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Hi everyone! After many, many years of feeling...

Hi everyone!

After many, many years of feeling pain and embarassment because of my lady parts, I have finally worked up the courage to get something done about it!

This has been quite the journey...I visited my GP who referred me to a gynae within a public hospital. I felt SO uncomfortable at the appointment, rushed and like there was no care for how I felt at all- waste of $150. Even though I had this option of basically a free surgery, I felt in my gut this was not the person I wanted to do this kind of surgery (plus no before/after photos scared me). I then researched and found Dr Jane Paterson, and I'm so glad I did! The consultation was brilliant. Dr Jane was honest & realistic throughout. Her and her assistant Annelese (spelling?) were so helpful and ensured everything was kept very discreet. I'm not telling anyone about the true nature of my surgery, my parents don't even know because it's just something I don't feel comfortable in sharing. I'm booked in for the trim method in just over a month under general and I am SO excited. I feel like this will be a massive weight off my shoulder and I trust Dr Jane to do an amazing job. If I can get some photos up, I will! I wish I had taken the photos Dr Jane photographed on the day to upload. These reviews have helped me so much so I'm hoping this will aid anyone going down the same path ????

Before photos

Just over two weeks before my op!! So excited. Just took some quick photos of my 'before' to compare. God these make me feel worse, but I want to keep track of how far I do come after the operation.

I've noticed that I do have a bit of loose skin around my perineum/opening of my vagina. Which honestly doesn't bother me that much...I'm a midwife and I would rather it be a bit looser around that area than with no flexibility for future childbirths sake! Either way, it's all going to look and feel much better overall after I've got it done.

Dr. Jane will be trimming the labia minora and taking a small amount from each side of my clitoral hood. The look I'm hoping to achieve is neat, natural and no more 'hanging'.

If anyone has any tips for a better recovery in terms of bruising and swelling please let me know! As I'm quite 'bulky' my doctor has told me I may have a bit more bruising and swelling than normal! Thanks

One Week to Go! How do I tell People??

So it's officially one more week to go!

The hospital rang today to confirm a few details, my admission time and what not.

I'm getting public transport to the hospital as I have nobody to take me there. Hoping that goes okay.

There was a bit of a miscommunication as to hospital fees and the admin lady was giving me a figure almost $300 more than the original quoted. So spent the afternoon sorting that out- stressful.

For the whole time I have been going through all the appts and booking in, I've had no desire to tell my parents. I live with them, so the week I'm recovering will be hard. I work A LOT so me not going to work will be weird for them (I leave for work a lot earlier than they do).

I'm thinking about telling my mum...has anyone got any idea how to go about it? Nobody knows the true reason for my operation- I've told friends it's a 'gynae' thing but I feel I owe my mum the full reason if I'm going to commit to telling her anything at all. I just think it will make things easier when I'm home but we aren't very open and I have a feeling she will not understand. Advice?

Labiaplasty Eve

So, it's the night before....feeling nervous but mostly excited. Haven't told my mum...I'm on the fence still. I'm mainly worried about Thursday when she has a day off from work that she will expect me to do housework/go out. I may have to pretend I'm unwell!

My surgeons assistant called today to confirm everything. I have to be at hospital half an hour earlier than I thought...which means getting up earlier and being on the train at 6.30am. Hoping I can sleep tonight as it will be a big day.

Will update tomorrow & hopefully have some pics! :)

Day 1 Post

So!! The big day has arrived. Overview before surgery:

Arrived at the hospital, got taken into the day surgery ward, admission questions blah blah. Got taken into the waiting bay for theatre pretty quickly! Met the team, the anaesthetist was amazing!! I hate needles and I barely felt it.

Dr. Jane came to see me before. She was so lovely & made me feel reassured. We went over what I wanted to achieve before going into the OT. Once in, they gave me medication to go to sleep and I remember laughing my ass off for ages because I was so high haha. Next thing I knew I was waking up in the recovery room! Took me 10 minutes to wake up apparently but no drowsiness after (I'm sure it will hit sometime).

It's been about 4 hours since the op and I'm feeling pretty good, have eaten some sandwiches & had something to drink. Very numb down there still. Had a peek and was pleasantly surprised- very swollen but I'm already so happy. Will attach photos (I am bleeding a little, apologies and my skin looks gross from fake tan that hasn't come off properly haha). Going home soon and can't wait to jump into my own bed and watch some TV.

Will keep you all updated over the next few weeks! So far, very happy!

Pictures taken: standing up from front and looking up

Day 1- Home

So I'm home. Took a couple more photos about 9 hours post op.
Swelling has increased, so has bruising. Mostly at clitoral hood and perineal area.

Have showered. Local is wearing off quite a bit now, so have taken some panadol & nurofen :) already can't wait to see final results!!

Area is red due to ice packs!

Photo taken: lying down- "closed" and "open"

Day 2 Post Op

Had a fairly good sleep last night. Popped an ice pack in before bed (one of the gel ones that freeze and then go back to gel when thawed) and I think that really helped to relieve the pressure as I slept. I ended up waking very early though because I fell asleep so early! But managed to get back to sleep as it wasn't pain related.

Have been fairly comfortable...I think day 3-5 is usually the day people complain of the most discomfort so taking advantage of how okay I feel.

Had a salt bath this morning. Lots of rest and not doing much. I've propped myself up on a pillow so my butt is kind of tilting back to help with the swelling (rest, ice, compression, elevation and all that jazz).

Noticing a lot more bruising now. There is a lot more swelling to my right labia minora than the left. The excess skin at my perineum is also super swollen and looks a bit weird but it's early days and I'm honestly not even worried. Taking it day by day.

Photos taken: lying down and standing up.

Day 3 Post Op

Pain is still bearable. I do have quite a high pain threshold though. Not taking pain relief as regularly, trying to focus more on anti-inflammatory medication as that's what I feel I will struggle with the most.

Had a little bit of bleeding last night as I was getting into the bath. Feel like I may have pulled a stitch but it's all resolved now with only a little bit of bleeding.

Feel like I've lost my appetite a little bit- not sure if it's because I'm not being as active. But feeling normal otherwise.

Swelling near clitoral hood remaining the same. I feel like my right labia minora is either decreased a bit in swelling or the left has increased a little as you can see more of the left now.

Very swollen perineum still with lots of bruising. Area a bit red due to the ice pack!

Have kept up with the salt baths and regular icing. A bit hard to change over ice packs when family are home but trying my best!

Photo taken: lying down
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