31 Years Old, 3 Kids, Feel Like I'm Dying! Ready to Say Good Bye to Toxic Bags - Melbourne, AU

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My journey began at age 22. I had started out in...

My journey began at age 22. I had started out in life never catching up to my friends with aquiring normal sized breasts u would say. Getting called surf board a lot of your life can take a bit of a toll on ones self esteem. I was barely an A.
I had my first bubba and when the milk came in, I felt normal in size, and was moved so much that I was determined to get Breast Augmentation. The Silicone had only been legalised the year before and I was told that they were a natural element and safe!! I saved up and got Silicone Mentor Rough textured shaped teardrops.
My results were great and I was very happy with them. I should now feel like a woman and I did as far as physically looking. Compliments all round, but intuitively when people would ask me if they should get it done or would I get them done again I would say "no I wouldn't", even before the health crisis that would follow. They did feel foreign, being placed under the muscle when u do a pushup they seperate and that really bugged me.
After getting them done I fell pregnant with my second bubba and put down my exhaustion to being pregnant, very hard to discern the difference. In between bubbas I changed my diet, got off wheat and started incorporating superfoods. I felt unreal initially but then more symptoms started to present themselves.
I felt exhausted no mattet I did.
I would look at people and especially their skin and couldn't figure out how they could eat what they did and look great while I'm aging excessively fast and feel like I'm dying. It didn't make sense!!
My family would call me bubble girl, being intolerant of everything. Lol. Here is a few things that would set me off
When I ate I got Heart palpitations.
Thymus pumping like mad, sometimes after just drinking water!!
Extremley low blood pressure, so got a tad dizzy but thought that was normal for me anyway.
Shortness of breath.
Brain fog.
Pressure on my head that I can't quite explain.
Depression like symptoms. And I am a very positive and happy person. ????
When I walked for too long if it was a bad day my feet would cramp and go into lock down. I would get arthritic like pain in the knees.
I would proclaim to be allergic to exercise lol jokes!! Because even after lifting something my muscles would give and shortness of breath even puting things on the line. Off and on this would be.
Going in the sun felt like a car hit me.
After eating things I'd have to go to bed and lay down till I could breath properly again. This taking about 2 hrs to recover. Hot and cold flushes, felt like when a fever sets in, taking all the enery out of you.
Shooting nerve pain up my arms into my hands.
Chest pain.
Chronic fatigue.
Every morning it is so hard to get out of bed. Never felt rested.
Driving for too long took a huge toll.

And its so upsetting!! You think everybody thinks your lying. The doctor looks at u in disbelief and u start to think its all in your head. But it can't be and it isn't!!

My sister has them also 4 1/2 yrs and has developed capsular contracture currently.
She gets chronic chest pain and had to be on endone for a time till symptoms disappated. Doctors don't have any explaination as to her symptoms. Only for that triggering I never would have found this out! There is no way in my right mind that I ever thought that these were causing me all these problems!!

I found a lovely doctor who would do my explant with capsulectomy also, explaining to him that I believe I am reacting to them. He was resistant and kept asking are u sure? But pleased to assist me as long as I was sure. Never been so sure of anything in my life!!

I was so nervous to go into surgery having negative experiences with c-sections etc. I had previous scans to check to see if there was any possible rupture. All was clear, supposedly!
I woke up to have the doctor explain to me that the left one had ruptured and I must have know something was up. He was very suprised! As well as both the silicone being runny and broken down, nothing like when they go in.

Within a couple of hours after coming to from the anesthetic my head was clear!! The headache pressure gone! Like the brain fog had lifted and my lungs opened up. I can breath again!!
It feels like a miracle. I have eaten food without reacting that I couldn't before. My skin has acquired a shine as though it has a natural moisturizer and blood flow to my face I did not expect. It has been so dry for so long and haggered looking!! I cannot put into words how happy I am, and so thankful ????
I am day 4 and still have drains in. I have less than what I started with but at this point it is my last concern! I know it is a journey back and not paying too much attention to what they look like now. My health is the most import thing!!

Love to all who are going through this. We are so much more than our body limits us by. We are all special and I think if we really felt that in the begining deep down we wouldn't have done it.
We can now shine how we are meant to from what has been holding us back!!
Worth it!! 1000 times over ????
Hoping to update soon. ? Drains come out Tuesday.
Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

Great Doctor. Very empathetic, was a pleasure. So grateful

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