10h/28h Second Time Doing a Reduction! All done. So happy

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Hi everyone. Long time lurker here. Ok so my story...

Hi everyone. Long time lurker here. Ok so my story is the same as everyone's regarding having huge breasts since very young etc etc.
The only difference being that 15 years ago I had liposuction only on my breasts and it removed 900mls in total and took me from a H to a E. At the time I was in my 20's was worried about scarring and potential for breast feeding etc so a full reduction was just too scary! Now married and 2 kids later (3 years old and 1.5 yo) I'm back where I was before and miserable.

I've researched and visited 2 female surgeons (that's part of my criteria) and I'm pretty sure I have settled on one. For me both surgeons told me the opposite to the other so it's been hard to decide. Everything from technique (one says lollipop one anchor..one uses drains other does not. . One wouldn't go less than DD the other was happy to go as far as C if I wanted and so on. ....

I'm having trouble deciding what's right for me so I'm mainly going by my gut instincts and how I felt more comfy with (which is the anchor and no drains person).
I was originally going to do this in June during school holidays when my husband would be home to help with kids but now I'm thinking I should just go for it and do it NOW.

I looking for advice from you all about your recovery times, how long before you could care for your kids avian etc. We have a family holiday booked for just after Easter (4.5 weeks from possible surgery date). Is this too soon?? It's a resort holiday in Bali so just sitting around, but I still dont know if I will be in pain.

I'm loving everyone's support and stories. I hope some of you could help and my concerns. X

I'm booked in ! Now getting scared....

So I'm now officially booked for June 24th. I choose this date to work in with the Australian school holidays so my husband will be home for recovery. Now however I'm toying with bringing this forward to May 27th as I just CANT WAIT!! We are going to decide tonight if I can arrange relatives to come over and help with the little ones whilst I can't lift them and to get us through the first few weeks. I'm hoping we can. I also am job hunting and I just need to get this OVER WITH as I don't want to start work and then have to take time off..... I'm really nervous (oddly more about dying on the op table!) but I know I have to do this....
I've been wondering lately how this surgery is affected by our monthly cycle. If my boobs are feeling heavy and sore on the day of surgery will this affect things? Or a few days after? Has anyone scheduled around this?

Any advice I should take? Vitamins? Creams? Post op bras?

Just realised it's almost only 2 WEEKS until surgery! Realised today I should ask all the wonderful women here for any pre surgery advice. I've heard people talk about vitamins, anti bruising vitamins and the like and I figured I would love to hear what you think I should be doing! I went out today and tried on a couple of post op bras here and I'm just spilling out of them . I can't believe they could possibly fit! I'll post a pic of that tomorrow. I'm so nervous I want to make sure I do the best I can to get the best result I can.

Post op bras

Tried these on today in 10d. I just can't believe these may fit!!

1 week to go! Feeling SO SCARED!! Can't decide on post op bra. Help!

Hi everyone. I've realised I love reading everyone's in depth reviews, and I'm noticing I'm always madly trying to bang out a note while kids are running around me so I can't be as detailed... I am trying to be online today to buy a post op sports bra thing and I just can't decide on style or size! I've found a bella hook and eye post op bra which looks good???? so hard to pick a size. i'm always a 10 or 28/30 size bra so i think would be a small or even medium given the swelling? Anyway if anyone can help that would be great! Thank you. So excited and scared!

I'm getting creepy private messages - how do i report them?

Seriously I can't believe people are so bored with their lives to do this kind of stuff! EEEK.

I have a cold! Will they still operate?

I have been so stressed this week I'm not surprised I have a cold. I just thought today that maybe they won't let me have the surgery?? Has anyone ad this happen? I've noticed people here talk about pre op blood work. I'm not sure if they do that in Australia? Perhaps it's done the morning of the procedure?
I'm a bit of a nervous wreck. I'm bursting into tears every few hours over the smallest things. Such a roller coaster!

My last day with these boobs! Tomorrow is the day!

Feeling super emotional. Nervous my cold will get in the way of things.. I just put my kids to bed and am so teary about the fact that I won't be able to pick them up for a while..I've had so much going on this week (job interviews, husband sick, kids sick, getting everything logistically planned for me to be doing my best Weekend at Bernies impersonation for a bit)... that I haven't really had too much time to think. I know tomorrow I WILL BE A WRECK. I'm super scared of hospitals so it's going to be huge. I will try to update a quick couple of pics in the morning while I'm waiting. Hopefully it will pass the time. I don't know what I would have done without this site. xx

Last photos.. Feeling emotional

Just asking hubby to take these is really upsetting me. He is amazing and think I'm gorgeous any way I want to be. Hard to imagine that's true but he is amazing and so supportive of whatever I want to do. I'm so revolted by these images. Cannot wait to be free!!

I'm done

Very groggy will write tomorrow. Home now. Xx

Day 1 photos

So I'm all done. I had a pretty rough time in hospital and was out of it most of the time. Was still pretty whacked when I got home. Arrived at 8. Surgery at 9. I think they tried to wake me around 1.30. Hubby arrived at 5 and I went home about 9. My insurance meant I had to go home that day. I didn't sleep much that night, then spent yesterday (day1) in and out of it. I felt pretty awful. Took a shower last night which made me feel a little better. Had my first look. Didn't have the stomach to peek before that! I must say I was shocked by how small they look!! They have skin coloured steri strips so it's hard to see the incision lines exactly. There is also a bit of dried blood under the tape so it looks a bit odd to see your body like that. They are very high and round, which is what I wanted. I'm told they will sink in a bit of the next few weeks. I feel like I have little implants! I've NEVER not worn a bra for longer than hour max! So it's very strange to be in this little boob tube thing they have sent me home in. I'm surprised there is not more bruising. My surgeon told me she took 720 from one breast and 550 from the other (grams). Crazy!! I look so tiny in my pjs! I'm concerned I'm too small but I think it's just such a big difference and I will love the freedom and the new fashion choices I will have. A boob tube dress on holiday?? Why not?! Looking forward to seeing them without the strips and bloody bits so I can see how they really look. Had a bit of a teary moment yesterday wondering if I look ok. But I think I have to wait and let everything settle in.

Day 2 photos

I stopped taking the strong pain meds as they were making me loopy and groggy. Now rotating ibuprofen and paracetamol. My cold is making it tougher as I cough a lot of gunk. Have iced them a few times. Took another shower, they have saved me! Feel so much more human after one. There is a full length mirror in our shower so I just stand with water running down my back STARING LIKE A ZOMBIE at my little teenager boobettes! C R A Z Y! I can see a bit of dried blood has pooled under the breast in the tape. I hope there isn't anything nasty under there. Our 2 kids come home tomorrow night. They have spent the weekend with my sister and mum. I'm nervous to see them as I know o can't pick them up (2&4yo). Hubby is also going back to work tomorrow so I'll be alone tomorrow for the first time. Must keep repeating to myself "do not clean the house, do not clean the house....."

Post op bras - they fit!! No way!

Remember this guy? He didn't fit this time last week!! Feels so teeny tiny now!

1 week

Had my first appointment since my surgery last week. Took off my tape and replaced it with this White steri strip tape. I'm told to replace this weekly for about 12 weeks! My surgeon believes this will flatten the incision marks (they look pretty flat so far so I'm going to do everything they say!) I think she had done a phenomenal job. I've had no real pain all week. Just the few couple of days but it was manageable with panadol. I'm really happy with the shape. They feel light high and round. I'm adjusting to the size. I feel flat chested however I'm roughly a c or d cup in a 10/28 band. The nurse said I am swollen at the sides. I can't wait to see how they change over the next few weeks and months!

2 weeks today!

Had my tape changed again today. Nurse has switched to a nude tape so it looks a little different. She wants me to keep taping for another 10 weeks. I don't mind! The nude tape gives me a better idea of the end result. Still swollen at the sides I'm told. No pain really now and I'm sleeping on my sides which is a relief! The frontal shot I think I look so big but I'm only a c or a d cup. I'm finding that when I'm just looking on the mirror they feel small and fab but once I start looking at photos it's easy to start getting very critical of everything!

Week 3

Just a little over 3 weeks now. Saw my surgeon today and had fresh tape put on. Sleeping on both sides now. Getting a little itchy now and then. It's maddening! I hope that goes away. Still a little swollen but quite happy so far. Incisions are quite raised without the tape but I'm told that's normal for now. I will keep the tape on for at least a week at a time as I'm told it's better not to change it often. I'm happy with that. Doing what I'm told! Hope everyone is healing nicely. It's very exciting watching these babies heal!

6 weeks post op. All going well!

Had my 6 week check up today. All going well. I had an afternoon without tape on so I took a few snaps. My nipples feel very red from the tape so I was happy to be free of it for a few hours. I feel back to normal really. I purchased a couple of bras in the sales ( not that I need one!) and they were a 12d and a medium. I've decided to wait s few months but it was just too exciting! I've realised I don't even know which brands to look at because I've only ever just gone straight to Freya and got a big wall of fabric! It's quite cool looking at all the styles but I'm not jumping in just yet!
I think they are a great size. I still pass the pencil test however I still have a little d cup which seems right for me. Ives seen some people who know me and they haven't noticed. I know I used to hide them well but I the it's hilarious that I've changed so much and it feels like a little secret.
I've got a couple of teeny sore spots and if I look hard in photos I think one of nipples look like it's not centred in the areola. However I'm just going to wait until everything calms down before I get too bothered about that.

Lets talk about the not so good stuff

Hello lovely ladies. So whilst I'm really happy with my results, there are some things that I'm not completely overjoyed about. The big one was confirmed for me over the weekend. I went bra shopping. I need at least one decent bra so I can wear it to work. I got professionally fitted for the first time since my op. Long story short it appears I'm a 10E! This size is a bit of a surprise to me as I feel so tiny in comparison to before. The actual number isn't the issue, it's the restrictions that will come along with that. I want the choice to buy swimwear and bras from any store. I know that there are many bra ranges that stop at DD so I feel like I've taken a step back mentally with my joy. D was always the biggest I wanted to be so to not even fit a DD is a shame. I know that I look teeny in my clothes and the shape is great even without a bra, but a E? It's just so limiting. I know everyone says things can get smaller in the first 6 months however I just can't see them going down. There is no swelling left.
Anyway, I know I'm grateful but I have to be honest about that disappointment. After a LIFETIME of only shopping in Freya I really just wanted to be able to grab anything...
While I'm having a 'pointing out the not so great stuff day' - I also have a little tiny bit of a 'dog ear'. Just a small one on the left side. I know that's something that may correct itself but I'm conscious of it. I will post a pic of this soon. I'm also still bothered that my nipples are not 100% centred in the areola. Because I've been wearing tape for so long I've not been confronted with it. However it's the first thing I see when the tape is off. I understand these are things that would be a small correction in the future if I still felt that way. Time will tell if I do.
So I'm still wrapped that I have done this, I wouldn't change that for anything. Best thing ever for appearance, my posture and my state of mind. I'm bummed they are strangely over a D in terms of bra sizes. I don't think it's realistic to believe they will get smaller. For anyone out there reading this and thinking about doing it, like most people here repeat - GO SMALL! You won't regret the procedure if you find the right surgeon for you. Having large boobs that are heavy and hurt is a burden that NO ONE truly can understand unless you are wearing them. Have a great day everyone x

I found Kim via online search for Melbourne surgeons. It was my personal choice that I knew I was going to feel more comfortable seeing a female. I felt very confident in her abilities from the first meeting. I met with another female surgeon just to be sure and for me they were worlds apart in terms of their approach. Kim really listened to me and answered all of my questions even when I was repeating myself over and over! I was very scared of the procedure and even on surgery day I cried and Kim was super supportive and professional. All the staff at ARC have been phenomenal with all the dealings I have had there. Very discreet and approachable. However by far the best thing has been the result. At the time of writing this I am 2 weeks post op and I'm healing so well. I actually didn't think I could get such a great result. They look round, perky and very natural. Almost like I've stepped back in time to having the breasts I would have had at 15! From someone who has always had large (too large) breasts it's such a relief to feel the way I am. I'm ridiculously happy with my choice of surgeon for what was a terrifying decision to make. Like most people here I just wish I had done it sooner.

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