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I will be very truthful with my experience, Im a...

I will be very truthful with my experience, Im a RN and actually work 1 day a week at plastic surgeons office in the OR. If I wanted to I could have lipo or tummy tuck, I wanted non invasive. Im 5'5" 165 46y, I don't have saggy skin which surgery would be needed. Thats the one thing you need is good skin.
What I think would be helpful is taking a sedative if available and you have a ride home like Valium, you would think I would have that available. Well I didn't, reading all these comments I was highly anxious. Nurses arent' great patients anyway. So I had 4 sections done on my abdomen, took about 5hrs. I can say this procedure is tolerable, the most discomfort I had was when the applicator was first applied. So pain for 2min, then subsides. Its getting frozen at that time, then as the applicator come off you have this frozen bar looking thing on your abdomen that is massaged - not comfortable but doable, ok it hurts.
Ok its over, feeling fine went to the store and then home. Feeling sore, I can sense something happened.
Next day - looked pregnant, sore bruising is starting. So don't lay in bed, just move - and I did. The next 2 days I massaged my belly using coconut oil - it will feel hard. Drink lots of water - I also wore a compression garment from target that covers the abdomen. So here I am day 5, really its fine. Getting some tingling/aching today more I heard from nerves. Im using ice, its ok and a glass of wine :). I will admit the first days a bit hard bending, I work in the operating room. Im still swollen but its gone down, more at night. Not that we see results right away, but seeing a waistline actually. So no, the plastics I work for opted not to get this but maybe seeing my results they will. So I went to a Medispa and was very happy.
Just make sure you go to someone who has the most experience doing this.

Day 6

Yesterday and today, swelling remains with tingling ache - burning. Hoping the swelling goes down soon.

Day 9

Swelling down, numbness. 3rd day ache/burning. Neurogen cream helps, over the conter got at Walgreens $30.

Its been 8wks now

This definitely works, at 6wks I took measurements. I measured 4 sections around so top abdomen to lower and down 5.75inches! I really did not do anything different. Next Im trying the Inmode body FX on flanks, I will say it was not pain free. For me its was about a month the swelling was gone, still had numbness at 6wks. Now at 8 I feel fine, but Im sure better then surgery.

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