Septo-Rhinoplasty Dream Coming True? - Melbourne, AU

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HI Realselfer, like many of you out there I hated...

HI Realselfer, like many of you out there I hated my nose and it did make me feel really self conscious over the years, I decided 4 months ago to take care of it to at last feel good in my skin.
During 23 years I felt self conscious about my nose it wasn't ugly or anything and I never got bullied at school about it but I knew it wasn't right for my face I always been considered as a pretty girl but I PERSONALLY hated my nose, no one else but me had a problem with it that's the reason why I think that it was such a personal choice, this is your body your face if that's what makes you happy then what the hell! So I worked really hard I had two jobs for about four months and one goal in my head getting a nose that would suit my face, having more confidence and at last LOVE MYSELF.

A bit about my surgeon, I live in Melbourne, AU I didn't really know where to start and as Australia wasn't my country of origin this was a challenge for me! So I simply started looking on internet:'' Best rhinoplasty Surgeon Melbourne'' I wanted to go on the forums as well as angry people always go on this kind of site to complain and warn others so that was a good way for me pick the surgeon who was never on those, and I wanted the best surgeon I could get even if I had to pay a lot for it, plastic surgery is a serious thing it's not like getting clothes on sales and take them back if they don't suit you, you get what you pay for.
At last I found out about that place not to far away from my house, which seemed respectable I called and book an appointment with the Nurse.

There was a long waiting list , about 6 months to see my surgeon he was a busy man which was a really really good sign for me.
I Got lucky maybe 3 days later his PS called me telling me that he could see me the same day as someone else cancelled, I literally dropped work and went to the appointment we talked a good 45 minutes , when I came out I knew he was the surgeon I wanted, I had that ''Gut feeling'' I booked my surgery with the PS.

4 extremely long months later they're I am at 3 day pre-op so freaking excited, My boyfriend whom was really against my choice at the beginning of my journey , helped me and supported me all the way which I am really grateful about.
Surgery was on the 12th November at 2.15pm and I had to be fast which was a torture for me as I am a caffeine addict, went there talked to my surgeon and the Anaesthetist and 5 minutes later I was in the operating room really really excited and a bit nervous but I trusted my surgeon 100% and I knew I was in good hands.

I Started to take Bromelain pills, two weeks before hands and Arnica pills as well I also went on a low sodium diet two weeks prior surgery and eat as healthy as you can.
Also no Alcohol for a while as well, I made a mistake to drink a bit the day before surgery which was really stupid.

3 hours later I was in the recovery room with a huge cast on my face felling high.
I did not feel sick at any point or in pain maybe 3/10 which was fine the Nurse was so gentle and nice to me she gave me ice and water, I read so many reviews on realself about people feeling sick and with a sore throat I did not experience any of those I guess I got lucky because I imagined it way way worse than that, I felt just really groggy and tired.

It wasn't fun. I usually sleep on my side and completely flat so this was not comfortable in any ways for me, to sleep head elevated and straight I hated it.
I woke up about 3 to 5 time this night I did not have a dry mouth or sore throat, or chapped lips like I though it would have I just fell like I couldn't breath properly and the pain got pretty intense that night maybe 6/10 I was happy I had codeine to put me back to sleep.

It was alright I did not sleep during the day I wanted to be really tired at night so I could sleep better I stayed home and my boyfriend looked after me, I was really grateful I had him I couldn't have wanted anyone better to look after me. Pretty cruisy ate healthy no sodium and took it easy.

Things started to get a bit more serious I started to get swollen and bruised a little my nose felt so stuffed it was pretty annoying but I could kind of breath threw it. This day was pretty relaxed as well but I just could not stop thinking about my nose.
Second night wasn't too bad I woke up 2 times and almost felt no pain.

Was the worst day so far , I was pretty swollen and I could not really open my eyes, my under eyes were puffed and quiet bruised.
MENTAL CONDITION : This day was also the worst because I felt disgusting and ashamed that I worked so hard to be at this point, I seriously looked like Quasimodo(No offence) and knowing that my boyfriend was seeing in this state really made me depressed and anxious.
Fortunately he was really understanding and re-comforted me reminding me that this wouldn't last.
I would recommend to you all realselfers to get someone that you trust and whom you are really close to as Rhinoplasty can be quiet a roller-coaster with your emotions and you can feel really low. Get a friend or someone who is gonna stick around even if you burst in tears or breakdown like I did because you will feel weak physically but even more mentally.

Went pretty well, I even went out or a bit...I was really worried on how others would look at me in the street not because I had a Rhinoplasty but because I felt Hideous and my confidence was at zero, but my boyfriend pushed me a little and I felt good knowing that I had someone who was by my side and was not judging me.

Went fine , ate healthy and took it easy the swelling started to get better as the bruising.

Went really good, I was really excited for the cast removal on Day 7th and kept eating healthy foods

I was really excited and nervous, probably more than the day I got the operation, I decided not to have a look when the nurse took the cast off, as I didn't want to breakdown or cry in front of people , she seemed to like it a lot and got rid of few stitches which wasn't as bad as I though again it was only a pinch, Easy.
When I came home I looked in the mirror and I really liked it, even with the swelling it was such a great improvement and I felt like it was worth it for the first time in 7 days.

I still have a lot of swelling as I am only 9 days post-op but I know it is going improve even more with time, I am happy today and excited for the rest of my self confidence journey.

"Patience is a vertue" 11 days post op

Hi all, My surgeon told me to keep a tape on my nose for a other week or so, although today I couldn't resist and I had a look and cleaned this hot mess, Mixed feelings cane out of this I am gonna need time to get used to it , my tip feels lifted and weird which I hope is gonna go down and between my eyes is swollen and bizarre looking, it wasn't love at first sight but I know I am really early in my recovery 11 days is probably to soon to tell but I hope it will get better with time

Before Horror

Tape off - 14 days post-op

Hi everyone, first thing in the morning I took my tape off and I am pretty swollen bridge and tip it´s still really sensitive and a bit puffy, but I am pretty happy with my results so far I really hope that the swelling will go down soon and my nose will be slimmer will keep you updated in a month or so!

Before/After 17 days post-op

Hi there, I am 17 days post-op here some photos before/after for you guys to see the progression, I still take bromelaine pills and on a low sodium diet

Before/After- 17 days post op

Wrong size on the above photos!

17 days post op to 3 weeks post op update

Difference 17 days post op to 20 days post op, everything is going well, although some days the swelling is worst than other, a bit depressing, I suppose I just need to be patient !

1 month and few days update

I think I am around 1 month and few days post op my nose is starting to take shape the tip still very swollen tho and quiet bulbous which worries me a lot but I think that the swelling in the top if my nose is pretty much gone but the 2/3 and 3/3 the swelling still there, hope everyone is well !

Almost 3 months post-op in few days

Hey everyone my nose is healing pretty smoothly I believe I am a bit worried tho because I feel like it is longer than a month ago ( Am I going back?) hope it will keep be smaller and will stop doing crazy things I am definitely happy tho keep you posted !

Progress before-3 months post op

Front update for you guys , feelling like my nose is bigger at 3 months than 2 ? Gotta admit that I am slighlty worried ! Hope it will get better ! Feel free to let me know what you think! Xoxo

13 months post op

there it is 1 year has flow by soio fast! Happy with mu nose bit nose 100% the tip is still a little long and there is obvious crookedness should I get a secondary rhino? Overall much better than what it was
Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

I am only 8 days post-op but I can already tell that DR.SOUTHWICK did a great great job on my nose , he is a true artist I am so happy I chose him and went ahead with the operation, Cannot thank him enough. I will let you know in a 3 and 6 months post op how is my nose going but it looks amazing so far.

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