Lollipop Lift with 200cc Mods implants

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I am now 4 days post op !! Wish I had started this...

I am now 4 days post op !! Wish I had started this review process early but ill try an recap. 23years old/56kg/162cm.
This surgery was my third and hopefully last for assymetry. First surgery was a reduction on my left breast when I was 17, 2 years later my right breast caught up - then had lipo on my right but it was always still a bit bigger. 4 years later and a lifetime of fluctuating weight finally caught up with my breasts when I lost weight to be where I am now at my healthy stable weight. I was left with empty breast. Not saggy according to my surgeon as the measurements from my collarbone to nipple were 18cm therefore he believed it could be fixed with implants alone. However he suggested the lollipop lift to improve the scarring from the reduction and also felt my breasts would look prettier with smaller areolar and if he was to do the periareolar lift I may get the puckering scar I was left with after the reduction.

So my surgeon and myself decided on lollipop lift with 200cc implants as I did not want larger breasts just a better naked shape with more upper pole fullness and perkier.

Post op day one and two was a blur of nausea and pain meds. My surgery was 7am and I stayed in hospital that day and night. My surgeon came and checked on me that evening and the next morning before discharge and all looked well.

Day 3...I was in a substantial amount of pain at home and felt like the left was more swollen than the right I called my surgeon and advised him of the swelling and what I thought was oozing so he called the hospital and told them to readmit me and then came in to visit me. He advised the swelling was normal and the ooze was actually old ooze which I could see once he changed the dressing for me. He advised me to stay the night in hospital just for pain management. Morphine injection helped a lot !

Day 4 .. woke up in hospital this morning with minimal pain so was discharged back home. Have reduced the painkillers to much weaker meds and feel 100% better and the pain really is under control with minimal pain meds ! Still loving the results.

Day 5

I forgot to add they're silicone moderates!!
In other news my breasts themselves are not that sore in pretty much pain free just taking the odd anti inflammatory or paracetamol. My rib cage feels like it's taken a bashing and has swollen up greatly as has my entire abdomen really but I've got a photo to add of the swelling from the back !

Thank god for having my mum to help me through recovery - at the age of 23 she had to help in the shower yesterday and washed my hair for me ( I have hair that falls over breasts in length ) so it was tricky but I feel a million dollars after.
I'm still wearing the tubigrip I was put in after surgery but can't wait to be put into a more supportive bra- hopefully at my follow up appointment Friday. That way I can be up and walking round more as I'm terribly scared in gonna pile on the pounds.

Feeling the after affects of the anesthetic and lpain meds.

Today has been up and down but mostly down. Don't get me wrong I live my new boobies and don't regret a thing. But I am feeling so so sad all the time and just cry and cry for no reason. I spoke to the nurses at the hospital and believe its just unfortunate side effect of anesthetic for some people. I also was taking oxycodone and tramadol regularly for pain plus recieveing morphine injections but am now pain med free so I think it's a catching up with me and its a sort of 'come down' affect. Either way it's horrible but knowing its only temporary is reassuring. Kist putting it out there incase anyone feels the same :)

Before and after comparison

This photo shows the assymetry pre op a bit better. It also shows how much further up my new breast are sitting on my chest :)

Just had the dressings changed !

Just went to my follow up appointment and they removed the clear dressing and replaced it with micropore tape which ill use for the next month then I can start using scar serums if I like. I'm also able to put myself in a crop top today which is the best news as I'm sooo itchy in this tubigrip ! I took a photo with the new dressings on. They have settled a bit more which is nice but the left is still more swollen especially just about the nipple but It's only one week post op so we will see what happens.

Tried on a proper bra !

Tried on an actual bra today which was exciting. Still need to wear my post surgery crop top as I've got a bit more swelling to go down.

Sneaky peak at my verticals scar !

My verticke scar is healing nicely I think :). Still just using micropore. The little puckerings either side is are
dissolvable stitches which are in place to take then tension if the actual scar while it heals. By the time they disappear ill have a nice thin scar hopefully

Tape off !

Here's a look with the tape of whilst I was changing it over ill still be wearing it for another 3 weeks which doesn't really bother me as my scars have healed wonderfully so far with it. I'm really happy with results and excited to see the changes over the next month or so. Have had no problems with pain in the last week or so. Still a lot of numbness around the nipple area but that may or may not come back. No regrets at all when I look at my before pictures - can't wait for summer :)

Been over 3 months now !

Still very happy with the results :) Boobies have dropped a little but but I knew that would happen and now I have a more natural cleavage in bras :) It's so easy to pick new faults in them but I just look back over old photos and remind myself how much better they are. So good having old photos. Since the opp my right nipple was corrected for inversion as a result of the surgery but it's fine now and I had scar correction on my left nipple as abit if the areolar could be seen on the verticle scar but the scars are fading more everyday ! You can see some bruising on the left verticle scar but that's because I only had the scar revision done a week or so ago.

before and 3 months after

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