Ouch! Too Much Pain to Proceed to Thighs - Melbourne, Australia

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I had my Injections done in a Melbourne Clinic in...

I had my Injections done in a Melbourne Clinic in Victoria Australia.
They do 10 needles with each Injection & approx 10 or 20 Injections to the area. Ouch
I went in very brave intending on doing my Tummy, Hips & Thighs but after the Tummy & Hips I could not go on to the thighs.
We then did a few more injections in my Stomach to finish the vile.
Because the Injections are 10 needles on 1, I am not required to go back for any more treatments.
I was swollen before I reached my car. I drove home, had a tender tummy & was aware of a bit of pain whilst sleeping.
I was black & blue all over my Stomach by the next morning & very tender to touch for 4 days so far.
On the fifth day the bruises are starting to heal & I did a workout.
I am not eating Flour / Bread / Pasta / Fats & sugars to ensure the process works. Using my Fat stores instead of Carbs for energy & admit I was so tired the first 3 days without Carbs but have found myself feeling really revised today.
I have a before photo & will post an after once the swelling goes.
Happy to answer any questions about my experience.

Updated 5 weeks after procedure. After 4 weeks...

Updated 5 weeks after procedure.
After 4 weeks the swelling started to reduce & my waist went from original 83cm to 76cm. I stopped dieting for the week of my Birthday. I ate cake, sugar, bread & pasta for over 1 week & waist remained at 76cm. I must mention that after eating carbs again, I am a little tired so have concluded that on the 5th week and I am returning to cutting carbs.

I am happy with results so far, as I have only really exercised once, although I do walk a few klm with my dog every second day.

will post again in 4 weeks.
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