19 Yro Rhinoplasty Job - Melbourne, AU

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I've wanted to get a nose job done since I was 13...

I've wanted to get a nose job done since I was 13 when I started noticing my insecurities.
People tell me I don't need a nose job but I know I do.. I have a large bridge that I hope will become more shallow from my procedure as you can tell from my photos.
I researched a few Drs in Aus and came across Mr Greensmith. His before and afters + experience is what has encouraged me to go with him

Straight after surgery

Sorry it's taken a while to give feedback on my nose surgery. I haven't had internet for a while.

This photo was taken straight after I woke from the surgery. I am glad to say that I had an easy going surgery and was feeling like myself after waking up. I was a little upset I didn't speak to my surgeon after the procedure though. I also felt very hot and bothered after waking up but that is only from the anaesthesia I believe.

1 day after surgery

I felt amazing. I had no pain and no major swelling/ bruising. I actually didn't start taking any medication until this night. I had been given Cephalexin and Paracetamol/ Codeine along with a saline spray and sesame oil nasal spray for my nose.
I actually had to have a small incision cut above my ear where they took some stuff to help build up my nose as it was shallow. However It's quite a large incision if you ask me and it is stitched up.

2 days after surgery

2 days until I get my splint removed !

Hey all. It's now Saturday and I had my procedure done on Monday. I get my splint removed on Monday and can't wait. I am nervous to see how my nose will look. It looks very piggy at the moment from what I can see.. However I know it is just swelling. I am glad to say that I haven't needed to take any paid medication during my recovery. I also have not encountered any bruising or major swelling under my eyes. The photo in this post is what I look like today. I think I look quite pale
Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

Did a Skype consultation with Mr Greensmith and have passed emails through with his PA. Will be going to meet him and get images done the day before my surgery

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