49 Yrs Old, It Was Time!

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Two words to sum up so far: EZ BREEZY! Surgery...

Two words to sum up so far: EZ BREEZY! Surgery was about three hours ago & it was SO easy. Worst part was the Valium shot!

The dr said it would be about 10 minutes----"each eye?" I said, and he said no, both! While I was lying down, he made lines with marker & I didn't feel a thing! Photo was about 45 min after. I will keep updating over next few days. Wish I'd done this sooner!

Photo about 22 hours later

ZERO pain. Looks like some bruising is coming up below lids (although only did upper lids). I tried to ice for 24 hours straight, even through the night. I'm taking Arnica tabs under my tongue & using Arnica gel below eyes & corners of eyes where bruising is happening. I feel fantastic. Went out today with BIG sunglasses on, just as I normally do. No issues.

Before pictures....still trying to figure site out & how to properly post photos!

These are from "before". Hope they turn out ok....technically challenged!

These are from day 3....

Surgery was Wednesday around 10:00 a.m. I've been putting the ointment the Dr. recommended on my stitches since yesterday and also I'm using an Arnica gel & putting it below my eyes & in inner corners where the bruising is coming through.

I have been trying to ice like mad as well....still having ZERO pain but I'm starting to get little itchies here & there.....hard not to scratch!

Waking up in the morning with lots of swelling but it slowly dissipates as I'm up & about. Still absolutely thrilled I did this!

This was right eye before and right eye on day 2, evening-time.

Easier to see---my daughter helped me with this picture, again I'm technically challenged :/

Morning of day 3...or is it 4? (Surgery Weds morning, today is Saturday LOL)

I'm still having some swelling in the mornings but then again I always have, living here in FL. Seems there's always some allergen in the air. Still feeling great.

I'm not sure how long to keep icing vs. starting warm compresses...anyone? I was a little worried when I left the Dr's office about the scar & where it would sit after swelling went down. I'm now starting to see that it seems it will be right in my natural crease line, just like Dr said it would.

I had my eyeliner tattooed on a few years ago & had forgotten how much I like having it there---just haven't been able to see it lately.

I'm still feeling some itchies along the stitch line---my Dr has me applying "Refresh Lacri-Lube"...has anyone here used that? I'm also still taking the Arnica 30x tablets under my tongue 3-4 times a day. Still using the Arnicare gel on the bruises.

I will still HIGHLY recommend this surgery for anyone contemplating it. I had been able to disguise the droops very well with makeup (to the point several people said I absolutely did not need to have this done) but over time it would have been harder & harder.

I'll post again tomorrow-----stitches come out Monday 9 a.m.---cannot wait!

Side views, day 4 afternoon

Bruising is still red/purple....waiting on the inevitable yellow color which means better healing.....

Day 5 (Sunday) afternoon

Like a rainbow of colors LOL. Feeling great and looking forward to getting my stitches out tomorrow morning. Also NO sign of the "11's" between my eyes, thanks to the 'Tox! I think I'll continue with some icing today on a lesser amount; I guess it can't hurt, right?!

WOW....some schoolin' from the professionals...

Obviously my Dr. gave me after-care instructions. He did not mention using warm compresses yet many of the physicians on this site mention BOTH icing and warm compresses. My inquiry was more to ask opinions, NOT substitute my own doctor's instructions. I should have worded my question differently so let's leave it at that. I do appreciate those who replied, even those who chastised me for my inquiry. Thank you.

Stitches out, Monday 8/11

Again surgery was Thursday, 8/6 a.m. My skin was actually trying to heal around the stitches so I'm glad I went today to get them out. It was a little uncomfortable, comparing NO pain or discomfort from the actual procedure!

Nurse put a small paper bandage on outer edge of each eye & she said it will fall off in a few days. The stitches were removed three hours ago & I can already see the swelling is subsiding---I'm sure it flared up during the stitch removal.

Don't have to go back for 30 days. They told me to continue icing if I'd like & using the Refresh LacriLube. All good!

I had a concern this evening.....

I was still using the Refresh LacriLube after getting my stitches out this morning. The ointment, of course, moistened the small bandage the nurse had "taped" into place on the outer corner of each eye. Well, I was carefully using a washcloth below my lower lids this evening & was horrified to see (what appeared to be) an opening on my right eye's scar line....and to me, I thought it was pretty "open"!! I probably pulled on the lower lid without realizing it, thus "opening" the suture area.

I called Dr. Filiberto's answering service & they put me through to him. He couldn't have been more kind to me & agreed to meet me at his office an hour later (8 pm!!). He immediately put me at ease & said everything was normal and there weren't any issues. I was worried about getting something into the area (being a big baby!!) so he nicely put another paper bandage over the area following my neurosis....!

My experience has been absolutely wonderful from surgery through tonight! I will post a photo tomorrow.

So....the Dr was right!

Woke up this morning & was amazed at how the incision had basically closed all the way up. The paper bandage on the left (original one) had fallen off in bed, and the new one the Dr put on last night was still there. It was close to coming off so I took it off.

I wasn't as swollen today when I woke up, either. The incision line had some small scabs hanging off so I used a tweezer & took them off.....they weren't attached to anything so I didn't have to pull on anything.

I had lots of errands to run today so I put some makeup over the bruises & have posted a picture of that. Looks pretty good. I find if I keep my reading glasses on it helps disguise the scars as well.

It hasn't even been a week & even my (SKEPTICAL) husband is saying WOW......literally!

One more from 8/12 (surgery was 8/6)

This is my before, with today's earlier shot to compare. Again, I did put a little concealer & foundation over the bruises below my eyes today.

One week later

This is an early morning picture, and I'm ALWAYS swollen in the morning. (My) right side for some reason has more bruising and the scar is a little wider on the outer edge, hence the darker scab. The scabs are all dried out & I'm no longer using the Refresh LacriLash (per Dr's orders).

I do have some crusties along the incision which I just may have to pick off later, haha. Kinda gross having them there....

Picture from today, 8/14

I do have some mascara on here with a touch of eyeliner, plus the foundation on the (diminishing) bruises below my eyes. The scabs on the outer edge & both incisions are completely dried out. I'm sure everything will crust off eventually but I'm still feeling wonderful!!

Monday, August 18th

Hello, I've been travelling so I haven't had time to update. Every day has been better & better UNTIL this morning when I was trying to gently clean/wash my eyes. I pulled on the scab on my right eye (left side in photo) and it started bleeding....ugh. I had to sit with a tissue pressing on the incision until it stopped.

You can see in the photo that the right side scar is darker & more pronounced than the left. It's been that way since the surgery but I'm not sure why. My bruises are FINALLY just about gone----that has been the most pronounced part of this whole thing. I do still have quite a bit of swelling in the morning but I usually do that anyway.....

Still SO happy!

Thursday, 8/21

I still have a fairly dark scab on my right eye on the outer edge. For some reason, that area has been the longest to heal :(
I have been wearing mascara & adding a little eyeliner as well. Eyes are still a little swollen in the mornings & the lids are still a little numb. I do have a few small bumps on the right eye incision as well but from what I'm reading here it seems they should settle down, so I'm going to just keep watching.

For some reason it seems my mascara is harder to apply too---the lashes seem finer or something?? Once again I will say-----SO happy I had this done! Also p.s. I truly am not cross-eyed, LOL. When I'm focusing on the iPhone camera my one eye looks crossed----not that there's anything wrong with that!

PS for Thursday, 8/21

I forgot to mention that my bruising FINALLY totally went away a few days ago. The bruises lasted longer than I expected and I did ice like mad for the first 48 hours and then on & off over the next few days. I used Arnicare gel & Arnica tabs as well. Who knows, maybe I would have bruised even longer without using these products. Hard to tell.

9/3 photos; surgery was 8/6

Overall I'm very very pleased with everything. I do have a small lump on my right eye incision that I'm hoping the Dr can remove for me. The incisions are very red also. I did have some trouble with the outer edge of my right incision where it opened up a few times and FINALLY the scab just came off about two days ago.
I find if I put a little liquid foundation over the incisions, covered by brown eyeshadow, you can't really see anything of the scars.
I see the Dr Monday for a followup so I'm planning to ask about scar healing & what can/should I be putting on them. They do look rather thick now but it's not even been four weeks so I'm not too worried at this point. Very strange too, but my permanent eyeliner on MY right eye has come off...?
I saw a friend Monday & she sort of looked at me a little funny---I let a little time pass, then told her. She said OMG something looked a little different but I thought maybe you'd done your makeup differently or something?!? Funny---I'm just glad I didn't get the stretched & pulled look that I'd been so worried about!

One more.....9/3

Here's the before, again....with today, 9/3. Good Lord I look old & tired in the before!!!

September 10th photo

This is with just mascara on & a little foundation dabbed at the outer edges of the scars. I've also been using the RapidLash stuff to grow my lashes---there's not really any better way to "hide" my scars than with my eyelashes & lots of mascara LOL. Hint: try Amazon to buy the RapidLash. I went to Ulta & it was $49.95. After I opened it I found it on Amazon for about half the cost. (Boo!) Seems to be working too!

At my followup (30 days) on Monday, Dr's office said the bump on my right incision will eventually go away. It sits in the fold of my eye so you really can't see it. I'm so happy anyways with my overall results I don't even care, I'll wait it out!

Emu oil?

Hi, has anyone here heard of Emu oil and/or used it to help scarring? I was at my health food store today to ask about something for scar healing and to help take the redness out. The young man told me to try Emu oil. Anyone have any luck or feedback? Thanks.
Melbourne Facial Plastic Surgeon

Wonderful experience with Dr. Filiberto. Everything they had explained to me was how it all turned out. The office is clean, very calm, soothing & beautifully decorated. I thought this procedure would involve tightening, pulling or stretching, making me look like I was in a wind tunnel! I've got a ways to go for swelling etc but I can already see a difference. Going back Monday for stitches removal. Highly recommend Dr. Filiberto & staff. If you're thinking of doing it, go for it!

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