33rd Bday Present to Myself!!! - Dallas, TX

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Ok so here's my story. Like many others, I am...

ok so here's my story. Like many others, I am passing it along so hopefully it will help others as others' has helped me. I will give the condensed version. When I was young, I was stupid and insecure, so I got implants. Now that I"m all grown up (physically), I want them out. I'm insecure all over again. I don't like giving anyone hugs, I think that everyone notices my fake boobs and is judging me for them. They are judging me and probably not because they know they are fake, but perhaps that I am dimwitted. Right away I noticed I gained seasonal allergies, ive never had them before in my life. Then the zapping pain started, and numbess/tingling in my fingers and toes. Brain fog and fatigued ensued. I am also much healthier and workout all the time now so these obnoxious things get in the way all the time. I really can't wait to get them out. You have no idea. I won't say that I wish I never got them, because for a while I really enjoyed them, and all the free perks that came with them. Haha, they have definitely paid for themselves. I've been researching for about a year on all the different types of removal, lifts, fat transfers and what not. I talked to the office managers of Feng, Kolb and Melmed. Feng's office manager seemed passionate but driven by money, derived from her over confident. She was almost dismissive of my opinions which makes me wary. I've had bad luck with these type of people. Even though I know she wouldn't be doing the surgery, I just didn't feel right about it. I know that Feng is an expert in her field but the whole situation/center just seemed a little too capitalistic for me. I think her stitching is amazing but I do'nt like how she cuts you on your breast, unless of course you pay an extra 5 grand or so for a lift and then it's through your nipple. I spoke with Kolb's office manager and I really did not like her. She had a snotty attitude and seemed incredulous that I would waste her time with questions. She could not give me a direct price for the procedure, leaving it open ended for "just in case". So while you are under anasethesia, the doctors, yes two doctors, not just kolb, if they "found" something or "needed extra time", you would get hit with an extra bill. This sounded way too sketch for me. Also, she mentioned the other doctor is Kolb's assistant and that he would be helping "so things would go faster". This sounds more like a get them in and out as quickly as possible attitude. I work in healthcare and I know these types, qualtiy is sacrificed to save a couple bucks. Not my thing. Her prices were about the same as Feng's but the open ended bill worries me. So I'm going with Melmed. He was the only surgeon i've spoken to TWICE, (he's a sweetheart) and the office manager is beyond personable and helpful. They took the time to answer all of my questions and even followed up to make sure I was comfortable and didn't have any more questions. I've decided to do it enbloc (which is the only way that he performs removal), with whatever lift will help. I may do a fat transfer with another doctor in the future but i would prefer not to. I'd rather be cute and tiny. We will discuss more the day of since how I'm in NY and he's in TX. I am guessing we will do an internal lift with the bubble technique for the outside. I am also a huge fan of his since he is not keen on antibiotics, as they are only necessary is life threatening situations and not prophylactically. He also gives student/nurses/teacher discounts, and the lift is included. He is old enough to retire (and wealthy enough I'm sure) but clearly loves his work. That screams Integrity. I was a large 36A almost B preop. I've lost 20 pounds and they are a 36D post op still, there is definitely much less fat/tissue there. I'm not a religious person but I've asked my family to pray for me. I am hoping for just some normalcy. I know that everyone heals different. Also, I think that keeping your stress level down is very important before a procedure. Cortisol is the stress hormone which causes inflammation and poor healing and infection. So I will be doing lots of yoga,juicing and meditating in the oncoming weeks. also I am taking probiotics and enzymes, I will be stopping ALL my herbal supplements as I found out they are almost all blood thinners. But will start again 2 weeks after the surgery, I will talk to him again about taking fresh pressed garlic after the surgery because it is a strong systemic "antibiotic", unfortunately it is also a blood thinner, so i will ask his opinion. I will bring laxatives and Arnica montana to help with inflammation.


So one more week and I'm super stoked. So looking forward to having a light chest and being able to breathe and move more freely. Though I'm torn between having a lollipop lift or just the Benelli lift. I wouldn't get as dramatic as a result with the Benelli, though there's a slight chance they could bounce back nicely. Would like to not have to pay another 10000 for fat transfer, and the lollipop could possibly save me from that. What are your thoughts realselfers?

So long! Farewell! Aufedersein goodbyyye!

Last day with the boobies. Kinda sad see them go. Just wished I had a better relationship with silicone. But if you love something set it free, if they come back it was meant to be.

On the other side

Phew ok. So sorry I didn't update yesterday but I was groggy and not feeling up to it. I was in very little pain yesterday. I would call it more discomfort. I had my 500ish cc smooth saline implants removed and they are so heavy!! You read that they are and you try to lift your own boobs up but you can never quite get the right feel until you are actually holding those suckers in your hand. I wasn't grossed out just kinda shocked that I had these water balloons in me. They are so comical!!
Brain fog is gone! Though I'm still affected by the anesthesia and pain meds. Last time I took them was this morning at 8 and it's now 5. Won't be needing them anymore.
The drains burned a little when removed but honestly I thought it'd be worse and Oates literally seconds. Then when you sit up for the first time after taking wrap and drains out, your boobies burn a little for 20 minutes but then they go away.

Sorry back it up to yesterday. They wrap you really tight and you can't take a deep breath so that kinda sucked. I was really tense because I was very cautious about moving my arms as instructed so I think I caused myself some unnecessary discomfort. Better safe than sorry. Also the pain pills and anesthesia made me kinda shaky and I had tremors. And I was freaking because my pecs were jumping. But he assured me they would be fine.
I had very little drainage and he was really happy with the little amount I bled during surgery. I accredit that to the kale and vegetable juices I was drinkin every day a week before surgery. Try to get in as much vitamin k ladies, also I stopped all my supplements. Very important. He said I can start them again but I'm gonna wait a week anyways just to be safe. I started taking arnica and will be taking daily vitamins and continuing my probiotics.
And protein!!! Extra protein is good for recovery. Oh and I've Been taking pancreatic enzymes.
So I had really bad constipation with cramping ( I tried senna and that caused bad cramping) so I drank half a bottle of magnesium citrate and that fixed me up. Just remeber if you're gonna take that make sure to drink lots of water and get plenty of electrolytes.

I didn't take pics when unwrapped but will do so tomorrow. But I can say they look damn good for one day post op and I'm really stoked about how they'll shape up.


Two days after explant first shower. I feel like a new woman.


Oh my god. Today I am unbelievably itchy. Just something to expect ladies

Spoon boobies

Swelling's gone. They look like spoons haha. Started with avocado oil (I read that this oil is the closest to natural human skin oils) and will start with msm and glucosamine. It's a precursor for collagen and cartilage production. If you take gelatin or bone collagen your body breaks it down. Msm and glucosamine helps build it up. Serious upper pole missing. Just hoping they will retract and fluff up to normality.


These are perfect. Trust me. I thought they would be too loose but they're not. I should have gotten then to begin with

Symptoms clearing

So I know I'm getting better already because according to the weather report pollen is horrible here in nyc. I couldn't tell at all. The first symptom I noticed when I got implants was that I miraculously had allergies. Now that they've been out a week and a half. I do t have spring allergies anymore! Also my confidence has returned and I walk taller and breathe TREMENDOUSLY better. My shoulders don't hurt and my back pain has disappeared. I will post pics at the two week mark but I am already super happy with them!

2 week update

Ok. I know it's too early to tell. Dr. Melmed has been super great and answering all my emails. But the hard lump and puckering in my leftie is kinda worrying me. I think it may be a small seroma which should clear. Except I don't feel any swooshing of liquid. It's hard and hardy moves. Maybe it's the internal stitches? I dunno. My gut is telling me somethings wrong but it could also be the pessimist in me. Over the past week and a half the left nipple got insanely sensitive and the lump appeared. But over the past couple days the nipple is waaaay less sensitive and the lump seems to be holding the surface skin and the skin around it is fluffing or something creating a fold. I'm trying not to freak and get depressed. He says not to worry and be patient. I guess I just need a pep talk. But not knowing what is going on is what's really bothering me. Has anyone ever seen this? It's not just the incision that puckered it's the skin beneath and there's a semi hard lump. It would be the right breast in the photos. The other breast I kinda figured would look like that since the implant was placed too low due to a minor and I mean really minor asymmetrical difference. He really didn't need to place it that low. But it wasn't Melmed who put them in obviously, he doesn't do implants anymore.

wtf is this???

so i had a little of the puckering and then i took the stickies off and it got way worse. good news is the extreme sensitivity and the hard lump went away but the puckering got worse. has anyone seen this and what can i do? ps is not being much help, he is saying to aspirate but he doesn't listen to me. I told him there is no fluid. i'm about to start crying. I just got laid off from my job and i can't afford another surgery.

6 weeks

So the weird puckering thing got worse. Now it looks a tiny better. Trying to be patient as Per Melmed. When I flex they look gross. But from what I've researched you can try to fix but you can NEVER make it 100% back to normal. This is because I had sub muscular implants. Overall I'm happy except for the crazy adhesion. There is still a hard lump that the incision is adhered to but it way less painful/ bothersome from last week. Still uncomfortable. Just hope it corrects and I fluff some more. Patience has never been one of my virtues

8 wk update

Not happy so far. I will be getting fat transfer and the adhesion fixed along with the scars redone. His incisions are sloppy.

10 weeks. Fluffing begins?

I was gonna wait till 12 weeks but they look noticing better. The left one with the adhesion had good days and bad. I'm massaging it everyday and trying to pull it away from underlying tissue. I'm not using scar cream or anything. Just trying to free it up at this point. It seems to be getting a little better. Also. I think they are starting to fluff. :). I just finished my period so I don't think the slight extra volume is from that. Or maybe im imagining things hahaha

14 weeks


14 wks


7 months

So overall I am happy to have the implants out. The dimpling has pretty much straightened itself out. The scar tissue in the left breast has stopped spasming or contracting. And is almost gone. I just wished he was a little more careful with his incisions. Maybe I'm being too detailed oriented. Symptoms continue to be gone and I feel like I try harder when I work out because I'm not worried about my boobs jumping and looking all retarded. I would def recommend the procedure and the doctor

1 year

This picture makes them look nicer. I have no upper pole. I feel comfortable with clothes on but don't feel comfortable being naked with someone. When I bend over they look like momma dog boobs. I'm happy to have e them out and am looking I to fat transfer only to fill them out a little bit. I will be posting a review on that. I have decided on Dr. Bednar. I am looking to get it done this winter. But overall I am happy and have no regrets. I feel like myself again and love giving big hugs to everyone!
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

So I'm going with Melmed. So far so good. He was the only surgeon i've spoken to TWICE, (he's a sweetheart) and the office manager is beyond personable and helpful. They took the time to answer all of my questions and even followed up to make sure I was comfortable and didn't have any more questions I am also a huge fan of his since he is not keen on antibiotics, as they are only necessary is life threatening situations and not prophylactically.

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