I dont know if that is only because i have these little straw tube things up there or not but im breathing great. The anesthetist told me later he was very impressed with the surgeon's technique and that it looks great and i shouldnt worry. So hopefully i am ok and my result will be positive :)

Day 2 post op

Last night after taking panadine forte i threw up my chicken noodles. I felt completely fine, then all of a sudden a wave of heat came over me and i had to literally bolt to the toilet to be sick. Then i was completely fine again. Strange i dont know what happened? I slept ok from about 12.30am to 7am. I had to get up to drive my son to the train station for a school excursion but My eyes are quite swollen affecting my vision a little i am finding icing everything 20 mins on 20 mins off really really helps so i did that and i drove him no worries.I woke up feeling puffy with dry lips. Lucas paw paw lip balm is working wonders for that. I then went back to the clinic for the surgeon to change bandages, clean wounds, wash out the nasal tubes and apply antibiotic cream. It felt really weird taking the tubes out and reinserting them. I did find thankfully that when he did take them out i could breathe perfectly through my nose. He said everything looked good and i can come back saturday to remove nasal tubes forever and just wear a little splint. So for next two days i am all bandaged up!!!
I have noticed my mouth is not affected at all really. i cant laugh obviously but i can eat whatever i want and all my lip and facial movement is the same as before. I am in no pain at all. I havent needed any painkillers today at all and apart from my swelling and brusing which is really around my eyes i feel pretty good.

Time for some Before photos.

My whole life the difference between a good photo of me and a bad one is whether my nose has been taken on a "good angle" or its blurred out enough with makeup etc etc. My friends and family would disagree but i know its true. Im not sure how vein it is of me to have gotten this done, but i did it because it bothers me it holds me back and i am sure it is getting worse not better with age. I did it for me and nobody else which i believe is the right reason. I look at my dad's and my elder brother's noses and it is IDENTICAL. Like cmon why could i have mum's little nose? Everytime i meet someone they ask me where in Europe am i from???? Anyway whenever i see myself i see a nose then features behind it. No balance at all unless i have managed to make my hair and makeup hide it......

Day 3 swelling down a lot

Day 4 tubes out

Feeling better today

Day 6/7 - Energy coming back

I am feeling pretty good now. For a couple of days it was taking a lot out of me doing the shopping and cleaning up but i feel better each day now. I sneeze a fair bit though and i really just want to clean out the inside of my nose. My cast comes off Thursday however my surgeon has told me to do this myself?? I suppose i will just get in the shower, get it wet and steam it off. My nose still looks pretty big looking at the tip from under the cast. Heres hoping its all ok.... I am dying to get a facial after all of this lol.

Day 7 let me take it off alreadyyyyy

Cast off

So the cast ended up coming off late last night. Day 8. I peeled off the tape so any redness would go away by morning but an hour later the cast just came off. First impressions are great. I was so scared it would be deformed the fact that it wasnt made me ecstatic. It is a little swollen obviously but, honestly, anything was better than before so if it keeps improving thats a plus!! I will post some initial photos then any changes as they appear :)

Update 21 days post

Just thought i would update with some photos. I feel that my nose changes daily. I have good days and other days i feel its kind of big or longish. I suppose shaving a bump down would make it feel long. The swelling in the tip also goes up and down. I have had to blow my nose a couple times i had a bit of a cold and i just had no choice. I hope it hasnt caused any damage. I also still feel a lot of stiches up there. They are supposed to dissolve around about now because they are a bit annoying. All in all though so far i am extremely happy with my results and have had nothing but positive feedback from family and friends at work who know :) My nose was hideous before and now its normal!!! And that is all i can ask for!! My surgery was closed i found out even though it was originally going to be open he said that because i was sedated it made his job easier so he did it closed so i would have no scarring at all which is great :) iphone 6 really has a bad camera so im sorry the pics are not the clearest. I will try get some taken by a normal camera. Oh i got a facial being very careful around the nose which really helped the peeling and complexion :)


I learned how to use my camera

I have had requests for clearer pix. Here is one today just at work and about 3 1/2 weeks post op. I will put more up when i can.

5 week update

At 5 weeks my dr said my result should pretty much be there. The mornings of swelling seem to becoming less and less. However if some days after salt or alcohol it can swell. The tip is still a little numb and hard but i feel its also improving. Blowing my nose is difficult i still dont feel comfortable enough to do this and if i knock it it really hurts. The sutures are still in there. Really hope they dissolve shortly. All in all i am really happy :) i feel its not as long now as it was straight after surgery so hopefully that was swelling.


Hi Everyone,
Thought id update since its been over 3 months and the results are starting to settle.
The tip is still a little numb. The right side feels a little spongy at times and i have a bit of scar tissue forming on each nostril wall.
At my last review, he said that there was some inflammation up in my nose and is was greyish. He asked if i was sneezing at all and yes i work in an office which is full of paper and dust i sneeze a lot there but never at home. I am using a nasal spray this is helping. If the inflammation doesnt subside in time i will see about it. I find it a bit difficult in cleaning out my nose as im still not comfortable just full on blowing it yet. I feel im always touching it and trying to clear it out. Mostly only at work though. Its like an allergy?
My results are still improving and im feeling very blessed and thankful that my journey has been extremely positive.

I feel that rhinoplasty has the biggest reward for those people that really have not much to lose. I was so unhappy with my appearance before this. Any change was almost always going to be positive for me.
I know my doctor cops a lot of s**t on this site. I can only speak for myself and my own experience.
I will post a recent before and after. I will try to find a front view also.

6 months update

I thought i would update as i am about 6 months post op now. I am still healing as the still swelling goes up and down. Some days i think it is not quite straight but then the next day it is straight. I have found arinca pills really really work. The very tip is still a little numb but only slightly. I am still extremely happy i did this and feel blessed that it came out ok.

9 months update!

Everything is going great and its so awesome not to be self conscious about something anymore. That is the best thing about all of this, just to not even think about my nose anymore :)
Dr Faizal Anwar

I was quite apprehensive about going to see a doctor about my nose. I wasnt sure what questions really to ask but i went along after receiving an email for a special that was in my price range. The consultation was free. Dr Anwar was friendly and caring. He asked me what bothered me about my nose and then he explained to me the medical reasons of why my nose and tip was - well - deformed?! He drew me diagrams and he also recommended shaving the bump which i hadnt worried about previously but i am really happy about now. He told me to have a think then come back for another free consultation with pictures of what i liked and any other questions. I did this and returned with a million questions and a pic of one of the olsen twins lol. He said it was achievable as it was similar to my own profile. He just had to shave hump and fix tip. I felt really confident and i booked surgery. The day of surgery i asked for another consult! I just wanted to ensure we were on same page because it had been awhile since we spoke. He agreed and met me with a friendly smile and answered everything i asked and i felt great going in. The anaethetist there was amazing. He rang me the day before and spoke to me for a half hour on the phone. He was so nice snd so passionate for his work. I felt completely safe and comfortable. The nurses were very friendly, caring and knowledgeable. After surgery i felt great and i have felt great ever since. This surgery is painless. Its uncomfortable at times with things up your nose but it does not hurt! I have seen the Dr twice since for checkups, have received a call from the clinic to make sure i was ok.. Oh and since i had my surgery they have had a special on rhinoplasty for $2000 less than i paid so they have offered me laser resurfacing credit for $2000 which is just awesome. I have another free consult with Dr Anwar in a few weeks for another checkup on my nose at the one month stage. Honestly my experience with this clinic and Dr Anwar has been outstanding. After my surgery the anaethetist came to me and said that he had not worked with my Dr before but said he watched the surgery and was super impressed with his technique. I am happy with my results. He did exactly what he said he would do and i still look like me. Unless something completely changes after all the swelling subsides i give him a deserved 5 stars.

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