Deformed Breast. Recalled Sutures. Heartbreak - Melbourne, FL

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Now 28 yrs old, married with 3 children. I come...

Now 28 yrs old, married with 3 children. I come from a big family 9 siblings, was taught to work hard and the glass is always half full:) all the women in my family excluding my oldest sister and myself had large breast. I've always wanted Boobs, I'm 5'8" weigh 140 lbs, a AA bra size looked horrible. I would always stuff my bra or wear 2 bras. My oldest sister got an augmentation 550 cc saline. And they were and still are beautiful! At the age of 16 I knew that's what I wanted. To buy boobies. Well I graduated, joined the army and saved saved. After honorabIy discharged I received a nice check which I was finally was able to pay for my aug! I went to the same Dr my sister did, expecting the same results...
My first Aug cost me 5000.00, local anesthesia (I was awake) and 320 cc saline. I wanted bigger, allot bigger I was advised not to bc they would not look natural lol I didn't want them to look natural lol but I understood why he suggested this. .. I'm young I already had a child and a professional job. He didn't think that 2 years down the road I would want fake looking Boobs.
Well in 2009 I wanted bigger and saved my money and got into my savings to get my dream boobs. Same thing as the first time local anesthesia when he lifted me up and asked if I wanted bigger I still wanted bigger. He could only fill them to 430 cc (give or take)

Now it's time for the roller coaster. ..
First let me start by saying I'm not trash talking or just being a high maintenanced patient the dr and his staff are really nice and personable.
About 2-3 weeks after surgery my right incision became really sore! And there was a dark spot. . I went to my dr and he placed a piece of tape over it and to come in 2 weeks. The next day I felt the tape was falling off and it was really wet. I went to see what it was and there was 2 holes exposing my implant one the size of a silver Dollar the other the size of a quarter on my incision, next to each other with only maybe 1/2 in of skin separating them! Went to ER they pumped me full of IV antibiotics and fluid, and told me to go to my dr first thing in the morning. Went to him and he had to remove my implant! I was under local, (awake) and felt almost everything! It was worse then child labor, worse than an emergency c section bc of placenta previa !!! I have a pretty high pain tolerance, not a crier. And that day I was screaming and crying the nurse felt so bad she held my hand and would hug my head and say it's ok. So now implant is out, bad skin scrubbed and removed. And I needed time to heal so he put that drain bag in which was there for about a month. Finally got it out. And healed beautifully. Dr was surprised of how good it looked. Now what? I could get it replaced except that is another 3000.00! I couldn't do that! And I don't do financing I like to pay things of. So it took me another year of walking around with one breast implant until I finally saved the money and almost tapped out all my savings, the money I worked for while in the army is gone now. Keep in mind I live in FLORIDA! No bathing suits, no taktops, spaghetti straps nothing. Got my breast implant replaced and I immediately noticed it was smaller! I asked why, and he said it will match. It was also 1" higher and just looked horrible. I knew if it was smaller after surgery then after swelling it would be even smaller! My dr then informed me about a lawsuit I need to pursue bc what happened to me was due to recalled sutures he purchased. He has a lawsuit against the Co as well and he gave me the number and lawyer information. I am not the kind of person to do a lawsuit thing he really pushed for me to contact the lawyer and anything else I had to get done to my breast to fix them would be free! Called the lawyer and everything my Dr said was legit.
I then had to schedule another appt to lower my breast about 3 weeks after. That was not a good feeling! I could feel a lot of pulling and cutting and ripping. The implant was lowered note completely deformed! It had a double bubble effect and really just looked like a hot mess lol. I was really sad but happy I at least had something there I could somewhat wear tank tops and feel sexy in a bra and get away with some kind of altered bathing suit. Now it has been over a year and half and I'm trying to find a Dr that can fix me! I know they will not be perfect or look the same I'm ok with that! I just want bigger, no saline! And for my right breast to looklike a boob again I want to walk around naked infront of my husband and not feel awkward. I want to feel like a sexy mom again lol. And it's hard for me to stay my happy self when I go to a consultation and get news like no, don't go bigger, go smaller, one operation will be 8000.00 for just the first one on your right boob!!! I know it is possible to fix me! And it will happen I just need advice and help. . I'm tired of my west Melbourne local dr.s who act like they don't have time for me! I'm getting quotes for me incase I need to save and for my lawyer so he can include it in the settlement. I feel weird saying that but it is what it is!

Thank you for reading my boobs life story ;]

Just read my epic experience. I would hate to write another novel

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