Laser (Fractional CO2 Smart Dot) Ruined my Skin at 26 Years Old. I Am Now 29 & It's Getting Worse :( - Melbourne, AU

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Hi. 3 years ago I decided to undergo laser for...

Hi. 3 years ago I decided to undergo laser for some very mild acne scarring on my cheeks. My derm recommended this laser to me & I was told it had very little side effects. I trusted in my derm & decided to undergo a series of 3 treatments. They were 3 months apart & the last one I had was in April 2011. After my first treatment my scarring did look better. I could see the marks left behind from the laser but I was told this would go with time. After the second treatment I began to notice my skin was becoming a little "crepey" around my mouth when I smiled. At the time I thought it might have just been a little dry from the laser. I was so naive! I brought this up to my doctor & he said the best thing to do would be to have one final treatment. So, that is what I did. 1 month after the treatment I seriously began to notice a change in my skin. It became perpetually dry. My skin was crepey around my mouth & eyes. I had fine lines all over my face and little holes from the laser. I went back to my doctor and he said he still thought they small holes would go away. He suggested I have another treatment! He also suggested that at 26 I was starting to show signs of ageing! I left feeling very abandoned by someone that I trusted. I mean, I understand that it's more the laser's fault than his but he should at least acknowledge that something is wrong! Maybe try to help me find a solution!
So now 3 years on I see NO improvement. In fact, quite the opposite. My skin is still very dry. I still have the holes left by the laser. My skin is incredibly crepey. I have lines, lines, lines. Now though, the worst side effect for me is the fat loss. My cheeks are sunken. One side is much worse than the other so I have a very odd shaped face. When I smile I have additional laugh lines. My skin is "folding" in a strange way when I smile on the side that is more damaged. I think it's to do with the fat loss. I am completely miserable & I cannot bear photos of myself. I cannot bear looking in the mirror. I hate talking to people & smiling. I hate when I have to go out because I get extra depressed while getting ready, putting makeup on etc. I am only 29! I am so scared to see new doctors because I am afraid they will blame ageing for all of this! And to be honest I am not in the same position I was financially so it's not like I could have anything done at the moment anyway. I feel there is no hope & I am very nervous for how I will look in 5 years & so on. I would take the mild scarring over this any day! (I still have the scarring by the way). Has anybody had any luck improving their skin? Please comment & thank you for reading.

Pics soon...

I plan to take some pics in the next week or two.

Fat Loss. Laser. I am melting away :(

Here are some horrible photos of the fat loss I have suffered from the laser. I think it just keeps getting worse. I feel so ugly. I would do anything to have the skin I used to have. My face used to be very full & I had nice cheeks. Now I am hollow. This is 3 years out. You can also see how bad the texture is. The sad thing is, I am actually wearing foundation. These pics are to detail the fat loss, I will show no makeup ones soon.

Forgot to mention...

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On the left side of my pics (my right side) the fat loss is worse. My face halves are so uneven. My chin is uneven. It looks like my cheeks were hollowed out with an ice-cream scoop :(
When I smile my face looks distorted. I can't smile the same way. I have the strangest folds & bunching. Pics of that to come soon. I really hate having to put these ugly pics out there but I am losing hope. I need help & hopefully something can fix this!?
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