23 Years Old with 32G in Need of a Reduction YESTERDAY! - Melbourne, AU

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I am 23 years old and I'm approximately 173cm and...

I am 23 years old and I'm approximately 173cm and have been thinking about having this surgery probably for the last 9 years. I have had huge boobs for as long as I can remember.
They began bothering me when I was about 14, Boys were paying too much attention for all the wrong reasons and it made me very insecure about myself.
I have reached a point of desperation as my back pain is chronic and constant, it takes me hours to fall asleep and I simply cannot wear anything the way it should be worn unless it is a moo moo haha.
I work in a clothing store and it gets pretty depressing when the only thing i can honestly wear is a big men's T-shirt.
So I booked in a consultation with Dr Jane Peterson about a month ago and was all excited, the only thing in my way was funding.
But I have finally been approved for my loan and I'm all booked in for October 7th!!!

I am so scared but have never been more excited for anything in my life. I am hoping to go down to a small D cup :)
As I have darker skin I am scared of the scarring but I think it will be worth it ! I'll take some pictures of my boobs tomorrow and put them up.

Before photos !

Here are the photos that Dr Jane Paterson took at our initial consultation, where she indicated my problem areas and explained why I was having so much back pain. She also pointed out that at 23 my boobs almost reach my elbows.


Ladies you all know the double bra problem when we want to work out haha can't wait to be able to put a proper sports bra on !

Tomorrows the big day!!

So I have to be at the hospital at 8.30 I the morning and I cannot sleep a wink right now!
I am so nervous, not even sure what about but I am super nervous!

I will post photos tomorrow and write about the day when I come too but for now wish me luck !

1 day post op!

Okay so yesterday was all a bit of a blur for me, I was so nervous! But I will try to remember everything as best as I can.

I was asked to come in at 8.30 in the morning, I made my final payment for the hospital stay and the theatre room (which was $3585 and if I had private health insurance this amount would have been covered but I don't ). They weighed and measured me, I was then told she wouldn't be ready till about 10.30 and to just wait until someone told me to change.

I sat back down in the waiting room with my mum and my partner and they told me to get changed straight away, this made me so nervous! My anxiety was building at this point, I was barley talking and my face looked so scared.

I got changed and said my goodbyes to my family and then was put on a bed in another room and kept nice and warm. In this room I was met by the anesthesiologist who asked me a couple of questions, a couple of nurses who also asked me similar questions and finally my surgeon Dr Jane Paterson!
As soon as she came out I told her how nervous I was and she made me feel a lot better by telling me it was normal, if I wasn't nervous something would be wrong with me haha which calmed me down so much. She drew on my boobs, explained what was going to happen, she went off to have a cup of tea and then they wheeled me into the theatre.

Everyone up to this point at Epworth Hospital were so friendly and made me really comfortable, the nurse who took my measurements and weighed me kept trying to make me laugh which I thought was lovely but I just didn't have it in me, but she made me feel calmer by doing so.

Once I was in the theatre I was put on the operating table, one nurse on one arm taking my blood pressure again, and the anesthesiologist on my left arm putting the needle in and she said "okay your going to go sleep now, keep your eyes open as long as you can" I remember thinking "oh lord I'm not falling asleep!! haha but then I woke up 2 hours later in bed in a post op room.

I was shocked it was all over with, I was very out of it when I came too, was in and out of sleep for a couple of hours, they then wheeled me into my room where when I woke up my mum and partner were there which was so nice :)

They put me on a drip and gave me antibiotics twice through out the night. I was so thirsty when I came too but I wasn't allowed any water incase it made me sick, but at about 5pm they let me have water and then dinner came at 6pm which was amazing because I was starving.

I haven't had any real pain yet, over night my left boob was hurting like I had moved wrong but I took some Panadol and went to sleep.

This morning I feel fine, my chest feels a little bit tight but that's normal, Dr Jane Paterson will be in this morning to check me out and I guess I'll see the boobs properly without this bra on.

They look so small :) it's amazing, I kind of can't believe I've really done this... When I go to the bathroom and turn to the side there's almost nothing there compared to my last side profile it's crazy !

I can't wait to see them properly, I will take some photos for you guys when she takes them off

2 days post op

I've been sleeping it off for the past two days, have been laying off the pain killers and sticking to Panadol every 4 hours :) I finally got the courage to take the surgical bra off and get in the shower.

I was freaking out the entire time I had the bra off thinking I was going to ruin them or something.

They are very swollen but I already love them ! One they drop a little bit and the shape becomes more defined I think they are going to look amazing :)

I'm scared to see them without he bandages though, that won't be until Tuesday so I have a whole to prepare myself.

So far so good though - it's weird seeing myself in the mirror with these tiny boobies haha

Over 1KG of boob was removed !!

Hi ladies, firstly thank you for taking the time to read my post. I'm happy to answer anyone's questions :)
So this afternoon I had an appointment with my surgeon. She took off the bandages and replaced them with tape.

I'm supposed to wear the tape for the next 4 weeks, she said it helps with the incisions being as together as they can be (not her exact words haha it's been a long day). She said I was right on track with healing which was a relief :)

I got to ask her a few things I was worried about, like if being light headed when I'm up for too long was normal, she said it was and that it should pass in a few more days. She also told me that she removed 536 grams from my right boobs and 520 grams from my left boob !! Over a kilo of boob was removed !! Isn't that crazy !!!

My boobs are currently sitting really high, and the top is so round and full and the bottom is sitting a little bit flat. This will obviously even out and take shape over the next few months :)

I'm so excited already though, everything already fits me 1000000000X better, it doesn't take me a million years to pick something to wear- and this is just with clothes I already have at home. I can't wait to go shopping !

So tape on boobs for the next couple of weeks and surgical bra for another month :)

It's crazy how much of my waist was hidden behind the boobs ! I feel so much slimmer already without having lost any actual weight apart from the boobs :)

Thanks for reading ! Xx

Finally saw what was going on under the tape!!

My stitches are dissolving on the inside and they don't look as scary as I thought they would !! The doctor explained that because she used a lollipop incision and gave them a huge lift that's why they are pulled so much but it will drop soon.

Taking form !

My boobs have started to drop and take shape :)

Here are the photos

2 weeks post op!

Can't believe it's been 2 weeks already what a whirlwind !!
My boobs were so tender for 3 days and I thought it was from being on my feet for too long during the days but then came my period !

I've been up and down the last few days of my period because my boobs feel massive and heavy and I look down and don't see much of a change.
My partner made me put on an old bra to compare and yes woah they are so much smaller haha it's all in my head.
I also went out and tried a bikini top on and I got into a 10D which is incredible ! I almost cried.

Some days I look down and don't see much of a difference and I get a little bit upset, but then I put on an old t shirt and I can clearly see the change and it makes me so happy.

Here is a 2 weeks photo, a photo of me in an old bra and in the bathing top :)

Couldn't be Happier

Sorry it's been so long since my last post but there wasn't a lot going on.

I went to the surgeons office on Tuesday and finally got the Okay to stop using the surgical tape and can start using bio oil to help reduce the scaring.

Dr Jane Paterson said my boobs were textbook perfect reductions and she's over the moon by my progress so far.

I had little to no pain all the way throughout and healed very quickly.

I'm not able to start exercising and wearing normal bras with underwire but why would I when the crop top bras are so comfortable and so cheap !

I am so happy! My scars are starting to come up all red but as long as I continue to put bio oil on everyday hopefully these become more invisible over time.

Pictures :)

Words can't describe how happy I've been !

I've made a little
Comparison picture from before, a couple of days after the surgery to a month and a half out of surgery.

My boobs have gone from a 10GG to a 10D/12D which I am over the moon about. People comment on how small they are now but I think it's because I have such a big frame they look tiny but I'm wearing a D cup still !!

This is the best thing I have ever done, even being in debt now $13000 I will never regret this.

For those of you who don't know, I have a lollipop incision, which means it was just around the nipple and down, I don't have the scar under my boob.
That's why my boobs have been oddly shaped but are now coming together so nicely. They're dropping and becoming rounder every day.

I'm so happy :)


I've been putting bio oil on twice a day so hopefully in a few months they won't be visible:)

So far so good but I'm a little bit scared...

I'm scared of my boobs growing bigger, I'm so happy with the size that they are now but a friend of mine who had he procedure done a year and a half ago and her boobs have grown to an E cup.

Right now I'm about a DD which is perfect for my body shape !
I'm over the moon and I'm just worried that they will grow.

Has anyone had the surgery and then their boobs have grown back to the original size ?

4 months already !

Sorry I haven't updated in a whole while, the truth is I have sunk back into reality and have been so busy.

My boobs are doing great, they are siting great, my scar is a little bit red at the moment but hoping this goes down in the next couple of months.
I've been putting bio oil on but sometimes I forget to do it.

The other thing I'm really annoyed at is that obviously the surgeon had to shave my chest for the surgery but now my hair on my boobs have grown back
With a vengeance ! :(

Okay rant over haha

Nearly a year.

Sorry I haven't posted in so long !
My scarring went a little bit funny and I've been a little self conscious of my boobs.

I'm still so so so happy with the size of them, and the shape is beautiful it's just the scarring went very red and expanded (not quite keloid).

I began wearing silicon patches (why weren't these recommended from the get go to prevent this sort of thing in the first place !)
For about 5 months I wore he silicon patches around the clock, only taking them off to shower and wash them (and if I was going bra less).
The Patches seemed to have slowed down any more changes to the scarring and the expanded areas didn't get any worse.

Have any of you ladies got any experience with bad scarring ?
I absolutely adore my boobs, and the truth is that even with the scarring I'm still a happy, healthier person after the reduction. On a personal note it's when I'm with my partner I've noticed I just leave my bra on all the time so they don't see.

I hope the insecurities of the scars go away soon.
Hanks for reading ladies xx

First consultation with dr Peterson was perfect and was everything I was hoping to find in a surgeon. I felt completely comfortable with her, and she explained everything thoroughly, reductions are her speciality which made me much calmer. She showed me heaps of before and afters and answered every little question I had. I am confident I have chosen the right woman for the job

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