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Having had a lover hate relationship for so many...

Having had a lover hate relationship for so many years with my breasts, I finally decided enough was enough. After months of research I made an apt to see Dr Kim Taylor for an initial consultation. I have decided to proceed with 300cc implants under the muscle (I'm 5ft 11"). I am delighted with my choice of Surgeon, implant and practice.

Tomorrow is the day!!!!

Wow....after 2 decades of hating my breasts, tomorrow is the day I finally fulfill a dream.

Feeling very nervous but so incredibly excited too. I'm nervous about the pain afterwards, whether I have made the right decision about size and whether or not I'll actually like them!!

Over the last 2 yrs I've lost 30kg and sadly all my boobs too. Ironic that I loved my boobs when i was at my heaviest but hated myself, now I like my body but detest my empty boobs!!

I'm now weighing in at 68kg compared to 98kg. Bit the compromise is I've gone from a D to an empty A cup.

I always started this journey with the view that I wanted to remain with natural looking breasts so won't be going for large implants. I've decided on 300cc moderate profiles, textured. I'm 5ft 11" but with a slender frame so I have been advised these will suit my frame.

Wish me luck....gulp!!! ????

I have boobs......yah!!!! Surgery yesterday!!

So its and 18hrs since I had my surgery and I can honestly say I feel great. The surgery went really well and was very straight forward with no problem. Dr Taylor and her team were amazing, felt in really good hands and comfortable. Can't fault them.

The pain is actually not half as bad as I thought it would be. There is the tightness across my chest and back which is expected but my breasts themselves are not bruised. Which i think is testament to having a wonderful surgeon. They are swollen as expected but otherwise all good.

So far from what I can see I am thrilled with the results too. So pleased. I wanted natural looking and I think she's achieved that. Very happy indeed!!!

Yah ..I have breasts!!

Two days post surgery and so happy!!

So its now 48 hrs since my breast augmentation and I'm thrilled with the results.

Boobs still swollen and tender, left one slightly more swollen but very happy with how they look.

Feeling tight acrid the back and chest and have sore sides (ribs) but otherwise feeling fine.

6 days post op!! Couldn't be happier!!!!

So I'm now 6 days post op following my breast enlargement and feeling great. No bruising, scars look like they're healing great. I couldn't be happier.

I only had 275cc implanted as i wanted them to look as natural as possible and I really pleased I listened to my Surgeon's advice with the size.

I feel like a new women lol xx
Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

Dr Kim Taylor is professional yet friendly and approachable and couldn't have made my husband and I more welcome. We didn't feel rushed or a nuisance when we asked some probably odd or silly questions, we just felt at ease. I left the appointment confident of my choice, aware of the procedure and with all my concerns and questions answered having been very nervous prior to the consultation. I'm thrilled that I've found a surgeon I feel I can trust and someone who understands my wishes and concerns. Procedure now booked and confirmed. I'm VERY excited!!

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