Melbourne AU - 44 Year Old - Revision of Breast Reduction (Breast Lift), Abdominoplasty with Liposuction - Melbourne, AU

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My surgery yesterday involved the following: -...

My surgery yesterday involved the following: - Breast lift (a review of my breast reduction from 9 months ago) - Full abdominoplasty (8" separation sewn up and 2kg skin removal) - Removal of dog ears at side of each breast - Liposuction of hips and stomach (600g) I am startled at how great I feel today - one day in ! I have absolutely no acute pain and the only discomfort I feel is tightness and tenderness mainly around the belly button and just above it. I'm getting by on one slow release pain killer but just Panadol every four hours. Other than that I'm up walking around, hunched over obviously, but feeling great. I found the breast reduction (2kg reduction!) last year knocked me around far worse than this big operation ! See how I feel in a few days though - might be a different story then. I'll keep posting.

Day 8 and feeling gr8

Saw the nurse today. I see Mark Ashton next week at the 2 week checkup. Still have my drains in. Until I am draining 10ml in a day they stay in. Unfortunately I'm still losing 45ml per day on my right hip drain. I am on Panadol every 4 hours and have taken one Panadeine Forte at sleep but won't bother tonight.

Back pain has been my biggest gripe as one has to be in a permanently hunched position without being able to stretch. I had been living between the bed, the sofa and the bathroom - nothing else. My mum is living with me doing everything - I can't stress how imperative this kind of full-time management is !

My suture line stings a little from time to time in my right hand side and my internal lower abdominal stitches 'twang' and cause sharp pain from time to time but the pain is really very good.

I'm very much looking forward to 1) the drains coming out and 2) being able to stand up straight and 3) stomach sleeping !

I have no feeling around a hand width area of my middle to lower stomach. I hope sensation will return but it's not a big deal compared to the results.

Swelling has gone down a little and I can already see the difference this surgery has made. My stomach used to pop out like a small handball directly under my sternum and it is now flat.

My new belly button is neat which I'm happy about.

I'm very excited to enjoy the long term benefits, and I can already feel the strength has returned to my core strength and posture.

I'm rapt !

Day 18

I'm still draining 40-50ml of fluid every 24hrs which means the drains can't come out yet.

I've been put in a compression bandage around my midriff now which is uncomfortable against the drain sites on each side of my hips.

I'm very much looking forward to these drains coming out !

The skin across my stomach is a little sensitive now I'm into the 3rd week. I think this is from settling and nerves repairing themselves. The compression bandage seems to have aggravated the sensitivity and the worst is still trying to sleep at night.

I would have to say the worst parts of this abdominoplasty recovery has been the sleeping at night. Not being able to sleep in a comfortable position with drain tubes coming out of your hips isn't fun !

I've got a large picket of swelling a nice my belly button area but Mark is confident this is mainly fluid. I'm hoping the drain tubes are part of the cause as they are running along the abdominal wall in this exact position.

I'm still not able to go out due to the drains, and I'm feeling very swollen but I've had a lot of visitors tell me how much smaller and flatter my waist and stomach are so I'm looking forward to being down the track and wearing nice clothes that show a waist !

A note as well .... My mum is still living with me doing EVERYTHING ! I can't stress enough how vital it is to have this kind of support if you put yourself in for this ! I thought I would be up and going for neighbourhood walks by now .... No way though.

The drains can stay in for up to 3 or more weeks and you can't do anything while the body is trying to stop draining. Over activity can increase draining and set you back by weeks !


The swelling above the belly button is so depressing. I'm still draining up to 50ml a day from my remaining drain .... when will this end !!!!! ?

Week 4 pics

Groin and upper abdomen above belly button still very swollen and protruding.

Day 33 - the swelling OH THE SWELLING ????

Ok, here's where I'm up to now. I read up and was warned about swelling but boy I now know what my fellow TT ladies are on about !

I saw my nurse last week (surgeon away) and we decided that fluid circulation needed to be improved. The problem was with the waist strapping was that it was compressing my stomach nicely but fluid was being pushed south and was collecting in my groin. The nurse felt I was a lot more swollen in the grow than most patients (yay - lucky me).

So AU$189 later ..... I have now been wearing what is akin to a modern day instrument of torture for 3 days now (including sleeping in the awful thing) and it appears to be helping but I am shocked at the fluid-like swelling all over my stomach (my worst area is a hand size above the belly button) when I inspect the region.

I can only describe it as something smiled to a water bed when I flick or push the area of my pubic bone area. I can literally feel the fluid filled space between my pubic bone and skin. Aaaargh.

I've never been a lean person and we tend to be slow surgical healers in my family but I honestly had not expected this level of swelling. I looked so nice and flat for the first couple of post-op days and now I feel swollen and a bit like a creme-filled Easter egg !

On a positive, I have no pain at all and it's getting easier to sleep on my side. I have started doing walking and the only side effect now is extra swelling and tiredness. All good otherwise.

I can't see my surgeon until the 26th July so it will be interesting to track my progress now I'm getting more active with the kids & exercise !

I'll keep posting ... it's going to be a lonnnnnng return to slim I think !
Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

Prof. Mark Ashton is 100/10 ! I am so glad I found him through this website and he has performed 2 major surgeries for me now and he is simply wonderful. He is an absolute perfectionist with his work, he's in his prime and he clearly loves his job. He's chirpy and funny but a consummate professional. Cannot rave about him enough.

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