54 5'3" 182 Lbs and Sick of This Big Hanging Belly - Medford, OR

Never thought I would be able to afford to have a...

Never thought I would be able to afford to have a TT but things have changed. I have thought about it for years up and down in weight(more up than down) and have been stable for a few years now. So Had my consultation, pre-op tomorrow and surgery Oct 10th. I have been excited for the most part, but all of the sudden I am worried I might look funny PS say I won't have a totally flat belly (will be round) due to the intra abdominal fat. OMG what am I going to look like? I will post pics as soon as I get the guts to take the pictures. Weird posting something on the internet I have spent years trying to hide.

Pre-op done and on my way ONLY 17 days till the day

I was a little nervous at pre-op but now I just feel calm about it like it hasn't sunk in I am doing this. I was terrified last time I had surgery and was expecting to be that way again. I am sure it will hit me when not ready. Day 8 of no smokes and trying hard not to gain any weight, so far so good. Funny thing I have hated having my stomach touched and try to pretend it doesn't exist but now I have pulled and tugged and pocked at it so much trying to figure out how I will look. I am afraid to expect to much for being disappointed. There are some beautiful bodies on this site. Having a hard time finding bodies like mine to get an idea.

Ugh my pics

WOW I am so glad I am doing this after looking at my pics. Never in my life thought I would have this TT done and would never post suck pics on the internet. I guess never say never.
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