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I wanted to reduce my belly fat. I'm at the...

I wanted to reduce my belly fat. I'm at the slightly higher end of the healthy weight range (BMI 23.6) and not especially fit. I've been slimmer in the past, but my belly never reduces as much as the rest of me. I am a classic "apple" shape and have the exact same figure as my mum - I know that lower belly isn't shifting!

Day of procedure

I had the procedure today, under local anaesthetic, no painkiller. The procedure felt weird and there was a small amount of pain but nothing at all bad.

First they gave me several injections to numb the spots where the canulas would go in. Then the nurse made the punctures (no pain) and pushed a long thin metal tube (a canula - looked about as thick as a thinnish knitting needle) into each puncture to fill the area with the numbing fluid. This was the only part where I felt a little pain but it really wasn't bad - I've suffered more in a hard massage! Mainly it was a little gross and unnerving as I could feel the canulas going in and out under my skin, and sort of snagging and separating the tissue in the process. I'm not at all squeamish and so I only found it a bit off putting - if you are at all squeamish, consider some kind of sedation for the gross factor rather than any pain!

After the fluid had gone in, I had to wait on the table for more than an hour - the fluid is cold and lots of it leaks out while they are working so it was a bit damp and chilly waiting, but no pain.

Then Dr Lanzer came in and did the actual lipo - this feels similar to the bit with the fluid only more vigorous. He basically pushed the long thin metal rod back and forth under the skin, sucking out the fat. Again, kind of gross and somewhat uncomfortable but really very bearable and over quite fast.

I took a taxi home - that's against their recommendation but i didn't have any sedation and really felt completely normal.

Now, about 6 hours later, am feeling pretty normal except I'm in an enormous foam belt thing around my stomach. If it wasn't for this thing I'd be almost able to just go about business as usual (although I have a bunch of adult diapers taped to my tummy to catch the leaking fluid!) Let's see how i feel tomorrow, i suspect it might get worse before better! All up, I think he removed about 700ml of fat. I can't see the result yet as it's all covered and I'm not to take it off until 24 hours.

Day after procedure

It's 24 hours after the procedure now and I've just changed the dressings. I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised at what I saw! I had expected a bit of a horror show, thinking that it would be very lumpy and crepey as the skin wouldn't have had time to recover and the Dr Lanzer warned me that my skin is a bit loose and not to worry about how it looks initially. However, at this stage, it looks great. It's a lot flatter than before, but doesn't look too unnatural or saggy - it just looks more in proportion to the rest of me than before. I imagine it will swell up and bruise in the coming weeks, but if this is an indication of what I can expect as the final result, I'll be delighted! There was a lot of liquid in the dressings, but I think it has stopped weeping now. The six little punctures are still quite open but seem fine, and I'm not in any significant pain. The stomach is a little tender and I'm ginger about bending over or sitting down suddenly, but it's really nothing at all problematic, and I haven't had to take any painkillers yet. I slept very well last night (I'm a heavy sleeper though). Overall, so far, it's been a way less difficult experience than I had prepared myself for - I hope it goes on as well as it's started! I will upload some pics shortly...

3rd day after procedure

Still going well - very little pain, just mild tenderness. Some spectacular bruising and I think there is some swelling but very manageable. I've been able to go about my normal life after the 2nd day (switched to a less bulky binder that I can wear under clothes) and am already enjoying wearing clothes I used to avoid!

Two months update

It seems like ages ago now that I had this done! As a quick recap, it never really swelled up much - there was quite a lot of bruising but it faded in a couple of weeks and wasn't painful. I think part of the reason it was easy for me is that I only had the front part of the stomach done - no hips or back. Both the people I consulted spontaneously asked whether I wanted to also get rid of the hips (which are a bit fatty) but I wanted to keep as natural a look as possible and keep some curves - I'm rrrrreally glad I didn't go overboard, and I would suggest to others to really think hard about which parts are actually bothering you and only focus on them.

Now my stomach looks and feels fine. There were a few little hard bits under the skin for a while but nothing at all bad and they seem to have gone now. The six punctures are still visible but have healed well and are slowly fading, although I think they will form little white scars (I scar very easily). I didn't do any significant aftercare, no massages or anything - I just wore the compression garment for a month. Because I only had the front of my stomach done, I just wore one of those slimming body suits (like the shape of a swimming suit) under my clothes so it really wasn't any more difficult than wearing spanx.

I'm really happy with the result - but I think it's important to be realistic about what results you expect. It's not like suddenly I have the hard, toned stomach of a 20 year old underwear model! It's still me, still a bit pale and flabby (I'm not fit!) and slightly wavey but a lot more in proportion now. The only thing I think looks a bit weird is that I feel like there is still a fair bit of fat at the very lowest part of the belly, leading down to the pubic area. It looks a little strange to me but maybe that's because I couldn't see it before because my big belly was in the way! There's also one bump around one of the insertion sites which looks like he sort of "missed a bit" - it's just slightly more raised than the rest, but feels very normal to the touch (i.e. not a hard lump). However it's not huge, and I'm not sure anyone but me would notice so I think I'll leave it.

Overall, I'm 100% glad I had it done - a large part of the stress of getting dressed in the morning, shopping for clothes, going swimming etc has gone and I feel much more comfortable in my body. I've attached a before and after, probably will not update again so feel free to contact me if you want any more info.
Melbourne Dermatologic Surgeon

I've given overall rating of 4 because I was happy with the result, which is the most important thing! It's not 100% perfect, but they told me that it wouldn't be, the imperfections are minor, and it's certainly a whole lot better than before and I have no regrets at all. Most importantly, the environment seemed professional and to a good medical standard - I felt that when it came to the procedure, the staff knew what they were doing and it was to a correct standard in terms of hygiene, infection control etc. In terms of the actual experience at the clinic, it did feel a bit like being on a production line of patients. I barely saw Dr Lanzer before the procedure and only extremely briefly afterwards - even after reading the other reviews on him, I was surprised how little I saw of him. If you have an appointment there, even a short one, put aside at least half a day and bring entertainment as the wait times for me were very long. If you feel very anxious about the procedure or feel like you want a more personalised experience and a lot of consultation time, it might be a bit nerve wracking. However Dr Lanzer is backed up by a cadre of staff who are more available to answer questions and were by and large very friendly and kind. Plus they were great at managing to squeeze my procedure in at short notice, so I shouldn't really complain about wait times. If I was having another procedure done, I would definitely consider this clinic again.

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