I Have Cellulite and I Want It Gone!!!! - Montreal, QC

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Natalyia Zay at MedicArt Clinic in Montreal did...

Natalyia Zay at MedicArt Clinic in Montreal did 10-45 minute sessions on my thighs, butt, back and belly to smooth away the bothersome cellulite that had accumulated in those areas. I am a slender woman (5'8" 130 lbs) but the bumpiness of my skin in those areas really bugged me. Natalyia used the LPG system - and she is a pro. I tried the LPG system with another practitioner a year ago and the results were not even close to those that Natalyia was able to achieve. Desperate for a non invasive procedure, a friend told me about Natalyia and I decided to try again. Her technique made all the difference - I would say that she found my bum which previously had melted into my thighs, and significantly slimmed down the area above my knees. I would recommend her to anyone.
Natalyia Zay

MedicArt Clinic. Natalyia Zay

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