25yrs, 34b Pre Op, 5,7, 170lbs - Melbourne, AU

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Current size 34b, dress size 12, jeans size 32...

Current size 34b, dress size 12, jeans size 32.
Pear shape, big hips, tall, small boobs and waist, very broad shoulders.

Want to get up to a small D. I'm thinking at this stage I will do the procedure in Phuket with a few friends next year. It's always been something I've considered due to being so disproportionate. Unfortunately I'll never fix my cellulite :((((( but this will help me feel more comfortable in a bikini.

I like the look of my boobs when my nipples are hard, when they are soft they change shape and almost become tubular (does that happen to anyone else?!).

I've been inspired by reading everyone's journeys to track my own :)

Pre op pics

This is my starting point. I like my boobs, just not in conjunction with the rest of my body lol

Wish boobies

Pics of celeb inspiration and procedures of other women, that I consider to have gone successfully :)
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