Hi all updated new pictures after a long time I'm feeling great !!!!

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I m so sick of my hanged tummy. can't wear good...

I m so sick of my hanged tummy. can't wear good clothes. my husband loves me like anything got two beautiful kids girl and a boy girl is 3 n boy 7 month old and now I really think I should get this ugly tummy fix for myself confidence for my husband. I love him so much he deserve better me like old days but I'm a chicken very scared please all u girls help me in over coming this fear I'm 31 and tired wearing clothes like grandma pls pls help me share ur views tell me I can also do it .I also got diastsis recti need muscel repair too and is it the most painfull thing on earth ?

Still not sure what should I do I never thought...

Still not sure what should I do I never thought this could be so hard to decide .when ever I look at my kids I feel guilty why should they suffer how can I sit for 3 months or do t know how long taking out this time for my self seems a selfish step .my husband is so supportive I do t want him to do it all alone ........I don't know still and what if some thing goes wrong my kids my husband needs me : (

Please help can anyone tell me how to choose...

Please help can anyone tell me how to choose surgeon on what basis

M I too selfish ??? Not thinking of my husband's...

M I too selfish ??? Not thinking of my husband's is cancelling his holidays just to take Careof me ...........I'm filled wind guilt

Well finally I have I made my mind 2014 I will get...

Well finally I have I made my mind 2014 I will get my procedure as I can't put so much pressure on my darling husband n it's impossible for me to not cuddle my 7 month old baby . After 1 year my lil one will be 2 and first one will be 4 n half life will be bit easier so , my waiting is long but I'm happy will wait till than will loose loads of weight thinking to upload some pictures of mine so that all u lovely ladies can guide me what u guys think how much should I loose : ) but just thinking is it wise to be here as ppl just come 2 ,3 weeks before surgery ???

Hello every one I need some guidance

Hello every one I have lots questions to ask you all who had their surgery done ,to start with I m thinking to get breast lift and tummy tuck done together is it ok or I shuld wait pain wise ????

Hello lovely ladies out there can anybody Suggest good book on recovering fast

Hi every one soon I will getting my tummy tucked lol ... As usual very scared happy full of guilt and worries etc ........ So to start wid can any one guide me good book of recovering or healing fast , or list of things we shuld do before after pls help

Hello lovely ladies

Hey every one please give me all your suggestions and tricks of speedy recovery . My sergery date is been finalise 26th February .

Picture uploaded for the first time

Getting side lipo chin lipo and full TT .I am on this site from last 2 years and now finally my time has come 2 months and I will b on flat side aahhhhh.....so nervous and happy lol more scared . I need some motivational comments I hope I'm not doing anything wrong so confused !!!!

Please help

I need lots of guigence on recover time any tips ?????

In clothes trying to hide my tummy

Still no use this loose shirt can also can't help , my rest of body does not show fat much that's why I look preggo ????



Some more pictures

I am trying to loose at least 5 kg before sergery lets see ???

Side view

Well I look 6 month preggo

Quick advice pls

Hi I am thinking to get my breast argumentation done as well ,is it a good idea ???? Only problem is I am too scared of pain as already i am getting too many procedures I guess . Like sides lipo , chin lipo TT ,MR hernia repair ??? Please advice girls

Mixed feelings 2 months to go !!!

I do feel happy and excited but when I look at my kids playing hugging me n stuff I feel so low that for such a long time I won't be able to pick them ready them feed them ???? I am so use to them I don't know what will I do they are so little my girl is 4 n boy is 2 . I can see myself emotionally challenged while recovery : (

Happy new year to all my friends

God bless you all give you streagnth and happiness . Let's heal together and pray for each other we all are connected . Love you all the best for upcoming sergerys and happy fast healing to the ones who are on flat side . Cheeers !!
Welcome beautiful confident 2014 ????

It's weird but true

It's less than 2 months and I am feeling the same feelings which I had when I was pregnant with my both kids , I was very happy excited and scared too at the same time I would say more happy than scared but this time my pain will be more lol. I am nesting making list of stuff I need lol but this time just like my pregnancies I'm buying new clothes for my self instead of my babies hahahaha so funny ,the whole enticipating game is amazing I'm loving it don't know what to feel adzactly !!!!!

How much weigh can we loose in a month ??

I have gain weigh instead of loosing it ...hardly 1 month is left and I m still struggling huh!! How much weigh we can loose ? Does any one has got any tips pal advice .

Nearly one month left

I m soo confused to be happy or scared ????

Lost bit of weigh

I think I should eat good protein diet now and stop dieting as i need energy for my recovery n stuff so let's see .

Some more pictures

Sorry forgot them before ????


Wats wrong with uploading pictures I don't know

Important information for upcoming surgeries !!

Hi all my real self friends I wanted to share very important information with all the upcoming surgeries to help healing fast .
Arnica 200
10 days before and 2 weeks after.

Arsenic 30 1 week before and after 1 week for bruising and infection this will prevent infection .

Rhustux 200 after surgery till 2 weeks , helps in pain ease .
These are very safe homeopethic medicines all natural no side effects . Also very important all of you who enjoy green tea please do stop having it coz it does not help stop bleeding so at least try to stop drinking 4 weeks prior so that it will go totally out of your system . Happy healing and all the best to every one .

Lost bit more weight !!!!

Yeahhhh just 1 more month scared happy excited : )

So true !!

Love this quote thought to share with all of you : )

Some more pic results of hard work

It's strange how important to be fit and healthy not only for looks but health wise too I was on very high possibility of having diabetes but i stoped the watch almost , so finger crossed cheers for every ones healthy life from now on .

24 days left !!

Hey every one . Well I m feeling nothing at all not happy not nervous what is this ????

So scared and depressed !!

Hello every one does any one felt this way I actually had bad stomach loose motions and nausea by only thinking about it . First is pain second fear of not holding my kids in my arms for 1 or 2 months ????????????

On food

Please advice what should I eat after my surgery for first few weeks to avoid swelling and heal fast if there is any food choice we can make ??

4 days left !!!!!!

I'm not sure what state I am in ?????


Girls pls tell me should I take laxatives before my surgery and stop eating carbs and all pls advice I don't want constipation buwaaaaaaaahhhhh ????????????????????????????

Enjoyed so much with my family today

So today we had a great time amazing day spent with my parents and husband kids had pony ride and was flying kites aahh it was perfect summer day . I should not be very upset as soon I will be with them playing again soon cuz today I was just sitting back and watching them . It's so strange how much our families are important to us my kids are my life line and my husband is my back bone . My lil one was hugging me but more today I don't know why and my daughter oh she is a doll she made one card for me for get well soon in her kinder I was so touched . My husband bought gift for me my favourite fragrance . Ok ladies I am all set for my TT journey pls all of you send your prayers and wishes girls love you all for your expert advice every one here is fabulous so helpful love you guys goodnight . Talk to you all tmrw ????

Dedicated to all my realself friends !


As. you. are.
Stronger than you know.
More beautiful than you think.
Worthier than you believe.
More loved than you can ever imagine.
Passionate about making a difference.
Fiery when protecting those you love.
Learning. Growing. Not alone.
Warm. Giving. Generous.
Quirky. Sexy. Funny. Smart.
Flawed. Whole. Scared. Brave.
And so, so, so.much.more.

So here is quick review of my preparations for big day .

Stuff I was doing since one month to prepare my body and soul .
I joined personal trainer for 3 days a week for strengthening excersise
Was on high protien diet .
Drinking lot of water stayed away from junk food .
Freez food for my family .
Bought some games and toys for kids so that wen I m in hospital they can get distracted instead of missing me as I will be there for 3 days . They are in good hands though my husband took of from his work my inlaws are here got cleaners to come every week . I am at ease be coz of them .
Today I spend time at spa for waxing mani pedi n stuff all decided by my husband love him .
Prepared my guest room as recovery room rented hospital grade bed and stuff it's pretty cheap 40$ a week ????.
Got my suppliments after surgery which is Magnesium powder ultra muscle eze bioceuticals. Polybac by nutricare which is an amazing probiotic and water soluble vitamin c and also all my homeopethic medicines .
At last without the help of my real self friends nothing was possible I wanted to thank you all spl leepoh , Jules , secretdiva , mommyof3 ,love2bmommy and many more love you girls for ur time and informations ????

Some pictures to compare before after lol

They are gross but still .......

Not feeling scared anymore I am ready

As mostly every one , I am up at 5:00 am instead of 7:00 hahaha but this is not excitement this is the effect of ducolax lol but I am very happy to clean my tummy completely I will b eating toast and honey after shower as by 6:00 am I have to eat after that I have to fast so I might have just one toast and some coffee . My surgery is at 1:00 pm tday . I'm just feeling sad about not b able to pick my kids for a while rest I am okay . Anyways ladies wish me luck love you All muahhhhhh .
See you girls xoxo

Yeaahhhhh !!

I am on flat side surgery went well every thing is great I'm feeling just fine very nominal pain manageable . Wana right so much will do tomorrow as I'm bit dozy love u all for ur blessings muaahhhh . It's like a dream come true hurray .............

Glimps quick one

So groggy going to sleep but wana put some pictures on before after not very clear but will do . Thanx every one once agai xoxo

Okay so hello every body how are you all hope healing nicely , and all the best for upcoming ones

I will start from d day I admitted .
I reaches my hospital around 11:00 am and than waited till 2:30 I was very calm and ready for it all the staff was fabulous made me feel spacial so I got even calmer . My inlaws and husband was with me and while waiting in my room they wer cracking jokes n stuff for me to make me feel alright , they are darlings . Than I went in and anesthetic just put I v in my hand and said r u nervous ?? before I could answer him I was out lol ... I woke up after 3 hrs in recovery room was very dopey but not in pain just stiffness and lil bit of soreness trust me was not that bad I went back in my room my live was waiting there for me I was smiling and was doped again was sore but was okay , I saw my tummy and I felt crying cuz it was so flat . Than whole night I was off and on nurses wer in and out I was sleeping but waking up after short intervals . Next day I stood up for a lil walk again was okay but it was really difficult I started hiding and puffing . I went back on bed and had small nap . Day was pretty good but evening was but rough as I got bit of swelling and it was horrible breathing in there tight garment I had nausea than they have me oxygen mask and fenargan after that I slept Like a baby . Today I am feeling good and my drains are coming out bit scared lets c will update after this . Love u all xoxox.

Some pictures at hospital


Drains are out wow so fresh and free ..

I took bath put on nice fregrence brush my teeth drains are out . Bit sore from lipo sites and muscel tightening also breathing in this garment is not very easy anyways can't complain much I feel good and happy so worth it girl nothing to be afraid . Keep posting

Forget to add

I did all that with help of nurse and like 90 year old lady not by my self lol

Some more drains with compression garment

: )

Sorry without drains and with my compression garment

Had first BM I'm so relaxed now

All my preparations did worked I guess .... Very easy BM what I did was before my surgery I had ducolax 2 days before at night and at day time had prune juice so I was eating food not so heavy stuff but like soup salad fish to give me energy just before my surgery and kept eating these laxative too so nothing was inside much and prune juice is great natural stuff work for me anyways than after my surgery I had only prune juice twice a day and next day it's all easy as .

Good morning my real self freinds

This is my day 3 and I'm getting better every day had such good rest at hospital it's a bliss staying at hospital after such big surgery . It's all good . Thanx every one for ur wishes .

One more picture to compare


No pain at all just stiffness

Feeling more than happy after reaching home kids are lying with me on my spl bed n I'm telling them stories just have to take care from my lil one so that he dosen jump over me but even he understands mum is not well . It's all so manageable I'm getting up by my self going to toilet easily , sitting on normal couch watching movie with kids just don't have much of appetite rest all good roaming around house n I can't believe my self it's just 3rd day . Will keep posting my progress xoxo

This is not a nursing room it's a recovery room in my own home arranged by my hubby !!

I just can't thank enough words will be injustice to my feelings which I have for my husband and my inlaws n my sweet 4 yr old angel my daughter .

Last one to this lot

My spl bed room with my fav fragrance ticks my fav colour flowers ammmmm....... Good night every one happy healing to every one love u all

I can't believe my eyes ?????? Is this me ??????

No words I m so happy can't express ............



Had my first appointment with doctor

All good changed my tape put new one bb looks good I m happy no issues . Had lovely lunch with hubby after that but got very exhausted and felt sleep ASAP also still got not much of appetite so I had lil bit of salad and coffee was too much for me though . I love walking on road with flat tummy hahahaha felt so proud and confident it's amazing girls how ur appearance change ur world may b not from out side but from inside . Now sleeping too tiered as when I came back I played a lot with kids like telling them funny stories making faces and watching cartoons together they just loved it I pushed my self a bit but 100% satisfaction they slept with me on my recliner bed and just now my hubby took them in his room kissed me goodnight n me kissing all my real self freinds goodnight sleep well keep feeling good n keep healing love ya all .

Po day 7 saw movie at cinemas with hubby wow amazing !!!!!!!

Had fun lil bit of stress in Back no pain bit tiered but very manageable .....happy healing girls xoxox

Every day gets better ????

Feeling good , stoped taking all pain killers just panadole just very uncomfy with cg it sucks huh .... But I have to live with it cuz my mr also includes plastic mesh inside to support it so it might take more time to heal swelling wise . I feel great other wise . Love u all my freinds cheers to be on flat side happy healing .

1 week 4 days po feeling good good and very good

You knw today I went for lil shopping as I can walk quite straight and have no pain n all so when I was trying my fav type polo t shirt with jeans I was almost in tears cuz in last 5 years I was wearing clothes to hide my tummy with scarfs n shrugs , i felt so happy and I bot it ooh what a feeling to dress as you feel from inside . Before when I use to feel like easy sporty dress up I use to wear some loose long cotton top with jeans to hide my tum .... But nao hoo hoo I can wear skin cut t shirt with my jeans . So worth it if there is a pain there is a lot of gain . Happy healing my frens xoxoxoxoxo

Oops forgot picture


2 weeks po stitches removed I am all done .

Today my stitches been removed doc said u are healing well all done just swelling is thr which will stay may b for 6,7 weeks as I have plastic mesh inside over my mr site to hold them even further . Physically I am 68% recovered just 10% haunched rest all good I have started driving dropping picking kids from day care , feed them cook for them get them ready giving them shower them .AT night around 8ish I feel exhausted but still under control , stoped taking any Medeciene just regular pain killer once a day or twice if I feel . My before and after care suppliments really helped me healing fast . I am very happy so worth it good luck for all my rs friends and happy speedy recovery xoxo .

Hello girls sorry for late update nothing much to share as I am so swollen .

Hi girls well I don't know should I call it good or bad I mean some stuff is good like I have moved back in my bed with hubby feel so good with sleeping him not alone , and also we had a swing in bedroom yesterday but at afternoon cuz I'm too swollen at night It was all good lol. Now I will come to my swell hell I don't know weather this happend with anyone else or not but with me it's like I am so swollen I almost look preggo again I supposed to be reducing my swelling but it's increasing I m so sick of this situation of not moving sleeping as I want . I am hanging in there lets see how long will it take my surgeon says 8 to 7 weeks to see good results so I hoping also he told me I am getting better that's why I have increased my activity and cuz of that I am so swollen cuz I'm moving a lot : ) well can't do much so I am waiting girls . U all take care xxx

So swollen that I can't breath huh

3 week op All good feeling great but bored !!

Hey every one out there hope u all are doing great . Well as per me I am feeling very good mentally physically and can do my house work all most and iam driving since po week 2 so now iam even better , had private time 3 times with hubby lol???? . So over all is great and you know life is so strange when I had big tummy I use to cry every day and now wen I have flat tummy 'swollen ' though I feel nothing too great as I already got use to it as if wats the big thing this is my body and I am like this forever I mean all the excitement is gone just contentment is there which is so good. Now my next worry thing is Loosing weight and maintaining it huh but can't do much so that's frustrate me see such a human nature : ) anyways I am eating healthy . Getting bored as still not 100 % functional as get tiered so I m taking things easy step by step . Love u all and thanx for ur blessings and ur comments sending healing vibes to every one .

Hello every one missed you all hope you guys doing great

I have been so busy lately so today I am updating some of my pictures after a long time it's been 2 months and 3 weeks . I am doing every thing as normal it's been a very smooth journey thanx for your wishes and love .
Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

All I can say about Dr Webster is he is the best surgeon in melboure so solved down to earth , easy to approach and full of knowledge . He is so sort out surgeon as in for example when he was marking me just before my surgery he saw me and without me asking him but of course by telling me that he should do bit of lipo on my sides of thighs so that when I have my final out come I should not be out of proportion , I mean who can ask more than this . He is a wonderful person very calm and relaxed I always felt so much ease with him . He did wonderful job I have great scar perfect navel infact better than before lol very need job you can see in my picture . Wonderful after care and trust me I can go on and on and on I just love him god bless him for giving me my amazing results . His staff is as good as he is every one all nurses Tracy his secretary so quick on replying back on calls or mail . Well done guys you all are doing superb job bless you all and thank you so so much .

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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