Revsion required :( leftie sitting too high !

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Since the age of 16 I have considered getting a...

Since the age of 16 I have considered getting a breast aug. After A LOT of research (I couldn't tell you how many hours) and having consults with 3 different surgeons I have finally decided to book in surgery for the 6th of Jan 2013. Have a ot to say about my weight loss journey, issues with PCOS and thoughts/feelings towards breast implants/augmentation. Looking forward to sharing my experience with others !

What I'm working with ....

Hi ladies !

I thought I'd upload a few photos so you can see exactly what the Dr will be working with ! At this stage it looks like I'm going to go under the muscle, high profile, silicone 400 cc. I'm not sure about the size, I'm worried I wont be going big enough. I would love to fit into a big C cup maybe a small D. Not sure what cup size 400 cc will turn out to be on my body, I guess I will have to wait and see. Also not sure about the high profile (I want to look as natural as possible) but I am pretty sure high was recommend due to my nipples being quite low and a few other reasons I have forgotten why so I guess I need to trust the expect !

I have a few questions for you guys !

How did you preparing yourself mentally/emotionally/physically for the op/breasts ?
How long did it take to recover ?
Was it awkward when you went back to work ? Is it obviously when people look/notice ? I'm not sure how I'll feel about this one. I work with a bunch of older men and I'm nervous about there reactions (if they even notice) !!!

Also did any of you feel any quilt/anxiousness about your getting your implants ? I guess I get worried about the money. I sometimes think to myself that I could put it towards or a house, a car, life with my partner, future kids or study. I think If I was to do those other things, I would regret not spending the money and taking the time to get the implants done. Its always reoccurring and I would love to enjoy having breasts while I'm younger.

Also I'm really anxious about something going wrong like an infection/capsular contracture etc.. What did you guys do to calm yourself and stay positive. I am going to one of the best surgeons in Melbourne. His highly recommended so for me if something does happen at least I can say I didn't do it on the cheap or that I didn't do my research. I will follow all his instructions so I'm hoping there wont be any issues or if there is they can be fixed !

Pre op appointment is on the 12th of December, look forward to chatting with Craig and trying some seizers on again ... still doesn't really feel real ! Probably wont until I wake up with boobies !!!

Pre op (obviously) haha I can hardly fit into an A cup

Forgot to attach pictures in my last post so here they are !

Payment done !

The girls are officially paid for, so exciting ! To celebrate I got this lace bra (its a bit snug) but is fun to wear and picture how my boobs will look after surgery with something like this on.

All I can think about lately is boobs, its kind a driving me insane ! I'm glad I will start my cert 4 in fitness in a few weeks, I'll be studying until December (also working fulltime) so at least I'll be too busy doing that to think about boobies.

81 days until op !

Cant believe its only 81 days until op ... feels like it was 100 days only a few days ago so I have a feeling the time is going to fly especially with my studies and Christmas being before the aug keeping me very busy, not too much time thinking about boobs which is probably a good thing. Hope everyones healing and recovering well, the reviews really help prepare myself !

51 days until op

Ah I cant wait :) Looking forward to a new year with new boobies !

What have you girls done whilst recovering to stay positive/happy ? I'm thinking a lot of mags, movies and maybe even applying for a few new jobs. Look forward to sharing after photos and just hoping/praying there are no complications !

Also I need some advice ! I work with A LOT of me (I'm on reception) has anyone told there male boss that they planned to have the op ? I'm thinking I will try to wear some dresses and bigger tops when I go back to work... hopefully that don't draw attention to the new girls !

31 days until op !

Cant believe the op is coming up so soon ! I received all the paper work and hospital forms, pre op is next week so its all starting to feel real now.

I'm a little bit concerned about going high profile and round. I do not want that really fake round look so I guess this is something I really have to stress to my surgeon at the pre op.

Has anyone had very little breast tissue and had high profile/round silicone yet still achieved a natural look ?

Also I'm really nervous about the pain ! Due to having very little breast tissue the nurse said to me I would have quite a painful recovery. Hmm no pain no gain right ?

Hope everyone is having a smooth recovery and enjoying there boobies ! I look forward to keeping you all updated with mine :)

14 days !

So its exactly 2 weeks 14 days until my breast aug ! I've decided to go with 400 cc high profile round silicone implants. After thinking about this for years I'm just ready to get it over and done with ... bring it on ! I've made a list of all the things I need for hospital/my mums so I'm all organised. Im going away before the op so I'm hoping it will be a good chance to get away and stop thinking about boobs for a week. I will get back on the 3rd and my op will be on the 6th. I hope everyone is having a smooth recovery and enjoying there boobies ! Merry Christmas !! X

I have big boobies ... so far everything has gone well !

Hi ladies ! I will blog about the whole surgery later when I can make more sense ... these drugs make it hard to concentrate ! Here are some pictures. I ended up getting 400 cc high profile silicone unders. They look quite big at times due to swelling and I am shocked at how high they are sitting!! Look forward to them dropping. Hope everyone else is having a smooth recovery thinking of you all ! Xx

Another photo ..

My experience so far !

Hey ladies !

I'm feeling pretty good atm so I thought I would take the time to fill you in on my breast aug experience ! I arrived at the hospital around 6:50 on Monday morning and was taken straight to a private room. I wasn't expecting to get a private room but the hospital had been closed over Christmas and it was the first day they re opened so it was very quiet. Such a bonus to have a private room !

I put my gown and stockings on and then was taken down to a room where my anaesthetist put he IV in and my surgeon discussed size, expectations, measurements ect. He made some markings and also got the second opinion of another plastic surgeon. I was then wheeled into the theatre where Andrew and Craig started making jokes about telling me a story about mermaids. Craig assured my I'd be fine (he was so kind and made me feel so calm) then Andrew said see you later ! Before I knew it I was asleep, I cant even remember going to sleep and all of a sudden I woke up ! The nurse asked me if I wanted to see them and I think the only thing I could mumble was how small they were even though they are so not small !! The nurse offered me some meds to help with feeling sick ... I wasn't feeling that sick but thought I'd take it anyways. After I woke up fully I was wheeled up to my room. I remember talking to one of the nurses about his tattoos ... its like I didnt really realise I had my boobies yet !

My mum was waiting for me in my room and she had a bit of a cry. I think she knows how long I've waited for the op ! The first time I got up to go to the toilet I needed help otherwise I was fine. I didnt feel sick at all just really thirsty and hungry. The nurses wanted to make sure I could keep ice/water down before I ate.

Nurses were fantastic they checked on me every half an hour and helped me get comfortable. I had a pretty good sleep in hospital and was checked out around 9:30. Craig quickly checked my implants and said everything was looking great !

The first day at home I just slept for most of the day and my first night was fine. I took 2 endone and 2 panadol before bed so I had a great sleep. Have been having visitors and able to get up and go to the toilet by myself. Maybe TMI but I even went no. 2 today haha because Ive had a lot of fruit, veg and water. Trying to eat healthy foods !

The recovery hasnt been anywhere near as bad as what I thought it would be !!! No sharp pains or really bad muscle cramps so I'm really stoked !!!

Implants are sitting very high which freaks me out, they are so close to my collarbones but I just have to trust they will drop and be gorgeous eventually. Going to see Craig on Monday to start massage, get fitted for proper sport bras and change dressings !

So far I am stoked with Craig, his staff and the whole experience. I'll keep taking it easy and let you guys know how I go. I'll post some more photos tomorrow. Hope everyone is having a smooth recovery and taking it easy !


Getting better every day !

Made it to day 5 and I'm really surprised at the recovery ! Maybe I have a high pain tolerance but ladies if your getting your breast aug done soon try not to stress its really not painful just uncomfortable ! Its important to stay on top of the pain. Every time I took my pills I would write it down then set an alarm 4 - 6 hours later so I never let myself get too uncomfortable.

I had a bit of a cry last night .. mostly because I'm healing without my boyfriend here and when he does visit I cant hug him properly so I'm really missing him atm. Also the implants (you can see in the photos) are sitting really high and kinda under my arm pit. I was expecting them to sit high but not this high and not this so square ! I am trying to stay relaxed and have faith they will drop and look gorgeous eventually.

Another thing I feel a bit crappy about is weight gain but I know that once I can I will get back into the gym and healthy eating !! All in good time.

If anyone has any questions please dont hesitate to ask I'd be happy to help

Goodluck to the girls who have surgery coming up and hope everyone is having a good recovery !

One week post op appointment today

Today I'll be going to the one week post opp appointment. I cant wait to be fitted for a proper sports bra (I've only been wearing a comfort one) and it will also be good to see the size of the incisions and have them cleaned. I'm pretty sure Craig is also going to show me how to massage, I really hope this isnt too painful.

I had a scare the other night ... I was trying to get comfy in bed and asked my boyfriend to put a pillow on my right side. He hitched it up and my arm was pushed back way too far ! It felt like a muscle was being torn off the bone, and the only thing I could do was cry .... it was like a cry I have never had before I was howling and couldnt talk ! I was pretty upset, I thought id damaged my boobies but there was so swelling or bruising so I'm hoping I just pulled a nerve or muscle. The right has been pretty sore compared to lefty especially since that incident so I will make sure I mention it to Craig today.

The implants are also still sitting really high which is kinda freaking me out, its like what if they get stuck and never drop !! but I'm sure the massage will help the girls head down !!

I definitely dont feel like I could go back to work today but maybe Im just being a sook !! I havent attempted driving yet, I will also ask Craig about this.

Anyways I will write an update and post more pics soon

Revision Required

I haven't updated this in quite some time as life just got so crazy busy and I was enjoying my boobies. Although I am happy with my result I will be having a revision next year to try and correct the left implant. My surgeon said its possible the left pocket wasn't made low enough so the implant is stuck up quite high under my muscle. It feels uncomfortable at times. I am so happy with the right and am hoping it wont take much to get leftie to look similar. My surgeon said the revision wont be any where near as painful as the first surgery and there will be NO cost. This is why I chose my surgeon !! I knew if anything wasn't "right" he would really look after me so for that I am grateful. I'm nervous about the surgery and the possibility of complications but I will try and stay positive. Its just another thing I can get through so I can enjoy my gorgeous boobies, body and feeling more womanly. I know some people say a surgery like this doesn't change your life but I disagree. It has totally changed my life and I am so glad I had it done even though I need to have a 2nd surgery MUCH earlier than expected. Sending a hug and kiss to those who need a revision. I think it can be quite emotionally draining ! Hope everyone is enjoying there new assets. If anyone is in a similar situation and needs some support I'm more than happy to chat !! :)
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