54 5'3" 182 Lbs and Sick of This Big Hanging Belly - Medford, OR

Never thought I would be able to afford to have a...

Never thought I would be able to afford to have a TT but things have changed. I have thought about it for years up and down in weight(more up than down) and have been stable for a few years now. So Had my consultation, pre-op tomorrow and surgery Oct 10th. I have been excited for the most part, but all of the sudden I am worried I might look funny PS say I won't have a totally flat belly (will be round) due to the intra abdominal fat. OMG what am I going to look like? I will post pics as soon as I get the guts to take the pictures. Weird posting something on the internet I have spent years trying to hide.

Pre-op done and on my way ONLY 17 days till the day

I was a little nervous at pre-op but now I just feel calm about it like it hasn't sunk in I am doing this. I was terrified last time I had surgery and was expecting to be that way again. I am sure it will hit me when not ready. Day 8 of no smokes and trying hard not to gain any weight, so far so good. Funny thing I have hated having my stomach touched and try to pretend it doesn't exist but now I have pulled and tugged and pocked at it so much trying to figure out how I will look. I am afraid to expect to much for being disappointed. There are some beautiful bodies on this site. Having a hard time finding bodies like mine to get an idea.

Ugh my pics

WOW I am so glad I am doing this after looking at my pics. Never in my life thought I would have this TT done and would never post suck pics on the internet. I guess never say never.

Only 1 week away

I am getting very excited for the most part then all of the sudden I feel a little panicked. What will I look like? How hard is that first week going to be? Trying to mentally be ready if I am horribly miserable and if not will be a sweet surprise.


Just finished all my shopping for fresh fruit and vegis. I am excited and nervous but truly believe all will be just fine. Will update when I can.


Had my TT with muscle repair and Lipo of flanks yesterday. Had got my self ready for being totally miserable and all went great couldn't ask for anything more. BUT I AM keeping up on my meds, did try to cut back on the oxycodone to half dose this afternoon and won't do that again for awhile. Standing pretty straight with no back pain and flanks are only slightly sore and so far very little swelling. Hope I am not speaking to soon but as of now I am very pleased in all ways. Not sleeping well but that is more due to I can't sleep on my back and have never been able so I am napping quit a bit. making sure I get up and walk every hour for a few. Will try and get some pictures tomorrow.

Took of 8-10 lbs not sure about how much lip but 10 lbs in fat and skin. Woooo Hooo

Oh yeah 8-10 lbs removed during TT. Wasn't expecting more than a couple lbs so that was a sweet surprise.

2 days PO TT

Two days PO getting lost of rest today overdid it yesterday due to all the excitement of actually having it done.

Five days post op

I am feeling pretty good. Can't wait to get drains out. First 3 days were tough. DO TAKE ALL YOUR MEDS YOU WILL NEED THEM. will update when I can type lol

One week post op today

I feel pretty good just have to be carful an not overdue it, Still can't believe the difference from my before and after pis,. Was able to sleep in my own bed last night an it felt great.

ELEVEN days post op

I now have my drains out. In fact my friend took them out here at home so I didn't to drive two hours to get it done. Seen my PS yesterday said all looked great will go back on Nov 10th to have stitches taken out on BB. For the most part I am feeling pretty good just have to rest a lot. Got to say 4 hrs on the road yesterday with a little window shopping and lunch kicked my butt. Man I can't wait to go clothes shopping. Did break down and buy some cute panties he he couldn't help myself. Not saying things are great very irritated about small things like can't get off the couch without a struggle or in and out of bed. Would probably be a funny video and I swear that stupid island in the kitchen was built to hit me right on my hip incisions ugh oh drop a least 100 things a day. Cutting back on my pain meds and for the most part that is going well. Can't wait for the swelling to go down so I can see the REAL NEW ME. Here are some more pics and does kind of look like some of the swelling had gone down.
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