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Well girls, I'm calling time ... The Girls Gotta...

Well girls, I'm calling time ... The Girls Gotta Go!
I've read your stories and experiences with much interest over the past 18 months and now it's time to tell mine so others may benefit.
My "fun bags" are not fun, never really have been if we're honest about it.
They are heavy and painful, and the relief I feel taking off my bra at the end of the day can not be measured. It is instant and immediate, though the shoulder intents remain like a war scar.
I am a 32HH and have been buying expensive bras from the UK for too many years.
It's taken me a long time to get to this point - for many years I simply accepted my lot in life, largely because I have become very good at "dressing down" or "hiding" my big boobs.
I am broad shouldered and tall at 5'11" and know exactly what styles will suit me and make my boobs look smaller before I even try items on.
Like others, I'm one to two sizes bigger on top - usually size 16 on top and 12-14 bottom.
As one surgeon told me, I'm among the 10% of women who's breasts do not change with losing weight.
While I considered a reduction in my late 20s, I thought I'd wait until I'd had children but I'm now 43 with no kids and it seems like now or never. What am I waiting for?
The neck, shoulder and back pain is so constant and "normal" that I'm desensitised to it. Worse, I have in recent years developed chronic lower back pain, which I truly believe is in part due to my poor posture.
I consulted two surgeons in Melbourne before booking in with Dr Howard Webster - and now happy to say the big day is coming up on November 22.
Let's call it D day as I'm planning that will be my new cup size!
Perhaps as big busted women we get used to them, but my jaw-dropping moment came when the doc told me how much he thinks he will remove ... About 1kg from EACH side.
He says I'm an ideal candidate who will get instant life-changing relief from this op.
Sure, being able to fit into more clothing, cheaper bras and being free to exercise without my "one boob" sports bra is appealing - but the chance my pain will disappear even slightly is what excites me the most.
I'm scared about the actual operation, having gotten through life without EVER going to hospital. But this needs to be done.
Bring on D day!

D Cup Day!

Well D Cup Day is tomorrow!
I'm not overly nervous about it yet, more at the point of let's get this done so I can begin the healing and pain free new life.
I've been travelling in Europe for the past month and my young dog got very sick and died while I was on holiday ... two very different things but both have kept my mind off the operation.
Am sure the nerves will kick in once at the hospital getting prepped, but at this stage I still have jet lag so quite keen for that deep sleep they promise.
Any tips for first few days at home much appreciated.

Woo hoo it's done!

Woo hoo it's all done! Little bit of pain but mostly I'm tired and uncomfortable. My surgeon is happy and gave me a quick peek - they look good from looking down.
People won't recognise me!! He took 1.2kg off right and 1.1kg off left ???? Aiming for a small D!! (I was a HH)
He said my boobs were mostly heavy dense tissue not fat which is why they never changed with weight loss.
I wasn't really nervous either, just kept busy with preparing everything beforehand.
Glad it's now done and I can start healing!!

One week later...

Quite the week of doing nothing but resting to allow my body to heal.
Got cabin fever on Day 3 so went out nearby for lunch with mum and was exhausted all afternoon, so have limited my time out the house to short bursts since.
I've got clear tape over the stitches so can see everything, and just the tubigrip 'singlet' bandage over the top to give me some support - I must say wearing it is like having a security blanket.
Feels weird to not be wearing a bra at all and have them stay put where they are meant to be!
The only pain I've had is trying to get out of bed or off the recliner lounge, otherwise it's just uncomfortable.
Best way to describe the feeling is it's like you're wearing an underwire bra that's digging in but you can't pull it away.
I took the Endone as prescribed and now on paracetamol as needed.
Also been putting ice packs on side areas as that seems to be most swollen.
The right side has developed more bruising than left, I was a little worried on Friday so contacted my surgeon and was reassured all looking fine just more bruising than average.
It is very weird looking in the mirror at them, guess it will take a while to get used to, but I'm liking the look when clothed and there's certainly still a decent handful!
Best of all my chronic lower back pain seems to be GONE.
Thought it might be the heavy painkillers to start with but now I'm starting to believe I might have a pain-free future.

Pre-surgery photo

Thought I'd also share this pre-surgery photo of me marked up by my surgeon and ready to go from HH to D, as it really hits home just how big and disproportionate I was.
Also note where my nipples were and where they ended up.
During my surgery Howard also very kindly took some stomach fat and deposited it in my shoulder grooves so will see if that can be corrected too.

Right nipple healing

At my 2nd week check-up the surgeon squeezed my right breast to get some old blood out from under surface.
Didn't really hurt as all still numb.
But I have a small wound issue on my right nipple ... likely due to area having pressure on it, perhaps from the initial bandage tape. The skin is currently coming off on lower half of nipple and will scab over and fix itself, but meantime I have to keep close eye on it as can be at risk of infection.
Pretty gross but assured nip will bounce back just will take time.
It does mean continuing to not get my breast wet - luckily I have a handheld shower attachment so can work around it.
And my hairdresser is helping me out with a free wash and dry as needed.
Meanwhile the lefty is all good and healing well.

7 weeks update - the scab is off

Well I saw my surgeon just before the Christmas break when I moved into post surgery bra, then saw him again today for check-up.
I've been having to dress my right nipple wound twice a day with Betadine and cover with a pad - I got inventive there and bought breastfeeding nipple pads!
My surgeon is happy with the way it is healing but today the wound scab was loose so he cut it off.
Do I want to see, he asks?
Sure, why not I think... big mistake.
Well not only the scab is now off but there is a small open wound hole under it which he had a poke around in to check depth etc.
Says it's all good has healthy fat in there BUT I had to put mirror down as looking at it made me feel sick - I get nauseous at that stuff!
Anyway it still needs close watch to avoid infection but he thinks it should be healed in 3 weeks or so and will be all fine, perhaps some scar revision required down track under local.
Other than that I'm feeling great and starting to do more and more - big turning point was at 4 weeks when I started sleeping on my side again.
Ahhhhh, it's the small things!!

The nip is finally released!

Finally my nip wound has been cleared by surgeon so no more dressing/bandages required yippee!
Took 6 weeks for this small hole at the nipple T junction to regenerate tissue and close over.
Was interesting pulling these images together as really shows the evolution of my healing nipple over past 15 weeks.
Looking back it looks super scary but it really wasn't, was never infected or sore and just needed more time to heal.
What I will say is trust your surgeon's advice and give your body time to do its thing.
Surgeon says I might want to tidy up the scarring in this area later but that's at least 6 months away.
The other comparison shot shows my before and after taken this week.
Highlight of my week was popping out for drinks tonight in a dress and going braless, just cos I could. How liberating!
Next stop, new bra and bikini shopping ????
Get the breast reduction ladies, you won't regret it.
Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

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