Amazing Vaser Lipo results on my abs - Melbourne, Australia

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Words cannot describe my satisfaction with the...

Words cannot describe my satisfaction with the reults of vaser liposuction which I had performed on my tummy 3 months ago. The results were immediate and impressive.

PROs - Hardly any pain (Ive had more pain during my period) - Very limited bruising or swelling - Immediate results!! The after photo below was taken the day after the surgery. - I now have a 6 pack - making the hours spent in the gym worthwhile.

CONs - wearing the cumbersome compression gear during 40 degree (c) heat in an Australian Summer.

I have always been quite fit but overweight. I had recently lost 20 kilos prior to my vaser procedure. I chose vaser liposuction because I did a lot of ab weight work but couldn't acheive the 6 pack look i desired because i was carrying extra abdominal fat. I did a heap of research on reputable surgeons in Victoria and read at least 100 real-self reviews before booking my procedure with the Doctor I found to be the most experienced and knowledgeable in this procedure. It has been one of the best decisions I have made for my body and for my self esteem.

Yeah I never got around to posting my before and...

Yeah I never got around to posting my before and after photos. It's now been 2 years and I'm still very happy with the results. The best thing is that it's extremely hard to put abdominal fat on ..bonus! However one thing I would point out is that when I do put weight on it goes everywhere except where the liposuction was performed. As such I need to be very careful about weight gain as it may appear very disproportionate. So I still have a 6-pack and a couple of months in the gym + low carb diet + tan really shows it off. I would recommend it if you have a bit of belly fat you can't budge.

Regarding pain after the surgery. Well it's a distant memory now but I remember it not being an issue. I was back at work 3 days later.. No probs. the bruising took about 6 weeks to fade. I had some swelling over my fanny/pelvic region which scared me as it looked foul. That disappears after a week or so. I had general anaesthetic. :))

Ps. I have some stretch marks which the vaser...

Ps. I have some stretch marks which the vaser can't do anything about! If u get it done make sure u wear the compression garment for as long as possible to ensure smoothness. I had a tiny haematoma under the skin in the midline area which took about 6 months to resolve. I could feel it but it wasn't visible
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