28 Years Old, Female, Some Crowding and minor overbite - Australia, AU

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I have 19 sets of aligners totalling 9 months. My...

I have 19 sets of aligners totalling 9 months. My teeth aren't that bad but could be better and more straight. I'm currently on my second day. Wearing my aligners for 22 hours a day. My tongue hurts a lot. I have a strange white line on both sides at the bottom of my tongue. I think I will try to filing method today. No other pain. Teeth feel strange when I remove my aligners. My bite is already starting to feel awkward which means my teeth are moving I guess? I hope it is worth it.

Week one.

Made it to the full 7 day mark. Tongue has healed on sides but tip of tongue hurts bc u put it between my teeth to stop me from clenching. Ouch

Starting to get white lines on both sides of cheeks

Ok, last week I had white lines on my tongue. That has healed. Now I'm getting them in my mouth. I lt must be because I bite my cheeks. I often catch myself cheek sucking or biting. i have no idea why I do this. I hope I get better soon and my new teeth after the process stop me from cheek biting?

2 weeks; feels like a life time

Ok. It's been two weeks. Changed my aligner to second tray. Picture above. It feels like it has been ages. I'm getting impatient. Clincheck software of before and after shown. I can't wait to get to tray 19. :(

Tray 3/19

Ok. On tray 3 of 19. In 2 weeks u get my attachments put on. Not looking forward to that! This tray hurts more than the first two but it's bearable. It means it's working. I have started to feel lightheaded and am dizzy randomly. I looked up online if it's a symptom of Invisalign and it is as your teeth are moving. Or it could be from my clenching. I hope it goes away. I don't want to live with 8 months of random dizzy spells.

Tray 4- attachments put on

I have 11 attachments. None on the front 4 top or bottom teeth thank god. I got them put on this morning. Only took about 20 minutes. They feel rough but should be better in a week or so. The dentist said not to eat anything really colourful for 24 hours so it doesn't stain them. She also said its coming for the attachments to fall off. If one falls off then not to worry and on the next appointment she will put a new one on. You can hardly tell I have attachment on but when I put the aligners in it does become much more noticeable. I wouldn't say they are invisible. Putting in the trays now it's more difficult. It also feels tighter which is a good thing I guess.

Tray 5 of 19

I think I'm noticing some improvement. Or maybe it's wishful thinking lol. I'm noticing my overbite is slightly getting better and a few twisted teeth are slowly coming into position. Pretty impressed this far. Dentist says to chew on the chewies for twenty minutes each time I change my aligners to a new set. For some reason I seem to gag when I do this and am unsure why ... Just have to keep thinking it will all be worth it.


Ok went to the dentist for a check up and new trays. Said my front right tooth is under performing because there is a bit of crowding. She lightly filed my tooth to make more room. Quick and painless. She said to bite down on the chewy for 15 min each time I change my trays on that tooth. Then said if there is no improvement then that is what a refinement is for. So that's an indication of doubling my treatment time. I was annoyed at the news but hoping for the best. Noticed my attachments are starting to go yellow which is gross. My natural teeth colour are whiter then the attachments.....

Aligner 16 Went in for dentist appointment to get last set of aligners

Boo. I need a refinement. Going in next week to get all my attachments off. Then another scan of my teeth for a new set of refinement aligners. Three teeth have not come along as they should of. I kind of knew this would happen. My one tooth hasn't moved down a bit because there is no attachment on it to help. It was my worst tooth too and I don't know why they didn't put one on there. Will need to wear my current aligner for 3 to 4 more weeks before my new refinement set comes in. They are going to go very yellow. Progress to date. I was suppose to get 16 to 19 but she said the last three sets close my teeth. She said in my refinement I will only have to wear the aligners for 1 week at a time because it's more minor movement. Although my one tooth does need to move down a couple cm! We will see

Attachments off

I got tn attachments off. Quick and painless. Whitened my teeth as I need to wait 4 weeks for my refinement set of aligners. Once I finish my refinement I can fill or file uneven teeth. I need to wear my current aligner for 4 weeks. Yuck. They will get yellow fast! Dentist said to soak in white winger and water. I added a bit of baking soda as well.

Last set of aligners from first refinement

I'm a bit disappointed. I had 10 refinement sets. Only the last one actually hurt a bit. I still not 100% satisfied with the outcome of my teeth alignment. I'm going to go for another refinement. I paid for my initial set plus up to 3 refinements if needed. My teeth didn't have much movement to be honest so I'm not sure what is going on here.

Need another refinement 8 sets again.

Ok I am starting to get annoyed. I wear my aligners 22 hours or more a day. I use the chewies and 2 teeth are not moving as they should. I am assuming this is because they require an attachment or elastic to help but for some reason dentist removed my attachments and has never recommended an elastic. I am on set 3 of 8. Check up half way at week 5. I am assuming I need yet ANOTHER refinement. They better get it right because it's be last one included in my package for free and I will not!!!! Pay more money. My teeth were not even that bad to begin with so it should be guaranteed to get them as per the original video/plan.

Thinking about a gum lift

The dentist recommended I get a gum lift for my front top teeth because my teeth currently look small due to the amount of gumminess I have. I am definitely looking into it because I feel it will really complete my smile once my teeth are straightened.

Refinement 3. Last included refinement.

This is hopefully my last refinement. Dentist put two attachments on the two teeth I am still unhappy with. I can definitely feel some pain meaning it is working!! I only have 4 and feel like that won't be enough to get the movement I am hoping for but they are the experts. If my not happy they promised to do another refinement free of charge. We will see how it goes in 4 weeks. I am scheduled to have the attachments off and impressions done doe my retainer. Fingers crossed. Treat so far has gone for 16 months and was planned for 8. From my research and feedback from others whatever they tell you in time, double it and that's your true treatment time. After I get this done I will be going for a gum lift on the top 4 teeth and my teeth look small because of the gum alt issue covering them. Will make a new post on that procedure in october.

4 weeks and 4 aligners with 2 attachments to fix

Hopefully it works!?

Before and almost done

Attachments off. Whitening give. Mound made for retainer

It takes one week to get the retainer in. In still wearing my old aligner. I learned you need to wear the retainer for 3 months during the day and gradually get off it to only wear it at night. And you need to wear the retainer at night for the rest of your life. I didn't know that. I thought it was 3 years. Anyway, I'm scheduled in October for a gum lift on front four top teeth. After I might need to get a couple teeth bonded or ground to be reshaped. Should be all done in the new year. What a process!
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