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A bit about me: I am just turning 65 yrs old, and...

A bit about me: I am just turning 65 yrs old, and after following a number of your posts, I convinced myself that I too can do with a much, much better neck. My neck looks absolutely terrible, after I had a lipo a number of years ago and they took more out on one side than on the other. So it is not only a turkey neck that comes with the age and extra weight (gave up smoking a few years ago, and the kilos just pilled on!! ? ), but it is uneven. I too was tossing up, as it is a very expensive procedure, especially they seem to be much more expensive here in Australia (let's be honest, everything is much more expensive than they are in the States), but I thought my birthday is coming up, that would be a great birthday present! I am going on a cruise (love cruising!! :-) ) in November with my husband, three "kids" and their partners and want to look good by then. Hopefully I will be. I am very self-conscious of getting my photo taken, therefore I always take photos of everybody else and I am hardly ever on any. Anyway this is my story, hopefully everything will go well. Dr Ross is a very experienced cosmetic surgeon who has done lots of these procedures, so I am sure I will be in good hands. I will keep you up to date when I get a bit closer to the op. We are going on another cruise in two weeks time, so I will be nice and relaxed by the time my operation comes up. I am just getting over a foot operation to fuse my big toe together, and I needed this time before I went under the knife again.

Only 10 days till surgery

I am booked in to have my neck lift in 10days time. I am a bit worried, not knowing what to expect. Keep reading lots of reviews, some are promising, some are frightening. I just have to trust my surgeon that he is good and going to do a good job, which I am sure he will. Looking at my photos, he couldn't make it any worse!! (I hope!!!) Seriously, I do trust him, and will keep you up to date with photos and with my healing progress. Starting to doubt that I am doing the right thing as the date of the surgery gets closer, but I assume everybody feels a bit like that before a surgery.

Just seen Dr Ross, my last visit before the op

I went to see Dr Ross this morning, next time I will see him is in the operating theater!!! He is very patient, explains everything, even when I have already asked the same questions a number of times. He said that my neck will be a "challenge", but he enjoys challenges. Why he said it, because I had previously operations on my neck when I was 5 yrs old and he will try to do a scar revision, but it might be a bit hard to correct. I also had liposuction on my neck a few years ago and the dermatologist/surgeon who did the liposuction has taken more out in one side than on the other, so Dr Ross will need to correct that too. I am confident, especially after seeing him today, so fingers cross!! It is a week from tomorrow...... so it is getting close. I have purchased my neck brace that I will be wearing after the bandages come off, so I am ready!! The "butterflies in the stomach" will probably come next Monday, at the moment I am looking forward to my new neck!!

More photos of my horrible neck.

I am just uploading two more photos that shows the operation I had on my neck when I was 5 years old, which makes my neck very uneven and makes the operation site more visible. Hopefully Dr Ross will be able to correct it, together with a neck lift, so finally both side of my neck look the same, and better than now, no more turtle neck by next Tuesday afternoon. :-) As each day passes I think that my neck looks worst and worst. I am just so hopeful that I am doing the right thing.

The operation is over, so far so good!!

I am back, it is all over! I had the operation yesterday afternoon. Took lots of photos, as the doctor was drawing on my neck (told him that he is no Picasso!! :-)) The operation lasted quite a while, but hopefully it will be worth it. I can already see the difference in the contour, mind you it could just be the bandaging, as it is quite heavy and tight. Anyway unfortunately Dr Ross, the surgeon wasn't able to do the scar revision, he managed to loosen it up a bit, but was worried that I will have permanent nerve damage if he touched it more. I had it for 60 years, so I am sure I can live with it for the rest of my life. He suggested to do it in a few weeks’ time, but i don't want to risk it. Not to mention that I had quite a few operations recently, so I just had enough both financially and other wise. I need to go back next Monday to take the bandages off to see how the healing goes and I think Dr Ross will also either change the dressing or he might just put a neck brace I had to buy previously. I was told by Lisa, who is very nice (I am not sure if she is a receptionist, or also assisting Dr Ross), and very pleasant, that Dr Ross would have been used disolvable stitches. That would be just so good, as there are quite a few stitches to be taken out otherwise, eventhough it is just a neck lift (so I shouldn’t complain, should I?). At the moment I am on antibiotics and pain medication, but I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised on how comfortable I am. I am starting to feel a bit of pain now, as I assume the anesthetics are wearing off now fully, and I have been told (or might have read it somewhere) that the pain only lasts for about 3 days, so that's not too bad. So I reckon so far it looks like it was a good 65th birthday present for me!! I am doing it for me, don't care what other people say, I just hated the way I looked. Will see how it turns out once the bandages come off and the swelling reduces. I don't know why I have a blue bruising under my mouth as I wasn't operated on it. I only had a neck lift. It doesn't hurt, so I just have to wait for it to disappear. I will do a bit more update after next Monday when the bandages are off or changed. Dr Ross was very nice and happy before the operation and as he was drawing I just couldn’t stop smiling. He was keep telling me not to smile while he was taking his photos as people not supposed to be happy before an operation, and of course the more he said it, the more difficult it was not to smile, especially as that is my nature. People always comment that I am always happy and always smiling. I guess it doesn’t cost more to smile than be miserable ? Thank you everybody for your encouragements, it was greatly appreciated!! That’s it for now, will be back shortly.

More updates

I took some photos (let's be honest I am keep taking photos of the progress constantly! ;-) ) on the 3rd, and (today) the 5th day. The swelling seem to get worst and so are the bruises. I understand that my neck is swollen as that’s what they operated on, but why my eyes? and what’s with all the bruises on my face? Each day I seem to come out with more and more bruises. Now it looks like as if my eyes are going to be bruised too??? I will ask Dr Ross tomorrow. The pain is not too bad now, I am only taking Panadol for the pain, plus the antibiotics the doctor gave me. I can hardly wait for tomorrow when the bandages come off, especially as I had my hair up in a ponytail for the operation and every time I comb it, a big chunk of hair comes out, and I mean a big chunk!!! Hope I have some hair left? as I haven’t had much to begin with!! Have no idea where they are coming from and mainly why? We’ll see tomorrow. Also it is just so itchy under the bandages, I wish I could scratch it, but the bandages are so tight (which is good) that I just can't get to it. My other problem is that I can't see without my glasses, and I can't put them on. The bandages are very thick therefore the glasses won’t fit and I have difficulty hearing because of the thickness of it, and…… generally getting impatient!! Don't mind me, just winging, as it is getting more and more uncomfortable. Still sleeping sitting up, which is not the most comfortable, but here we go, small pain for long gain they say. I assume the bandages will come off tomorrow and be replaced with the neck brace I had to get. The stitches are dissolvable!!! Yupeee, one less thing to worry about. I wasn’t looking forward them being removed. I do get carried on, don’t I. So that’s all for today, I will keep you up to date with tomorrow’s happenings.

7th day after the operation

As promised here I am again, continuing with my review. I will put a few more photos up, but if you are a bit squeamish, don't look at them, as they are not pretty. Not yet anyway!! ;-) As I mentioned I went to see Dr Ross yesterday (he is in Brighton, Melbourne if anybody is interested, and no, I don’t get kickbacks for writing this!) to take the bandages off, and it worked out that I also had some of the stitches that had to come out - front of my ears. Behind my ears and my scalp, there are dissolvable stitches, they will take some time to come out. I got my neck braces now, which are a bit more comfortable, but still need to sit up while I am sleeping, because of the swelling, but at least now I can put my glasses on, and I can hear a bit better, as the braces aren’t so thick. I don't understand, what's with all these bruises, especially as they are where there are no cuts and nothing has been done there (except for my neck bruises, but they are not too bad). Anyway, it might look like as they starting to break up??? They not black, black anymore, they starting to turn purple. As I am only on the 7th day, the wounds still look quite bad in my opinion, but that’s to be expected at this stage. I don’t even recognize myself!! :-) Dr Ross was quite happy with them. I am very glad so far that I have gone with him, he is very good, professional, knows what he is doing. I can already see a big improvement on my neck, and it is still bruised and swollen, so just imagine when those are gone!! Lisa in the surgery is also very nice and helpful, so overall, this one is a relatively easy and pleasant (??? if you can call an operation that) experience because of them. I would highly recommend them to anybody who live here in Australia. There are so little reviews from us Aussies. There is no pain anymore, I am only finishing the antibiotics now. There wasn't a lot of pain to start off with, and Dr Ross did tell me yesterday that this was not a painful operation, and he is right, I was expecting much worse. I took a photo of every side so you can follow my healing. I can't wash the sites with soap and water yet, I am just dabbing it with Betadine antiseptics, until Friday. I am surprised to see that there was no cut under my chin, as I thought there would be. Don’t forget, I only had a neck lift, nothing else. Last year I had permanent eyeliner tattoo done, which was one of the best thing I did (see my review), it makes me feel a bit more like a human now. Don't have to worry about makeup. I also had lip liner tattoo too at the same time. I can’t drive as my neck is swollen and can’t turn properly, which is good, as I hate driving and my husband don’t mind driving me around (and he loves driving my car!! :-) ) So here it is again, hard to start the review, then I can’t seem to stop. Sorry for the long reviews, it might surprise you to hear that, but I just love chatting! :-) Bye for now

Cost update

I just had to update the cost of the operation, as the hospital charged me a bit more than originally thought. Still not bad, eventhough with this type of operation I would rather concentrate on the quality of the outcome than the price.

A bit over 3 weeks after surgery - result - not so good

Sorry, I haven't done any update recently, but I was waiting to be able to put up some great photos of my healing. I went to see my PS Dr Ross a week ago, he was quite pleased with the result. I am not sure I am 100% happy, as you can see on my photos, on my right hand side the dissoluble stitches came out too early and the wound opened up. There is an approximate 2cm wide and 5cm long part that opened up, and it is going to take a long time to heal. It still hasn't got a scab on it, it is still has dried blood that covers it. Obviously there won't be any hair growing their either, which is a problem, as I have long hair and I always keep it up in a bun. Anyway, I have been keep washing it, putting antiseptic solution called Betadine on it, then half an hour later Vaseline jelly as I was told. By today the right hand side was so painful and it had a burning sensation, that I decided to ring up the doctor. Just my luck, he is away and won't be back until 27th June!!!! I wasn't going to wait that long as it is obvious that the whole wound is inflamed, so I went to see my GP, who straight away described antibiotics, so hopefully it will bring the inflammation down! I am still numb, so if I can feel pain and burning that means it would be much worst, if I had all the sensation back. So thank god for small mercies!! Anyway my neck is looking good, it is just a shame that I will have this big scar on the back of my ear, which is going to be quite visible and as there won't be any hair growing there, I won't be able to cover it either. So in that respect I am quite disappointed. I am not sure if anything can be done about it to correct it??? At the moment I can't even go out to the street, because it looks so bad. I am still wearing my neck brace, as the doctor said the longer I wear it the better it is going to look. In the last two days I have taken it off during the day for a few hours, because I am just so sick of it and it is not the most comfortable thing to wear. Anyway, that's all for today, I hope with the antibiotics the wound will improve. I have to go back to my GP on Monday so he can check it out. I will do another review in a few days. Hopefully I am going to be a bit happier with the result. At the moment I am not the happiest!! Still sleeping sitting up, because the swelling still hasn’t gone done. That I don’t worry too much about, that is just a matter of time. Holpefully soon I will start getting all the sensations back in my ear, neck etc… and the numbness will start going away???? One can only hope. I am normally a very happy bubbly person, so sorry if this review is not reflecting that! :-(

Before and After photos + my scars

I thought it is time to put in an update on how I am going. Have a look at my before and after photos. They are fantastic, the improvement is unbelievable. The PS told me that because of my scars opened up, it will take much longer for it to heal, which I can understand. I was supposed to put hydrogen peroxide on the scar to make it heal quicker. I don't think it has done anything, but suddenly a few days ago 4 days after starting with the hydrogen peroxide, my hair started to fall out. Now I have a big bold patch behind and above my ear on the left hand side. I stopped using the peroxide as I am sure that's what caused it, and hope that it didn't damaged the hair follicles and my hair will grow back. Mind you it will take a long time, as my hair is long, but as I don't have much hair to start off with, I can't really afford to lose any! Anyway, I am going to see the PS first thing next Tuesday, as he comes back from Vietnam on Monday. I am just happy that he can see me so quickly, as I’m telling you, I am a bit anxious both about the scar and the loss of hair. It is still numb, I heard that it will be for about 4 months, so that doesn't bother me too much. I am still sleeping half sitting up and wearing the neck bracelet at night. I don't know if I still need to or not, but it can't hurt. Would love to sleep on a normal pillow, laying down, but I am still swollen, and as soon as I am not sleeping half sitting, by the morning my face is even more swollen. (I tried it out for one night!!) Again sorry, but on the photos my hair looks very greasy, but it is the Vaseline on it. I am still putting Bethadine and Vaseline on it daily, hopefully it will help. I still have a fair few dissolvable stitches in, so I am going to ask Dr Ross if he can take them out as I think it will help with the healing too. At the moment it feels like it is pulling on my skin too much. So here it is for today. I hope all of you other ladies are healing well or if you are ahead of your operation, you are getting some good information on this site. It is important to know all the pro's and con's, so I hope my review helps a bit.

3 mths after Necklift, still not healing

Sorry, I haven't done any update for awhile, but I was waiting for my scars to get better, so I can post a fantastic picture of myself! :-) I am still waiting....., it is still not the best. Improving, but after 12 weeks I would expect the scar to fully close up, not weeping and not being so angry red anymore. It is like that especially on the right hand side. It is no matter what I am doing, it is just not healing as it should. The photos aren't the best as I am still putting hydrogen peroxide, then Betadine Antiseptic Liquid and Vaseline on it (which shows on some of the photos). My hair also is not growing back, still have a big bald patch on the left hand side behind my ear, also a bit on the right hand side, but that isn't so bad. I won't see the specialist until the 19th September, so hopefully it will improve or (fingers crossed!!) might even fully heal by then??? That's all for today, hopefully everybody out there is healing nicely, or getting ready for the big day!! :-) Anyway, good luck to you all!
Australia Plastic Surgeon

Very patient, and has lots of great reviews. I fully trust him!! He does explain everything and lets me ask lots of questions. Lisa in the office is also very helpful and puts you at ease. I am confident that I have made the right decision by going with Dr Ross and by getting the neck lift done (especially after looking at my photos.... ugh.......... :-(

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