Asymmetry - Can't See Much Difference After Upper Blepharoplasty

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I am disappointed as my eyes still don't look...

I am disappointed as my eyes still don't look 'opened' up and 'untired' and really wanted to show my eyelids.Had an allergic reaction the very first night and ended up so swollen my eye closed and the other was about to close. Surgeon said I was allergic to ointment (Chlormycetin) and was prescribed Prednisolone which reduced the swelling over 3 days. As a result I feel eyes haven't opened up enough and inner right eye looks like it's been stretched/pulled down to give an 'Asian' appearance to the inner corner which I really wanted lifted to look more open.So disappointed and it's now 8 weeks and I can't see much of a difference after going through surgery.Will this be an indication of what the final end result will look like - ie not much difference at all? I'm depressed as I have always been self-conscious of my 'hooded' eyes and hated them and was so excited to actually be able to have eyelids showing.
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I should have done more research and asked to see more of his work (photos etc) and should really have gone through an oculoplastic surgeon or plastic surgeon rather than a cosmetic surgeon.

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