19 days post photos!! 465cc over - Melbourne, AU

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Hi everyone, I'm 19 and from Melbourne Australia....

Hi everyone,
I'm 19 and from Melbourne Australia. I have booked in my ba and I can not wait!!!
Let me tell you my story.
I was the fat child with fat boobs. I'm short and I loved food. When I was 15 I decided to change myself and lost 25-30 kg. I was soo proud of myself, however I still wasn't happy. I went from a 14d (36d) to a 10d (32d). My breasts looked like two golf balls in stockings. I was so ashamed of them, I wouldn't take off my bra or let my boyfriend d of 13 months touch them. He never understood why because they looked good, but that was fake, because I would never buy a bra without padding and push up, then added more, just so they would look normal. I had to stay in a d cup due to my large diameter and breast width, they fitted so they weren't cut in half, but not fullness. I would never buy a dress that I couldn't wear a bra under and bikini shopping was a depressing time.

So being 19 and keeping the weight off, knowing I wasn't going to grow any more, I decided to book an appointment.

I saw two surgeons, the first was a very charismatic man who was more concerned with selling himself than considering my needs. Then I heard good recommendations about dr tim brown and decided to give him a shot. He was a brilliant. Very involved with his work and what he does. All the facts he gave me were presented from his own statistics and he was very professional. He took my shape and size into consideration, which the other one didnt.

The first wanted me to go with a 260cc fury implant, he sized me up but only had a small variety of sizes to try. The second dr brown, took my 15cm breast width (2cm above the average) into consideration and to fill the skin in a natural manner, chose a 395-465 cc low profile. I got to try many sizes in between and decided on 425. After leaving that appointment, my head was spinning, there was a huge difference in size and shape and it was all a little daunting. I asked a few more questions but then decided to bight the bullet and book in.

I'm still concerned about what low profile actually looks like when inserted and will give me the look I desire, as apparantly they aren't very common. Can anyone share if they have them?
I'm scared that my breasts will be the same shape they are now, big round ways, needing a large cup, but unable to fill the bra with projection.

The big day is on the 31st of January at 10am!!! I honestly can not wait! I've dreamed about this since I was 15 and never knew it was going to become a reality. I saved up enough money after finishing high school in my years break before university to make this all possible!!!

I've attached some photos of some breasts I'd love to have.

Went for another consult

Because I was soo concerned about low profiles, their shape and the fact they are uncommon, I went back to learn some more about them.
I was most worried about them looking like large pecks and not boobs, however the surgeon meant he was going with a lower profile than what you see with the overly "fake" look. They showed me the three profiles they had, high, moderate and low, so i could see the difference but turns out it wasnt low i was getting the ones in the middle. They allowed me to chose out of 3 sizes, I settled on the largest, 465 moderate profile. I feel more confident now and can not wait!!!!!! It's summer here in aus and we have finally had some hot days, which means beach trips and bikinis, I'm self conscious about them but also making me so much more excited knowing I'm almost there!

Before pictures!!!!

So I finally decided to take some before photos. I've lost more weight because knowing I'm getting Boobs makes me feel ok about them disappearing. You can see how empty they have become and the grotesque amount of skin I've been left with! I've ditched my padding now because I've accepted that good things are coming. Only a week away!

Witch craft!

I thought I'd upload some photos in a bra. I always had alot of padding, not because I want "big boobs" but because if I didn't they would look too empty and I was so embarrassed. The illusion a push up bra can do, but you can probably tell they are big width way. I was heavier in these photos by maybe 5 kg (10% of my body weight) than I am in my before nude shots and have become very very very flat now, but I'm hoping I can achieve these looks with the padding under skin and not have to be self conscious, be able to let my significant other see them and feel attractive in a bikini.

Under 4 days now

Woooooo can not wait! I can not wait till I can go bra shopping!!! Sooo excited


So it's the day!!! I'm sooo excited but soo nervous at the same time. My first ever opp too, wish me luck!!!


Woooo hoooo sooo happy. No pain at all. Slight right feeling in my left but Id say a 0.5 on the pain scale. My room mate had the same procedure after me, she is happy with his work too. Getting on really well. So far in sooo pleased!

Swelling and size changing

Looking in the mirror, I'm happy but they look a little frumpy, will they change into a nice round shape? Also isit normal to faint the first time you take off the bra?

Day 2

Sore under my boobs round my rib cage from the pressure the doc applied to be able to get them in. Nice to have th bra off, not so much pressure, and didnt feint this time! No pain in the breast, just tight on occasion and heavy when I wake up

19 days post

No longer any stinging pains from the wounds, however I am getting an internal burning sensation and they do ache after driving. I am worried they are bouncing around a bit too much. I'm so paranoid abou displacement and them going south due to too much bouncing. Happy wih the size!! Swelling still going down and they are a little moveable. I must say, they do not feel like rocks at all, quite squishy actually. I've heard scar tissue underneath is what hardens them, is this true?
Any way. Photos :)
Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

He was very insightful, conducts his own research and took me personally into the equation. So far, very pleased.

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