Invisalign for my 45th Birthday! - Melbourne, AU

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Had my attachments done today and it's day one of...

Had my attachments done today and it's day one of tray one! Super excited to get through the next 27 trays. My tongue was sore by the end of today but my teeth aren't bad, just a pressure feeling rather than pain. Better than I expected.
I will update my journey regularly as I found reading others a great help

Day 1, tray 2

So my upper tray split after the first few days but the last couple of days, I think it was impacting the progress so I decided to change trays a couple of days earlier. I have minimal discomfort, I honestly expected more, just the tight feeling putting in the new tray but I was happy as it means the treatment is working!
Anyway, 1 tray down, another 28 to go lol

Spoke too soon

I think I spoke too soon, the trays still don't hurt but my tongue is quite raw and tender from rubbing against the trays all day, I thought it would toughen up by now. I have lots of people noticing that I have them and I think it's because of my lisp.
When I eat, an attachment on my bottom tooth hits my top tooth so I cannot chew my food properly and end up swallowing before the food is broken down. Fingers crossed this tooth is one of the first to move!
Way too early to see a change yet but it doesn't stop me looking in the mirror whenever I can lol

Tray 6

Just started tray 6 and I still can't see a difference. I am able to floss my back teeth for the first time ever so that is awesome! A filling from my front tooth fell out on Christmas Day and my dentist doesn't reopen for a few more days! Thankfully it doesn't hurt. I'm hoping I'll start to see a change in the next couple of trays though!

Tray 9

What a slow process. Today I start tray 9 and I honestly still can't see a difference. Am hoping to see something in the next couple of trays. Only 20 to go!! Otherwise it's all going smoothly.

Tray 11

Feels like I've had Invisalign forever lol! I'm still struggling to see a difference. When I see others progress, I feel disappointed in my own results. Here's a side by side with day one and now. Otherwise it's all good, they are helping me with my grinding at night which is great. Hope you're all well!

Half way!

So today marks exactly half way through my treatment! Dentist doesn't think I'll require refinements which is great and I'm finally seeing changes. I can floss my teeth with no issues now and less trouble chewing food. Looking forward to the next half of my journey

Tray 17

12 trays to go! So far dentist is happy with progress and doesn't think I'll need refinements which I'm super happy about. I can really notice the difference with a couple of teeth but overall still very similar to day 1.

Great dentist and clinic

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