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I have been contemplating getting invislaign for...

I have been contemplating getting invislaign for years.

I finally found an orthodontic provider (Not an invisalign dentist) that could provide me with Invisalign on a interest free payment plan with no deposit.

There is a major difffernece between an invisalign orthodontic provider and an invisalign dentist. My orthodontic provider provides free follow up treatment for 2 years, free whitening, as many refinements as I require and a permanent metal retainer behind my top and bottom teeth.

I purchased acceledent from Ebay. I got it second hand but it had been sterilized through the sellers orthodontist as well as mine. It only had 89 uses and still has a 3 year warranty. This means it was over used for 3 months maximum.

I had my scans sent off last week, so I should be receiving them back by the end of next week. (Last week of Jan 2014). Two weeks after that I shall be receiving my invisalign.

I have small teeth with gaps and crooked bottom teeth. My two front teeth cave inwards. I have an overbite and bruxism. I am hoping that the invisalign will also help to improve my bruxism.


Just found out acceledent comes with 3 different mouth pieces. Mine has come with open so I am asking my ortho to get me a deep one :)

I'm so excited - 2 weeks till my trays arrive

Hi all,

I saw my ortho this morning to view my treatment plan video.

It looks great, sadly due to the size of my teeth, I'll need a gum lift after treatment to make my smile more aesthetically pleasing.

I will need 21 trays over a 4-5 month period. I'm so thankful for acceledent.

I will have attachment on the two teeth next to my front up to tray 15, and 3 on my back bottom teeth for the duration of the invisalign.

I don't need to change my acceledent mouthpiece as the ortho said in reality they all do the same job and an open would suit my teeth just fine.

No bands etc. My teeth must have been better than I initially though as the treatment plan looks easy.

He did say that I may need some refinements at the end if the teeth next to my two top middle don't come down enough. Supposedly these are the hardest teeth to move but he said he actually likes the look of them at the end of the treatment video plan.

I have 25 months interest free no deposit payment plan. So $312 a month :)

The acceledent device

Getting Excited

Getting excited, should arrive in the next week.
I want tips!!!! Will I get a lisp? What will the pain be? Will people notice it?
My teeth aren't the whitest, I get free whitening after my journey :-( will the buttons and invisalign be more noticeable?
Whats the best way to clean them?


Soo.... It's still 10 or more days away. The silly ortho didn't make his revisions to my inital plan until a day or so ago. I went over 2 weeks ago and gave the all clear. Pretty annoyed.

It arrived

It arrived! Getting buttons on sat :-) couldn't get an appointment sooner.
Will start wearing Sunday as I have my boyfriends birthday Saturday night. I also want to start Sunday as I change weekly with acceledent and if I somehow go get drunk on Saturday..... I can change the next day without worrying if I've somehow stained or broken it hehe

Got it!

Got attachments and started wearing my alingers today. The ortho gaveme free retainer brite, toothpaste and cases. I have a follow up in four weeks. I currently have a lisp and talking just makes me laugh. The orthodontist said my first one or two trays for the first 2 days may not fit the best, but will relax into place and be less visible. Going home to use acceledent now :)

So much pain!

So I started wearing it full time today. My lips are sooo cut up from the attachments, my whole mouth is swollen because of it.
It is definitely not visible and don't think it ever will be. I'm pretty upset about it.
The top one is hard to get on and off but hurts my right canine so much, it feels wobbly already.
The bottom doesn't hurt at all and comes on and off easily.
Cleaning is easy, just rinsing with water after I take it out and before I put it back in.
I have acceledent in my mouth as we speak. I swear it feels like it's not doing much. The ortho said that's how it feels though.

It's so noticable

Number of people who have noticed: EVERYONE!

People just stare at me awkwardly, the fact that I can hardly talk makes it that much more obvious. Answering the phone at work is embarrassing and talking to candidates in person even more so. (I'm a recruitment consultant).

I struggle to say words like Executive, which sucks, because that is part of my companies name. Answering the phone is so damn awkward. :(


So many reviews.

I have bruxism when I sleep but stopped clenching during the day about 6 months ago.

I'm doing it again bad. It's like I have OCD and constantly want to take them out.

Definitely chewing from my back teeth.

heard lots of people have experienced this?


Using accelerant at work as a tool to stop people talking to me

Tray 2

On to tray 2 today.

Fits fine every butttttt when I bite down on my back teeth it feels like every time I push air out from them. Like they don't fit. But in a mirror and asking my parter they are 100% snug and in place.

No pain yet, not too tight either :)

Changed on day 6 as my first trays were pretty much falling out of my mouth!

Tray 2 pic

May be in Nandos right now


I have a massive overbite and the ortho said it wasn't something to worry about and I'm not getting bands. I swear it's worse than he thinks.

Week one vs week two

Tray 3 - 1/7th of the way there already

Put tray three in this morning.
Initial discomfort but completely fine now :) fits like a glove.
I'll use acceledent when I get to work this morning to set it in place like last time.
I'll know doubt later tonight get discomfort in my bottom snaffle tooth as that have me pain last time.
Please note I had just had a coffee in the bottom photo and had not brushed yet. Grose.
Another note, I'm struggling to floss 3 times a day. I always do it if I eat meat or something gritty. One of my gums bleeds when I floss :(
People that noticed. Everyone, not invisible.
Still have a little lisp, no one notices but I do.
My mouth gets so salivary then so dry, I drink so much water. I can't have big convos as I always seem to get a dry mouth and can't talk.

Changing on the seventh day

So I'm not changing after 7 days, I change on the 7th day :)

I have gaps

Ugh more gaps. I got invisalign to rid the gaps. Now I've got some where I never used too.

Tray 4 - start of week 4

Saw the orthodontist this morning. Did a bit more filing of my teeth.
Voices my concerns and am booked in to see him in 5 weeks, tray 10.
He said well have a better understanding then and if I'm not happy we can rescan then :)

Tray 5

Really gutted. I hate the shape of my teeth, my canines are so tiny in comparison to the rest of my teeth. I have tiny teeth and a lot of gums. I will never be able to get perfect teeth without veneers or bonding as my bruxism has caused me to grind down the whole right side of my mouth causing excessive chips in my teeth. The gaps will not be able to fully 'close' as the shape of the teeth will not allow for it. The top of the teeth will close the gaps but my front teeth and canines, the bottom unless I opt for composite bonding will always look like there is a massive gap/triangle.

Put it Tray 5 this morning, doesn't hurt at all!


Hate them so much

Tray 6

So I'm pretty pissed off. My teeth don't suit invisaling and I wish I got veneers.

I hate the second teeth from the middle on the top. They're so small. I asked the ortho and he said I'd need a gumlift but I have no idea where that money would come from. These have been so expensive and I wish if paid half the price for 8 veneers.

If you look, my teeth are ground down on one side. So my already small teeth are that much smaller.

I want to get the teeth smooth out to the same shape but they're too small to do so.

I've got tray 6 on now, no pain. I didn't even use acceledent this morning. I'll do it tonight.

Who else thinks my bottom teeth look worse?

Ortho Visit

So I visited my ortho on Wednesday morning. I am really thankful at how helpful he has been and the ease of him squeezing me in for an appointment when he is fully booked. That is one think I appreciate about Smile Solutions is that you always see your orthodontist at every visit and you can request a call/email/appointment whenever.

I told him my problems and he advised me that he is really sorry and knows the teeth aesthetically wont turn out how I like them to be. He wishes I'd be notified that due to the shape of my teeth it will always have the impressions of gaps as the sides do not align at the bottom.

If i'd be told this first, we could have gone down another treatment path. We now have two options, to leave the gums where they are and stop invisalign treatment on the top, whiten my teeth and put two veneers on lateral incisors to reshape the teeth and add length, rescan and start treatment without having to pull down the gums (mine and his preferred method) or to carry of with the treatment, get a gumlift on three teeth then composite bond the two lateral incisors. This option would be more pricey as i'd need two veneers and a gumlift.

He's getting back to me in the next week after discussing with his cosmetic team and colleagues what the best option would be to proceed.

Here's some pics that show the current alignment and gaps.

Tray 7

The last two photos are week 6 vs week 7.
Hardly any pain, went in much easier today.
Going to see the ortho next week and well decide if we stop the top so we can whitein and get two veneers.
Haven't seen much change in my teeth other than the middle two in weeks. Stagnating a bit

Tray 8

Other than my two front teeth, I'm seeing no change.
Getting provisional build up on my incisors on Monday free of charge.

Ortho visit

God I love my ortho. So professional, educated and caring.
I'm getting a rescan done this Friday. Why?
Because what's happening is we are now basing the treatment on me getting a gum lift and composite bonding after my invisalign treatment.
I reckon it'll push the treatment out by 6 weeks including for the invisalign to arrive.
Am I happy? Yes. I know this result will be what I'm after!

Trays back on this Sat!

Trays back on this Sat! Owies, not looking forward to the lisp again.

17 trays

17 trays to go.
Please do not use my top teeth as an example. They are getting pushed back up to make my guns more aligned so there is left gumlift required and to make room for the composite bonding.
My bottom teeth however, will carry on like they were.
17 more trays :)
Lisp is back, dry mouth etc. can't wait to get home and use acceledent again.
No attachments on m front 4. Teeth. Hooray!!!!!!

12 weeks round 2 update bottom teeth

Tray 17+ final tray

Sooo, I'm nearly done. For now anyway!
I'm on tray 17+ and about to have whitening on the 6th Novemeber.
Still to follow is the laser gun lift and composite bonding. That will follow a fortnight or so after the whitening.
We will then look and see if I need any final readjustments on invisalign. I think my lower teeth will. My ortho has been doing a bubble in my traya with plyers which has made me not need to get a rescan but i will know doubt be a perfectionist and want them 100%.
My ortho is fantastic, so willing to answer all of my questions and help out whenever.
I think once I have all the cosmetic work done my teeth will look awesome.


It won't let me upload photos

Will try on my work comp tomo



Week 1 / 4 vs week 17 +


A little worried that the 9.5% take home Philips zoom day white won't be strong enough to whiten my teeth to the desired colour.

I have 3 tubes and custom moulded trays and have been told to wear them for an hour a day.

I've seen no good reviews on this product and just realised you can buy it through Amazon and is not a commercial dentist only product

Whitening progress

They look white in the sun but no different in normal light. No one has noticed. Going to email my dentist when I'm onto my last tube asking to come in and compare photos to see if there has been a change.


Hi all,

So I have an update. I met with both the orthodontist, cosmetic dentist and periodontist over the last few weeks.

The plan is finally set in stone.

On December the 16th I will be getting the gum lift. I have full confidence in the Periodontist and I got along with him fantastically. It looks like we can have 2mm of movement if required, but this may not be entirely required. I will be awake during surgery and able to comment on the required length.

After the gum lift, I will get my invisalign rescan and go straight into zoom teeth whitening. This will take place early jan.

Finally, after the 4 or so invisalign trays I'll require I will then get bonding on my front four teeth. :)

Very pleased at the outcome


I am wondering if I will have whiter or discoloured teeth after my gum lift?

Will there be a visible colour difference?

OMG - Gum Lift

They look amazing.

The operation wasn't painful at all, surprisingly and no residual pain a few hours later. I had my gums lifted by laser, followed by removal of the bone & excess gum to ensure they don't grow back. This method is not widely used, and ensures premium results.

Stitches stay in for 3 weeks :(


What's happened in the past 2 years. I've had my gums lifted and whitening. I've got composite bonding to go. Any questions, I'll be happy to answer.


Unsure what to do with my acceledent now my treatments over? It works perfectly fine and doesn't have many uses.
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