My Invisalign Journey - Melbourne, AU

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(Week One): So like many others, I have just begun...

(Week One): So like many others, I have just begun my invisalign journey. I have had them in less than 24 hours and they are fairly painful so I am hoping that the pain subsides in the next day or so. I have 14 attachments that all happen to be at the front of my teeth and now I am feeling like maybe I should have gone for braces since the invisalign is reasonably noticable anyway. I was annoyed that my orthodontist did not inform me beforehand that the attachments would be in front, but anyway - no pain no gain right? I also felt like I was part of a cattle run the way the appointment was conducted but I guess I will see how things run in future appointments and give them the benefit of the doubt. I have a slight lisp, which I am guessing is normal. I am already looking forward to getting them off, the orthodontist has estimated that the process will take between 6-12months so I am hoping it goes fast.

(Week Two): Tray 1/14

It has now been just over a week with my Invisalign. It took me a good 5 days to get used to them being in my mouth. In fact when I do have them out I feel a little lost without them. The pain is now bearable, and I have accepted the fact that I can no longer be a grazer. I have even gotten used to the look of them and no longer feel self conscious about them. I actually don't mind the look since it makes me look younger. I went out to dinner with them for the first time on the weekend which was quite an experience (especially because I was on a first date). My date ordered us an entree to start and I was thinking - I really hope that the time between entree and main isn't too long so I don't have to take my Invisalign in and out for each course. When the waitress placed my wine on the table it was difficult not to take a sip till the entree arrived being nervous and all. I know they say to only drink water with them in so I really didn't want to break the rules, especially this early in the treatment. Luckily the entree AND main came out at the same time and with that I quickly rushed off to the bathroom to take out my aligners (or as I have started calling them, my fangs). Eating dinner was fine, but I found myself scoffing it all down so I could quickly put my aligners back in - so I didn't really get to enjoy or saviour the meal per say. I went to the bathroom and felt a little odd brushing my teeth at a restaurant - so instead I used a dental flosser and a small bottle of mouth wash, unsure if it's the right thing to do but it worked out ok. I had a dinner party the other night with a couple of girlfriends. We made mini pizzas and whilst they were picking at topping when they were making pizzas I had to fight my urge not to. Although when it came to making dessert, I slipped and put a flake of pastry in my mouth. It was only a little so it wasn't a big deal - and even when it came to cleaning my teeth I couldn't find any pastry stuck in my aligners. I'm still on soft foods which is a pain but I'm looking forward to moving onto the second tray in a few days.

(Week Three): Tray 2/14

I am now up to my second tray. I have found that my lips have been really chapped moreso in the last two weeks (unsure if anyone else has had this experience?) I am already looking forward to tray three. I have found at the start of the second tray that it cut right into my gum but it has since subsided. I have found that I hardly notice them in my mouth anymore and even had a throat lolly by accident whilst having them in. But other than that mishap I have been really good with them.

(Week Four): Tray 3/14

I was absolutely ecstatic when one of my colleagues said to me "Your teeth look so much straighter today". I'm getting more comfortable, maybe even too comfortable because I went shopping with a friend yesterday and instead of making my usual trips to the bathroom to take my aligners out, I just took them out on the spot and only went to the bathroom to clean my teeth. I have even been smiling a lot more, because as shiny and gross as they look, the look of them has really grown on me. I'm going to the orthodontist on Monday to collect my new batch of aligners so hopefully the appointment goes well. Bring on Tray 4 :D

Tray 4/14

Almost a third of the way! This tray seems much more painful than the last. I had to have my teeth filed down which was painful, so when they told me I won't have to come back until Christmas I was ecstatic! That should bring me up to tray 7 or 8 - my half way mark!

Tray 5 and 6

Apologies that I haven't kept this up to date (been having internet issues) but I am now up to my 6th tray! (Almost half way :D).

Tray 14

I haven't had much to report since Tray 6 - but now that I am finally off Tray 14...I am out of trays. I was ecstatic to get the glue off my teeth and I am happy with the result - HOWEVER...

I am very disappointed with the customer service I have received and re-enforce my statement of the clinic being like a cattle run!

I was scheduled an appointment 2 weeks after my final tray was complete and at no stage was I informed what to do between finishing the trays and my appointment (I just wore them up until the appointment and at this stage they were starting to feel a little flimsy)

Approx 3 hours prior to my appointment I was informed the orthodontist wouldn't be available but I still needed to come in to get a scan done as they wouldn't be able to get me in for another 9 weeks. At the appointment the glue was taken off my teeth and the scans were done but alas no one could answer my questions other than to wear my now flimsy tray 14 for 12 hours a day.

I was booked in for another appointment to see the orthodontist so my questions could be answered.

Surprise surprise I get a phone call in the morning of the appointment to say - the orthodontist doesn't need to see you she can determine what you need from the scans so I will need to reschedule your appointment till June. Of course I want answers or atleast I want to know when I will get answers. All I got was "We won't know till you next appointment in June". So now I have to wear Tray 14 till then and they don't sit in my mouth properly without the glue, the top aligner slides right off!

And most importantly I am left answerless and I am left without knowing how much more will the treatment cost me? What work needs to be done? Whether I want to continue the treatment? Etc.

If I had any constructive feedback it would be to hire another orthodontist for the clinic - the fact that I have paid $$$$ and get given appointments with a dental assistant that cannot give me any answers nor give any advice on follow ups and work that needs to be done to my teeth (I have a chipped tooth and when I asked about it the only response I was given was "You will have to speak to the orthodontist") leaves me feeling extremely cheated because I have only had 2 five minute chats with the orthodontist since getting invisalign. Even if The dental assistant could give me advice I paid the extra $$$$ for an orthodontist, if I had known this would happen, I would have gone to a regular dentist. I am looking forward to the ordeal being over and it has been a valuable lesson for me to shop around more and go with customer service rather than assuming a hefty price tag means good service. Hopefully I don't need anymore trays and I can get my retainer. I will update in June :) (PROMISE!)

June Update

So. Turns out I have another 14 sets of trays to go which is included as part of the Invisalign package I got. It was the biggest relief as I was under the impression I would only get one extra set of aligners free. I have glue back on my teeth and have to go back in for more glue for my bottom teeth, since I have 14 aligners for my top teeth and only 11 for my bottom teeth. When I was shown the video of how my teeth would change I didn't notice much difference but at the same time I figure I've come this far better continue with it. I'm pretty happy with the way they look now (other than my chipped tooth) yay!

Last tray (hopefully)

So I went into the orthodontists today of the assumption that the glue on my teeth would be coming off and I would get another scan to complete the invisalign process.

Unfortunately out came another aligner as there was a gap in between my front two teeth (which I couldn't even see). My two front teeth were then filed to make them look neater.

The good news is I'm going back in two weeks and hopefully this time the glue is coming off. Then I have another appointment in a months time where I will hopefully get my retainer.

I am very excited be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel of my invisalign journey and I am happy how they have turned out so far :)

Chipped teeth :|

The appointment before last I had, the glue was removed and I had a scan done. The last appointment I had I was given my retainer and was advised to make a follow up appointment. The last appointment I had was in the hallway (not even in a consulting room) which consisted of handing over my aligners and was quickly rushed out. I then made an appointment with the dentist whom advised me I still had glue on my teeth which he cleaned off and my teeth were that brittle I ended up with a chipped eye tooth and part of my front tooth is chipped aswell as the other smaller front tooth I had chipped previously. I do NOT want to get them filed down again after this experience. I'm going in next week and will hopefully get a new retainer and not have to go back again. I have my disappointments as my teeth are straight but still stick out in places they shouldn't and the fact that my teeth are now weak from the Invisalign experience. On the positive side they are a lot straighter. If I could do it all again I would have gone for traditional braces and gone to a quieter orthodontist that could provide me with adequate care rather than being treated as though I'm just a cash cow with without duty of care. And looking back at photos my teeth don't look much different :(
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