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Hi everyone! After many, many years of feeling...

Hi everyone!

After many, many years of feeling pain and embarassment because of my lady parts, I have finally worked up the courage to get something done about it!

This has been quite the journey...I visited my GP who referred me to a gynae within a public hospital. I felt SO uncomfortable at the appointment, rushed and like there was no care for how I felt at all- waste of $150. Even though I had this option of basically a free surgery, I felt in my gut this was not the person I wanted to do this kind of surgery (plus no before/after photos scared me). I then researched and found Dr Jane Paterson, and I'm so glad I did! The consultation was brilliant. Dr Jane was honest & realistic throughout. Her and her assistant Annelese (spelling?) were so helpful and ensured everything was kept very discreet. I'm not telling anyone about the true nature of my surgery, my parents don't even know because it's just something I don't feel comfortable in sharing. I'm booked in for the trim method in just over a month under general and I am SO excited. I feel like this will be a massive weight off my shoulder and I trust Dr Jane to do an amazing job. If I can get some photos up, I will! I wish I had taken the photos Dr Jane photographed on the day to upload. These reviews have helped me so much so I'm hoping this will aid anyone going down the same path ????
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