33 Years Old and Starting the Journey to Get my Body Back! - Alberta, Canada

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I am 5ft 1inch and I weigh 160lbs, I have gained...

I am 5ft 1inch and I weigh 160lbs, I have gained 40lbs in the last 3 years. I am having fat transferred from my stomach area to my breasts. We have not discussed size yet. I hope they get as much fat as they can. I don't want really large breasts so wasted fat is good as long as they remove it! I have my compression garments, pain killers and antibiotics ready to go. I am nervousness but excited as well!

3 days before surgery.

I'm scared but excited. I am praying for a safe procedure with results that I will love.

Day before

Just want to get it over with!!!! So the healing can begin!

Morning after

Ok so I spent most of last night changed absorbent pads and puking my guts out:( And also crying wondering what the hell I had done to myself. The drugs I was on during the procedure made me feel like I was on LSD (never been so just a guess!) but didn't do a whole lot for my pain. So my doc was super gentle and did it in small phases. By the time he got to my breasts the pain was so bad that I asked him to stop and we chose to freeze what fat was left and wait f

I have a waist again!!

Feeling like a human again today. Taking on and off my compression garment doesn't feel like hell on earth anymore! I can see my tiny little waist and my hip bones so that is awesome. Would I do it again? Absolutely. Can't wait to see more results in the weeks ahead!!!

Swelling and CG are killing Me!

I am very swollen and can't see any results yet. My breast fat transfer was not completed because they freezing wouldn't work.

No difference

As of right now and looking in the mirror I see NO DIFFERENCE. I can see where fat was taken but not in my problem areas. Is this normal?! Not enough was taken from my flanks so I know for sure I'm going to look square and still have a gut. I am completely inconsolable right now. This is so unfair.

Wow… this hurts!

I am not sure what I expected for pain after the surgery but this is not human. I did all the reading and the research and truly thought I had mentally, emotionally and physically prepared for this journey. Nope! As of right now I can't believe I did this to myself. Did I really hate my body enough to injure it like this? I don't even care if I have results at this point just as long as the pain goes away.

Woke up today feeling like myself again

I finally feel like myself again and I am less focused on the results as I am to heal from surgery like this. I have not stood on the scale or tried on my clothes that I had hoped this surgery would get me back into. I do feel smaller!! Coming to terms with my body never hit so hard as it did in the days I had no choice but to sit and truly think about my self image. And the image that I put into my daughters mind as she watched me recover from the self inflicted pain. Would I do it again? Absolutely not. Was it worth it? I'm not sure yet!
Dr. Kriel

Great doctor, amazing supportive staff. I am confident with this clinic

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