My Breast Augmentation Process So Far! - Melbourne, AU

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Hi all! I started with barely a 34A.. I had mildly...

Hi all!
I started with barely a 34A.. I had mildly tuberous breasts and my nipples sat quite low.
On the 18th march I had my breast augmentation. 325cc high profile textured mentor silicone placed subglandular.
My surgeon chose this position as they believed it would raise my nipple height and give me a better shape rather than just a bigger size. I was pretty set on getting my implants placed under the muscle as I am thin and didn't want round visible implants, I trusted my surgeon and went with over the muscle.
My recovery has been fairly good compared to others I have read about. I'm certainly glad I went over the muscle for this reason as it has proven to be a MUCH easier and faster recovery!
First 3-4 days were very difficult, I felt like I had bricks sitting on my chest. The skin was stretched and felt very tight and uncomfortable. Luckily I have a great mum who helped me do EVERYTHING! After those few days each day got a little easier.
I'm now at 16 days post op and I still can't do everything or use my arms to their full usual capability.
One very important thing everyone should know about this procedure is that it's not a small surgery, it's not easy and it's not a fast recovery. I have friends who have had this years ago and it seems they forget what it was like because their main focus is on showing their final result. But we need to be prepared for the ins and outs of it.
We need to make sure we have help and time off work.
There's many little things people don't know going into this... Different types of pain like nerve pain. Sleeping on your back and uncomfortably for weeks. Nipple sensations numbness/sensitive/painful. Must be prepared to be a home bug for a while. I'm in a surgical bra that isn't appealing and can't be covered well with clothes so I can't do much till it's off. Risks and complications following surgery... Eg capsular contracture. Possible revision surgery can occur for several reasons.
There are many many more things we are not told about so research is essential! And forums are a life saver! I researched hours on end and thought I knew what to expect but I knew nothing. All the little post op details add up so you must be prepared for them.
Results take months ... It's a waiting game!
Basically I can't say whether it is worth it just yet. My implants haven't sat in their final position as yet so I'm sure of the result until then! So far I'm glad I did it because I hated my breasts but I wish I'd known more. And I hope to see the outcome I was after.
At first they were very round high and obvious and very far apart, we all freak out at this stage but they do change and settle into place.. I am already seeing big changes and there are more to come.
One concern is that I have some rippling on one breast in the upper pole area. I'm not thrilled about this but I'm hoping it isn't too visible in the end.
There's pros and cons to both placements so I'm hoping my pros outdo that one con!

I will post some photos of my progress so far! Feel free to ask any questions about my personal experience :)

Micropore tape ripped off skin off incision site

So this is a heads up for everyone!
I have been massaging my incision sites with moisturiser as instructed by my PS, then putting micropore tape over the top of the scars.
It's been five days and when I went to take the tape off (slowly as always) it ripped my skin off with it!
Now one side has some blood and puss which really concerns me 1. Coz of infection and 2. Coz I can't massage it (which it actually needs coz it's lumpy at the moment)
Good thing I'm booked in with my PS tomorrow!

Thought I'd share that.. Just something to look out for.

Almost 4 weeks post op

Slight rippling in upper pole left breast. Still a little tight on that side hoping it's softens and settles..

Massaging scars does work!!!!

Only 4 days of massage. Three times a day 5-10 mins each time and what a difference!
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