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Could not be happier that I finally decided to go...

Could not be happier that I finally decided to go ahead with a BA after many years of talking about it! With barely ever filling out an A Cup I decided I still wanted something natural and didn't want it to be too big for my frame. So my Dr and I decided to go with 280cc and am sooo happy 2 days post.

Day 3 post op

Feeling pretty well still! I haven't taken anything but Panadol since the first day so considering that I think I'm doing well. My incision point was under the armpit, there hasn't been much pain there but would have to say I'm just trying to take things slowly so I don't pull on a stitch! Each morning it feels less painful so I can't wait for my check up on Thursday and take a better look!

Day 4 Post Op

I haven't had much pain at all today. Only taken 2 Panadol all day. But saying that I have a lot of bruising which has just come out, mainly on my right breast. My right breast has been the most swollen out of the two from the start which explains why it's probably so bruised. My left one if perfect, but that little bit smaller as its not swollen. Can't wait for the swelling and bruising to go down so I can post some pics. They just don't look too pretty at the moment ;)

First post op photos - Day 5

Feeling almost no pain at the moment but still taking it easy. But oh my god this 'morning boob' business is not fun. It doesn't last long but getting out of bed in the morning is a little painful as my boobs feels so swollen and tight in the morning!!! Once I get up and walk around a little I feel fine but that initial feeling isn't fun!! Feels like when I was feeding my babies and the milk has come in!! Lol!! Having 2 small kids makes me trying to rest very hard as I do like to have everything in order. But my hubby has been amazing with trying his best to keep everything in order while chasing after our 2 yr old daughter and 7 month old son. My boobs don't look very pretty at the moment as I haven't been able to shower now for 5 days so I still have all the pen and tape marks everywhere. I still have to wear the strap also which is helping my boobs drop. Can't wait to have a shower in 2 days time and see my Dr and see how he thinks everything is going!! Slow and steady wins the race I guess!! :)

Was a little nervous posting these pics....

I wasn't too sure whether to post these pics as they aren't perfect and my recovery seems a little slow compared to others but thought I will be open and show everyone how it really is. I've found all these reviews so helpful and honest and it really helped me be prepared. So I hope these help rather than put off :)

Right breast still swollen and a tad bigger than left?!???

So I'm 8 days post op now and saw my Dr yesterday to remove the stitches and have a look. He seemed very please with them and wasn't concerned at all with the swelling and bruising on my right breast. This automatically made me feel better as I was a little worries about it. But did anyone experience this too? And if so how long did it take to go down? Thanks x

Anyone else have one boob bigger than the other??

Day 12 Post Op

So things haven't been going to plan!! I have done everything by the book and for some reason since the very moment I had the op my right breast has been hanging to much lower than my left and was bruised and swollen. My left side had nothing. So I've just spoken to my Surgeon and sent thru some pics to see what he thinks! I've spent about $10,000 to get near perfect boobs so want to make sure that's what I get. What do u think? I first thought that the swelling might be causing the difference, but as time went on if anything it looks worse!! Feeling a little deflated :(

Have to go back to see Dr 12 days post op!! :(

So I spoke with my Dr this afternoon and he wanted me to meet with him tomorrow! I sent some photos through of my uneven boobs and thinks I might need a revision. Not 100% sure what this means but just hope he can fix it. I'm in love with my left boob! I wish both looked like that! Not looking forward to going through it all again!! Did anyone else need to go back for any fixes??
I'm A little nervous to be honest! And been very emotional today about the whole thing. Having to little kids it's been so hard not being able to hold them the last couple of weeks and the thought of having it extended out makes me sad. But I do want my boobs fixed and hope they can be how I dreamed they would be!!

6 weeks post op... Stressing was all for nothing!!

So after almost 6 weeks since my op I'm feeling so amazing!! I stressed out for awhile there thinking my righty breast was so much bigger and lower than the other!! It's easy to say to trust your surgeon and let the healing take its time but this is really true! It does take time and now I'm so happy with my results. They are so natural looking! I have no pain and had so much fun bra shopping the other week. It's funny how different sizes really look different on everyone. I only had 280cc but because I have a small frame they look really good! I went from a 10aa to a 10dd. I never thought I would have fitted into a DD but the smaller my back measurements are apparently the cup sizes are larger?!? If that makes sense!! I have to say I have so much more confidence and feel amazing! My husband is enjoying them too ;)
Good bye to padded push up bras!!!

6 weeks post op...

Loving wearing pretty bras

5 months on....

I'm just over 5 months now since I had my BA done. My scars are healing really well and wouldn't even know I have them. I'm still in love with my new boobs. There are days I wish I got bigger but that quickly changes when I'm at the gym and can feel the new boobies bouncing around. Haha I can't say I ever felt that before!
Dr Bruce Fox

Dr Fox from the very first moment was amazing. Made me feel so at ease and listened to my every word. He didn't believe in breasts looking like 'bowling balls' which made me happy as the only thing I was nervous about getting a BA is that whey would look to fake! Right up to when I went in to surgery to the days after I have always felt so relaxed and cared for!!

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