I Had a Very Painful Experience with Labiaplasty

I went to this doctor to have labiaplasty. He said...

I went to this doctor to have labiaplasty. He said it would not be very painful afterwards but it was exceptionally painful. I am only 21 years old and I really really regret having it. I saw "bits" in my inner labia and I thought they were abnormal. My mum now tells me they were not at all abnormal. I thought that I had to look like the girls I had watched on porn sites with my boyfriend. He didn't even know that girls and women had "bits" that are different in their inner labia. I was worried that when it came to having sex he would think I was abnormal. Now, I realise that I am abnormal because there is just a "slit" there and I don't look like other women.

There was nothing wrong with me and I still feel lots of pain from time to time. I have become afraid of sex because it can be painful and I am too embarrassed to tell my mum. She is furious because I used money that my gran had left me, and the doctor never ever explained that things might go wrong or that I might be in pain afterwards. Now, I think maybe something has gone wrong, because I am in pain a lot but I could never ever go to another doctor as I am scared of them and I am too ashamed. I wish I had never had this done. I am in pain a lot and too ashamed to ask anyone for help.

I went to see this doctor for labia plasty and he...

I went to see this doctor for labia plasty and he said it wouldn't be painful afterwards but it was!

If you read my post you will see why. I was told this would not be painful and it was VERY VERY painful. I am still in pain but too embarrassed to get help. Also, there was nothing wrogn with my inner labia to begin with. I was just trying to please my boyfriend who thought all girls looked like the girls in porn on the internet that we have watched. But now I realise they had all had their inner labias trimmed and they don't really look like real girls. I feel terrible because I will never ever be able to get my natural inner labia back. I feel awful and my mother is very angry with Dr. R for doing the procedure- she didn't know when I had it. But there is nothing anyone can do because I was of age, and I did agree. But I didn't really understand what I was agreeing to. Dr. R made it sound about as serious as having a hair cut. THe pain afterwards was worse than anything I could have imagined and I was told it would be mild!!! I am still in pain from time to time and sometimes it's terrible but I am never going to let another doctor down there- ever. I don't care if I die !!

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