Color Half Sleeve Tattoo Removal - PIQo4 Laser Melbourne. Melbourne, FL

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Hi, everybody! I'm about to start a long journey...

Hi, everybody!

I'm about to start a long journey to remove a massive blue dragon in my forearm and I was pretty sure to start with Picosure in a cosmetic clinic in Melbourne. There have plenty references, and more lasers apart than picosure to work in all colors.

However, there is a laser tattoo removal specialist that work also in Melbourne that have just bought the PIQo4 device. It seems that this devices works in picoseconds with 4 wavelenghts, so in theory should work better.

My piece is mostly blue, and have a considerable amount of orange and red. I'll load pics as soon as I can.

Any advice? Has anybody experience with this device?

Thank you so much so share all your experiences.

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