24 y/o Breast Augmentation. 425CC polyurethane foam teardrop implants.

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It has been a dream of mine to get a BA once I...

It has been a dream of mine to get a BA once I finally realised I wouldn't be graduating from an A cup!
When I started considering my options I made the decision that I would not pay less to compromise my wellbeing or the outcome of the surgery; if I was doing this I wanted to do it right. As BA's done by reputable surgeons at home cost more money than doing a cosmetic tour somewhere overseas, this gave me plenty of time to do my research and find the right person.
The thing that stood out to me about Dr Mayson was that ALL of his patients seemed to have a fantastic ‘after’ result, regardless of how they were before. I was also more interested in the polyurethane foam tear drop implant and this was a specialty of Dr Mayson’s. After going to the initial consultation with my partner, we walked out of there feeling certain that there was no need to visit more surgeons, we’d found the perfect one. Dr Mayson was patient and answered all of my questions in meticulous detail. His staff even reassured me when I rang a few days before hand with last minute nervous questions. The whole team was always honest and made me feel that I was in safe hands.
Before surgery I read a lot of forums and asked friends who have also had BA’s, and the general post-op common issues were: having to mostly sleep on the couch initially, not being able to pull pants up or dress for first 5 days, getting stuck on the couch, enormous bruising, a lot of pain, etc. I am 4 days post-op and I have not had one of these issues. My mobility is not great and I can’t lift much but I can move around a lot on my own without assistance. The entire time the highest pain I’ve experienced out of 10 would be about a 3 or 4, with general discomfort about a 5. I also have NOT ONE bruise, and I’ve been able to sleep well in bed every night. I didn’t take any painkillers today until midday and I’ve moved onto the lower strength ones. The only real issue I’ve had is that I’ve become very bloated, which I’ve now read is a common after-effect and will go away within a couple of weeks.
My close friends and family that I’ve shown are stunned that I’m only a few days post-op and have all said how real they look and what a great size they are. I am so excited to see how they settle over the next few months! Thanks to Dr Mayson and his team for a very professional and flawless experience!

I am 24 years old and 5'11". The bra in the first photo is a B cup (that doesn't fit me!), the bra in the second photo is a D cup.

The image attached is the morning of my surgery to this morning. There are 4 days in between. :)

Day 5 post-op

Dr. George Mayson

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