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Hi guys so i thought i would introduce myself and...

Hi guys so i thought i would introduce myself and document my whole breast reduction experience. All my life i have had extremely large breasts. My current size is an Australian 12J and i am in so much physical and emotional pain. I have lost approx 20kg since i was a teenager however my breasts dont lose or gain size. They are very bottom heavy and are causing horrible pain in my back and neck. I am very self conscious and always have bad posture to 'hide' my girls. I am very sporty and love bodybuilding and exercise. My huge breasts make it uncomfortable and i cant do any cardio without four sports bras. Not to mention how hard it is to find bras with big cups and small back sizes ???? I Am seeing my surgeon Howard Webster for a consult on monday. And i am so excited! Its going to be the start of much awaited freedom.

Consult tomorrow

So because i am documenting my whole experience for the ladies who may be considering this procedure i thought i might post a update tonight. Tomorrow is my consultation with Dr webster and i cannot contain my excitement! I have to work untill 12am tonight and i have to be up a 6am. Fair to say i wont be getting much sleep! My mums coming along with me which is awesome. I will have so many questions to ask and im excited to met the surgeon who will change my life. I really hope there isnt a large wait between consult and surgery because i have mentally prepared myself for this the past 5 years haha. I will post a update tomorrow on the consultation and hopefully i will have my surgical date! Take care xo


Good afternoon all :)

Well I am absolutely bouncing around with joy right now. This morning at 9am I got to meet my surgeon and discuss surgical questions and queries. He said I am a fantastic candidate for this procedure, and because I am young (21) he wanted to make sure I was aware of the possible cons. Breast feeding was discussed at length as I don't have children at the moment. We also discussed scarring and nipple sensations. I am not concerned about all three possible cons. Obviously if I can I would like to breast feed but my emotional and physical health comes first at the moment. And kids are far far far away lol. As he viewed my breasts he estimated that he will remove 75 % of breast tissue to reduce me to a D cup. Wow! Having 75% less boobage will feel amazing and I'll still be a decent size. I'm wrapped! His nurse took a 3D photo that animated my breast for comparisons. I also had 2D photos taken at different angles. His assistant will return to work tomorrow so I'll find out when my surgical date is! He is quite booked out currently (melbournes most demanded plastic surgeon) but I'm hoping it won't be to long or i can take a cancellation as I'm very uncomfortable right now. I'll post a update tomorrow on my dates and cost. It's go time!! Xx

Surgical date

Hello gorgeous ladies

So i spoke to Howards kind assistant today and May the 3rd is the day i say goodbye to my twins. I am also on the cancellation list for his practice so if a cancellation happens i may be in sooner. Since i know my date i suddenly feel nervous and apprehensive. I know this is what i want and desperately need, but the thought of it actually happening is surreal. Time to prepare myself and get everything ready. 105 days till freedom.

Much love

What did you tell your collegues?

Hey everyone

So i have a burning question to ask you all. What were people's reactions post surgery to your improved chest? Did they notice, did they say anything? I have warned my boss of my surgery but not the nature of the surgery. Some of my collegues know what im having done and im not embarrased to tell people. However my boss is a whole different ballpark. I know i dont have to tell him but by now the rumors are flying around. I work for the railways so its particularly male dominated and im quite nervous of the looks and reactions that might come after. Any advice?


Rant and a update

Hey guys its officially 98 days untill surgery and i am feelllinn good! The only downside that is stressing me out a lot right now is work. Im afraid that my bosss isnt going to be happy that im taking leave. My collegues know the nature of my surgery so im sure my boss will know at some point. I feel like its a injustice the way men feel about this surgery. Normally peoples opinions dont get to me but men just dont understand the emotional and physical pain i am in. Stop sexualising breasts and i have to admit i have recieved a couple of sexiest and gross comments on my review. Why are men even on here. So unless you have man boobies and are getting a reduction your opinion does not matter. Sorry for the rant but work has just made me irritable and im sick of people talking smack behind my back. I thought being open and honest would be the best approach. And if its not lewd comments about my breasts its questioning my work ethic post op! I reach out to all ladies on here who may br experiencing the same. Its disgusting and it ends now.

Anyway i have been requested by some ladies to upload photos like this. I think its a good angle to compare before and afters. Lying in bed like this is one of my greatest insecurities. And i sometimes roll onto my breasts ouch!!

Hope everyone is well xx

New date

Quick update :)

The surgeons practice called today and said there was a cancellation so my surgery has been moved to the 7th of march. I have also been approved leave so im not stessed anymore!

Happy days :D
40 days to go

22 days to go/ Post op bras

Hey lovely ladies,

thought i would let you all know that my surgery is in 3 weeks! i am getting so excited! my leave is all planned so its organised. I actually have five days off work before my surgery date so i will go shopping for items that will make my recovery comfortable.

Any ladies in Australia know good places to buy post op bras? i have had a look at target online and there has been some good reviews about their brand of surgical bras. i don't want to pay a absolute fortune on post op bras through (I am saving my money for all the honey birdette sets i'm going to buy ;D )

My post op size will be a D, but im actually quite nervous to go in and buy the surgical bras. Im still in the mind frame that nothing will fit aha.

eeeeeeeeeee its very real and its happening sooner than anticipated. Looking forward to not being smacked in the face when i run!

much love x

Post op bras

Hey guys!

So today i bought two post op bras in a 14c which equates to a 12d. The lady at target had a breast reduction herself and said that the swelling and constipation make you feel a bit chunky so having a bit more room in the back is a good option. I took a photo in comparison. My orginal bra is a 12j and my post op is a 14c. It felt so weird buying a little bra hehe. I keep my receipt too just in case.

Hope you get a bit of a chuckle out of the photo :D

19 days to go. But whos counting?


Hello lovely ladies

i would like to say one thing... 5 DAYS TO GO

I have been quite busy with work and other commitments that i have put my surgery on a back burner. It wasn't until my nurse called me on Monday with fasting information that it really sunk in. In less then a week ill have lovely perky C cups! I will post updates as soon as i am able to post op.

If you have any post operative tips and advice please leave a comment below :)

Updated before shots

Hey all just putting a few more befores of my horrid J cups up before surgery on monday. This will be my last update

Wish me luck xox

Surgery experience

Hey everyone

Thought id put up a quick update on everything that happened on monday. So i had to arrive at the hospital at 15 past seven in the morning. I got changed straight into my gown and pressure stockings. My surgery was scheduled for eight am. After doing the admission details with my nurse Howard my plastic surgeon came to see me. He drew up all my markings and answered any remaining questions i had. After that i was led into the theatre room and laid on the operating table. My anthetist put something into my arm to help me relax. That is the last i remember of theatre. I woke up in my room with pressure cuffs on my legs and a cannula in my hand. Couldnt feel much pain at that point because of the local that my surgeon had put into the incision sites. I had to get up to go to the toilet and i almost passed out because i was so nauseous. I have naturally low blood pressure and my bp dropped to 80/40. I was encouraged to drink a lot more water and be careful standing up because i get really dizzy. I sleept most of that day and night. When i woke up the next day i was feeling better. Pain was kicking in a bit more because of the local wearing off so i was kept onto a strict pain managment course with endone. Howard my surgeon came to see me and took of my compression bra. I got to see my new breasts for the first time and i almost cried. I had a waist!!! And they looked so perky and suited my frame. I couldnt believe it! Howard was very impressed with the result. That morning i was discharged. The rest of the day i spent relaxing and sleeping. Pain was very sore waking up this morning. I will keep you all updated as my post recovery continues. Sorry for the brief update and that its poorly worded. I feel quite out of it today but i wanted to put some pics up

Take it easy xx

Photos for surgery update

Hey guys! Ah this site can be silly it didnt upload the pics! Second time lucky

5 days post op

Hey all

So i would thought id let you know that i took a turn for the worst today. Woke up feeling very light headed and dizzy. I sat down and had my breakfast and drunk approx a litre of water (i have low bp so water helps raise it) and i vomited this morning. Feeling sorry for my self today because i thought my healing was going smoothly. Also the endone is making me so so itchy and i have marks on my skin from where i have been scratching non stop. Has anyone else had to deal with nausea and lightheadness. Its becoming to be a everyday occurnace. I know my body has gone through some massive trauma and i am resting. I would love to hear others postoperative experiences.

I thought id put up some new photos of my girls. The brusing is at its worst now but they are getting a little bit softer. The horizontal incisions look nasty but i believe the 'blood' is also some texta marker i cant tell. My post operative appointment is in 4 days so ill update you all on my results.

So im a very sleepy dizzy girl feeling sorry for her self haha

Take care x

1 week post op appointment

Hey all

So today i visted ARC for my follow up one week appointment. Essentially it was to change the dressings and check on my process. The nurse laid me on the table and took of my water proof dressings that i had on for a week. My god it hurt so much! Because i had bleed a little post op the dried blood had congealed against my scars and the dressing. It felt worse then a Brazilian! Hahahaha The nurse said that i am healing beautifully.

My plastic surgeon uses dissolvable stiches under the cut and they take a couple of weeks to dissapate. So my cuts look quite raised because they are immflamed and healing. Once the stiches go they will start to lay flat.

One thing i have noticed post op is that i dont have great stamina. I was relatively fit pre op and had a lot of energy. Now a trip into the city to see my nurse makes me exhausted. I have just been taking it easy and resting up. I can go on early morning walks which i have been, because doing nothing is so fustrating. Cant wait untill i heal so i can get back into gym and lifting again.

Attached are some update photos from today.

Updated pics and mental state

Hey guys well today marks approx a week and a half post op. I took some new pics today because i had to take the tape off as it was falling off. Ive put some new dressings on. I am real sick of taking it easy and resting. I was very active in the gym as it was my hour of happy place everyday.

Im starting to notice the mental aspects of this transformation. I burst into tears last night because so much has been going on in my life currently and not being able to physically escape has been really challenging. I know resting is crucial for healing so ive being trying to occupy my self in other ways

I have a date on saturday and im a little bit nervous as to how reduced boobs are with intimacy ect... if the guy doesnt like me because of my scars he is not someone i want to be with.

So i apologise for my emotional rant the whole process of this surgery has just snuck up on me and now that the adrenaline and excitement has worn of im feeling very flat.

If you have any suggestions or personal stories about how you dealt with the above, please let me know xx

2 weeks post op

Hey ladies!!

I wasnt going to update untill 3 weeks post op but my breasts are healing really well and there are changes everyday.

I am starting to regain nipple sensation. It is stronger in my left nipple through. My stiches are starting absorb now and the cuts are getting flatter everyday. Some stiches my body is rejecting by trying to push them out of my skin YIKES! But it is normal and ill speak to my nurse about that when i see her.

I can sleep on my side now which is awesome. Will start going back to gym in two weeks for cardio and another 4 weeks for weight training. I go back to work in 5 days. Which i cant wait because i am going insane sitting on my behind everyday haha.

By the looks of my healing i am a size 12D Australian

3 weeks post op

Hey ladies! Hope everyone is well

Today marks 3 weeks since i had my bazookas tamed. Healing is very swift and i am feeling amazing. Today is my second day back to work and i have been doing light cardio for the past week. I have my 3 week appointment in 2 days to check up on the healing.

My boobs are looking like boobs now

Hey guys! Well what can i say i am so happy with this procedure and it has honestly changed my life. I had my appointment with my nurse for a checkup and she said everything is healing beautifully. Ill be nearly 4 weeks post op soon. Time has gone by FAST. Absolutely excited by my results. The scars are teeny tiny now and are starting to flatten. There are some bits that are still slightly raised through. The rash on my breast is caused by my tape. Because it dries out my skin its a little irritated.

Take care xo

7 weeks post op tomorrow

Hey ladies.

Havnt been on real self for a couple weeks as i have been crazy busy. So much has been happening that i forgot about my updates oops.

I am seven weeks post op tomorrow and i believe this has been the best decision of my life. I am so happy and have changed as a person. I know longer have back pain and my confidence has increased.

I saw my surgeon for the first time since surgery last weds. He said everything is healing beautifully and they are aesthetic results :) there is just one small pucker and thats because the scar runs over a stretch mark. He said it will flatten with time. I have been cleared for all exercise and i can wear underwire bras again if i choose to. Which i dont because wearing crops has been amazing after a lifetime of underwire misery haha

I start my powerlifting conditioning tomorrow so i will be slowly easing into training again.

I wont lie through. I have struggled with body image quite a bit. Having your proportions change can be daunting so just a heads up.

Happy healing xxo

1 year update happy boobvesary

Hi lovely ladies. Guess what? Its my one year boobvesary and i dont regret it at all. This was the best decsion i have made and im happy with how they have healed. Theres one small scar on my right nipple that im not happy with. It healed really thick im hoping that it will settle down with more time. Scars have almost faded on the vertical scars under my breasts. I have attached some photos. If you have any questions shoot them my way :)
Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

I am so pleased with my results achieved through Howard. He is approachable kind and so proffesional. I was very nervous about the procedure and choosing a plastic surgeon. However howard put all my concerns to rest. My breast reduction results speak for themselves. My breasts now suit my frame and are perky with a beautiful shape. Suture lines are small and clean. Howard explained the procedure clearly and underlined potential risks and complications. His after care was exceptional and i felt very safe in his hands. If you are looking for a plastic surgeon in Melbourne i would highly reccomend Howard Webster and his team at ARC plastic surgery

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