Prof Mark Ashton - Melbourne - Breast Reduction I've Waited 20 Years for ! I'm THRILLED !

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(Melb Australia) I was a D cup by the time I was...

(Melb Australia)
I was a D cup by the time I was 18 even though I was slim. My well endowed chest was then a source of embarrassment to me for the rest of my adult life. I continued to get even bigger after having 2 kids, 5 years apart. More recently they were so big and daggy and heavy I felt like a matronly, 70yo woman instead of a 43 yo woman. I have avoided looking at my breasts for the last 10 years, and my self consciousness and poor body image destroyed my sex life with my ex-husband.
I was ogled and complimented on my breasts all through my 20s. I have spent the last 27 years dressing as modestly as I could to minimize the look of my breasts and even now my girlfriends were shocked when I tell them I was an F cup.
I've never been able to wear pretty summer dresses, buy cute lingerie as the bras only go up to a C, to jog I've had to wear 3 bras ... my boobs have been a huge impediment to me my whole life.
After researching for a few years I discovered Prof Mark Ashton. I cannot give him enough gold stars !
I'm on a 2 part plan with him - breast reduction to a D cup to start with, then sim at losing as much weight as possible in to the New Year, then an abdominoplasty with breast review (possibly lift) after my weight loss to fix up my stomach. He has been a wonderful surgeon and is clearly well liked by the nurses and colleagues and moved by his patients.
I had my 3hr procedure yesterday and I am in discomfort today but nowhere near as bad as I had expected.
I can't bieve that I now have small, perky breasts that don't hang like pendulums, one significantly bigger than the other.
Standing up first thing in the morning is when j really noticed the difference. Instead of the dragging down, heavy, pain in my shoulders and chest - I felt light ! Ian SO glad I've done this ! It's already changed my life and my health !!!

Day 10 - starting to recover and get back to slightly 'normal'

Day 5
Mark and the team checked me today. All good. Discomfort
Day 10
Pain's pretty good though I'm still keeping up semi-regular paracetamol. Back sleeping and restricted movement has been the hardest thing so far !
My tape and bandages are still in place and getting removed in a couple of days. I had an allergic reaction to the painkiller (Endone) and was too sick to go in for my 2nd checkup.
Note : don't over medicate when you leave hospital ! I should have dropped the Endine within a couple of days but stupidly kept it up for a week unnecessarily !
I'm getting some deep, twangs of pain in my left breast behind the nipple but the main discomfort is in the arc wounds under each breast, particularly where the T-junction sutures are.
I have been allowing myself to do very little thanks to my parent's help and school holidays and have needed a LOT of sleep.
Today is the first day I've gone the whole day without sleeping and have done some light housework and aittle ironing,
I am thrilled that I can easily button up my favourite shirts !!!

Day 12 - I'm so excited and in disbelief at how good they look !

Day 12
I'm ecstatic ! I had my take taken off today and Ive seen my new breasts for the first time. I cannot believe I have perky, C cup breasts ! I somehow exoected to get smaller version of my old, daggy breasts and here I have tight, perky boobs ! What a bonus. I feel more sexy and confident than I have in 20 years after less than 2 weeks post surgery ! I'm going to be able to wear evening dresses with built in cups, bathing suits and the lust goes in. the pain and the expense have SO bedn worth it.

Day 19 - breast tissue still very swollen and rock hard

After not needing much paracetamol over days 15-18, I've started experiencing some deep, small spasm pains (nerve pain I'm assuming) in the middle of each breast behind the nipples. I'm back on regular paracetamol, and I've been told the tissue healing inside the breast will be the cause of this new kind of pain. It's not unbearable but I'm really still very tender around the nipples and I have tingling pain like little needles if I run my finger tips over the skin surface of the breasts.
One thing I hadn't counted on was how painful my first period would be post-op !!!! I normally get tender, painful breasts during my period but combine that with post-op swelling and it is like breast feeding engorgement pain !!!!
BACK SLEEPING HAS BEEN THE HARDEST THING TOO ! I'm a stomach sleeper and the back sleeping position in the surgical bra has been tough at almost 3 weeks now.
Looking forward to when this acute pain and incision discomfort is over !
Still .... NO REGRETS !!!! Every time I put on a shirt that buttons up I smile and think OH YES !

For you ladies thinking of having a breast reduction - the one thing I really want to drive home to you to you is that you need TONS of physical and emotional support ! I have had moments in the last couple of weeks where I just cried for no good reason purely because I felt blue and frustrated starts pain and the post-op restrictions. I've been told post-operative depression is quite common and I've definitely had my moments.

If you've got a supportive partner then you'll be fine - but if you're single like me, make sure your mum or somebody can REALLY help you in every way, every day. If you've got kids this is particularly important. I still can't lift my arms above shoulder height which affects every little thing like reaching for a glass in the kitchen or an item on a high shelf at the supermarket. I also hired a weekly cleaner for a couple of months to do the tough cleaning like vacuuming, mopping and bathrooms so my house wouldn't fall apart.

I'm 2 days shy of the 3 week mark and my parents are still driving me around and I'm no princess I promise ! I went on a day trip to the country with my family the ITHER day and the bumpy drive really took it out of me - a mistaje on my part as I had increased pain subsequently over the next few days. 1.5 hrs driving was too much it seemed.

But surgery over 35, 40 etc takes a good min 12 weeks to really recover from and rest in the first 6 weeks is imperative to your overall healing. You HAVE to allow yourself selfish time to recover, sleep and be aided !

8 months post-op : life changing for the best

So it's been 8 months now and I have lost another 14 kgs since the reduction. I still wear my tight surgical bra to exercise if I am jogging but I am now able to do yoga class in a crop top and I feel so light and able to move.

This has been the most life changing experience of my life (second to having my children) and it has given me better physical health (weight loss assistance) and better posture. I no longer wake up with headaches, and my collar bone no longer clicks in four places when I get up in the morning. Clothes fit me and I am no longer defined by my huge, bulging chest.

I am returning to my beloved Prof. Mark Ashton in two weeks for a breast lift (he removed 2kg of tissue and told me all along he would need to lift me once everything settled) and removal of dog ears from the reduction as well as Abdominoplasty.

I can't rave about Mark enough and can highly recommend him for Melbourne patients.

Fast forward 9 months .... breast review (Breast Lift) along with abdominoplasty

Yesterday I had a breast lift as part of my abdominoplasty to rectify a 20cm muscle separation as well as the removal of 'dog ears' on each side of my breasts post-reduction.

Mark Ashton (amazing amazing amazing surgeon !) has lifted them both up as they had dropped since my huge reduction. He also re-shaped the nipples to match each other.

He has done a neat right angle cut (an L shape) opposed to the anchor cuts I had last year.

I have absolutely no discomfort or pain whatsoever which I find staggering.
Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

101/100 !!!! He met and reviewed me personally for both assessments (unlike another well known Melb surgeon who screens patients through his assistant !)

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