22 Year Old with Very Bad Teeth! Never Had the Chance for Braces Until Now! Melbourne, FL

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I was very excited when I found this company. i...

I was very excited when I found this company. i have read so many reviews and it convinced me to buy the evaluation kit. Most bad reviews that i have seen it has to do with the customer service and lack of communication. However, I have had no such bad experience. i purchased the kit, and was sent a link to upload my photos. I uploaded my photos and tried to take them myself even though it said not to. Well they were right. I got an email the next day saying they need new pictures (wasn't surprising but such a fast response) That day I had my husband take the pictures and upload them. The next day I got that email saying I was approved and that the impression kit will be shipped within 48 hours. Within that 48 hours, I got the shipping confirmation and am currently waiting for my kit! I am so excited!

I did watch a review on youtube for the impression kit and the person mentioned how the kit includes a small tray, but if you have wisdom teeth, you will need to contact them to receive a large tray. Because I have wisdom teeth, I figured I would get a jump on that problem before even receiving my first kit and got on the live chat on their website. I expressed my concern about the small tray not fitting, and they said they send a request immediately for large trays to be shipped to me! I will receive a shipping confirmation when they ship! i should have my kit with the small trays in a few days and I plan to do the impressions either way and just hope for the best but I am glad that I may have got a jump on the large tray problem just in case!

My biggest concern right now is that my teeth are very bad! I have a huge oversight, my bottom teeth are crooked, which should be able to be fixed with this system. However, the problem that I have that I am unsure of is the fact that i do have fangs. My incisors came through my gums when I was little so their gum line is very high compared to my other teeth, so I am not sure I will be able to get that line on my impressions. I told someone through chat that I was concerned and unsure if that will work, and she immediately put that problem into my file for the dentist professional to be aware of.

OVerall, I have had great customer service experience. frequent emails confirming everything, and great service through the chat. I will update you when I receive my impression kit!

Impression kit done!

The other day I received my impression kit on the exact day that was expected. I did it right away because I was too excited. The tray was a little snug on my top teeth but I made it work. Although, the process is not fun and is hard to keep this bulky tray in your mouth for a couple minutes, it doesnt take long. My bottom teeth came out perfectly, but my top teeth I am not sure will be accepted. My top teeth have some worse issues than just crowding. I have fangs which stick out and are above the others, so I wasn't sure they would fit. They did fit but i couldn't get the gum line on those two teeth. Also, my back molars, i missed the inside gum line.

Overall, the impression kit wasn't too hard. If you do it, try to make sure you put enough of the putty in the back inside to make sure you get the gum line of your molars. I will let do an update when I get approved or disapproved and my starter trays!


So i got an email 4 days ago saying that my starter trays were on their way! which i guess means my impressions were approved, which i was surprised but so happy! It only took 3 business days for them to arrive to me which was today! I just tried them on, and i was so doubtful that the top would fit because of the level of difficulty of my teeth, but they fit perfectly!!!! my bottoms do too. my bottom teeth is where my crowding is an issue, so they do feel a little more snug than the top but i already know that i am getting used to the feeling of them. I did get the whitening with them, but i am waiting to use that for now. I will upload my photos to this upload of without the trays and with them, and you will see what i mean when i see my top teeth have fangs! I am going to call to confirm fitting and then i believe they give me my treatment plan. i will update when i get my plan!

treatment plan received!

Well! it took 3 weeks, and several messages to them asking why the delay, but I got my treatment plan today. They told me I will need what is called IPR which is where I got to the dentist who is taking care of my case and he will shed some enamel off the sides of my teeth, which will create space for them to move due to the crowding. That will happen before set 3 and 11. I am still contemplating whether or not I will go through with the aligners. I have to consider financially and I still have to go get some cavities filled anyway. I will update when I make my decision
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