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I've got my body back!

I was referred to Howard Webster by my GP for a breast reduction. I knew from the first visit that I felt completely comfortable with him. He was so nice and caring. He gave me all the details, and time didn't ever seem to matter. I was so happy with the results, and my scars are now barely noticable. After losing weight, I had 2 more procedures with Howard. This time, however,I wasn't nervous at all. I knew that I was in good hands. I received the best care and attention from Howard and the wonderful nurses at Linley. They actually remembered me. The staff at ARC were also amazing. The results of my procedures were unbelievable, and I can now say I have my bikini body back. Something that I never thought would happen. It's been the best experience! I would highly recommend Howard Webster, Linley and ARC to anyone.


4 years on and could'nt be happier

It's almost 4 years since my breast reduction which definitely changed my life and allowed me to focus on other things.
A year after my breast reduction I'd lost 15kg and had loose skin on my tummy, so I had a full tummy tuck with muscle repair. Then a year after that I had lost more weight and had my back done too. Howard matched up the scars beautifully so I just have one low thin scar right around, which has now faded.
I can now dress the way I want to dress, and only now realise this is very
important to me.
I'm healthy and reasonably fit. I walk about 10km a day and love it.

It's been a real journey and a wonderful life changing experience.
I can not speak highly enough of Howard Webster and his team.

Before and After photos 4 years on

Just an update of me now at 50 and feeling fabulous.

?My Bodylift included two operations which were a year apart...

My Bodylift included two operations which were a year apart.

First a Tummy tuck and muscle repair when I was 47. I stayed 3 nights in hospital where I was well looked after, and any pain was quickly managed with painkillers. At home I remembered being pleasantly surprised at how fast I was recovering. Other than walking slow and bent over for a week or two, it was much easier than I had expected. A sneeze or cough was probably the most painful part for me.

Next I had my lower back done after more weight loss. I had 1 night in hospital and can't say I had any pain at all. Painkillers worked well! Once again other than walking slowly and a little restricted in movement, I felt really good. I was even walking on my treadmill a week later.

Three years later I'm still feeling great!

Photo Update

Written and Photo Update

I forgot to mention that I also had abdominal liposuction when I had my breast reduction. This helped flatten my stomach. I remember looking in the mirror a few months later once the swelling had gone down and being able to see a waist! I was so happy. I'm sure this gave me the motivation to lose weight as I could see my old body returning.

My recovery was slower after this surgery, but I wasn't as fit leading up to it.

I've maintained my weight for 3 years now at 57-60 kilos. I'm not sure of my weight before as I never weighed myself, but I think I would have weighed approximately 80 kilos (I'm 5'7").


Knee and Thigh Liposuction

I recently had liposuction on my inner thighs and knees. I was happy with my weight but I just could not budge the fat in those areas.

I'm 3 weeks post-op and still wearing the compression garment during the day but not at night. My swelling has gone down and the bruising has almost gone completely. I can definitely see a difference in my legs already.

The first week was a little painful mainly when I would try to stand after sitting or lying down. However, I no longer have this pain.

Once again, I felt totally safe and cared for by Howard and his team. I can't wait to get into my skinny jeans!

7 Weeks Post Lipo

I'm 7 weeks post lipo on my legs and I'm very happy with the results. I have knee caps again! My swelling and bruising has all gone and my legs don't feel as heavy anymore.

I'm walking and running on my treadmill again with the hope of trying to tone up my legs as much as possible.

Before and After

Now 5 Years

Hi everyone,

It’s now been 5 years since my breast reduction and the start of my plastic surgery journey.

As you can see from my pictures, my body has changed a lot. I do work at it though. Walking, running, and listening to music is something I enjoy doing everyday.

My diet has also changed a lot. I was diagnosed with coeliac disease at 45 so I have to eat gluten-free. I feel like I have more energy now and I’m less fatigued.

Life in general has become easier too. My clothes actually fit properly, my posture has improved, the indents in my shoulders have gone, and so have my aches and pains.

I love my shape because I feel in proportion. I had been skinny for most of my life until my 40’s.

I don’t think I could have done this without having a breast reduction, and of course, without my wonderful surgeon.

Inner Thigh Lift

Hi everyone
Just an update on my latest surgery. 8 weeks ago I had an inner thigh lift. I hadn't been happy with my legs for a while ( they were hard work!) Even though I ran every day and have good muscles I had loose ,saggy skin - particularly my upper inner thighs. Howard recommended an inner thigh lift ( groin incision only) I was so excited he could help me again !
I stayed one night in Epworth Eastern ,all the nurses and staff were fantastic. My pain was not too bad, the only difficulty was the frustration from being restricted from my normal activities,however I knew what to expect ,I have done it all before and you have to be sensible with your recovery.
2 weeks after my surgery I developed a hematoma which became infected. Howard was wonderful, he saw me straight away and drained it. He prescribed antibiotics for a week and even came to see me on a Sunday ( what more can I say!) Not only a brilliant surgeon but he is also a really nice man.
My infection cleared and my incisions healed well.
I can now see a big difference in my upper inner thighs. I go back for a review in a month and will update then.

6 months after inner thigh lift

Just thought I'd post some pictures to help visualise my scars.

12 months post Inner thigh lift

Well it's been 12 months since my inner thigh lift. My legs have slowly changed during this time. Not only do they look better, but they feel better too. Having an inner thigh lift and all my running has definitely paid off.
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