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I have been complaining about my large labia since...

I have been complaining about my large labia since the birth of my son 14 years ago. Doctor after doctor told me there was nothing I could do and that I just had to live with it. I couldn't understand how there could be nothing I could do about it but lost hope as no one would listen. I had seriously considered cutting them off myself on many occasions but was worried I wouldn't be able to do both sides and would be even more mangled than I already was. During my first pregnancy it grew to an enormous size even though many said that wasn't possible. I am also convinced that the vacuum they used along with the episiotomy led to what I have now.

It wasn't until a couple of years ago when I had breast augmentation that I found out there was indeed surgery to fix my vagina. I mentioned my concerns again, but to my new doctor and she recommended I seek out a urogynecologist to perform a labiaplasty. I had searched for many but it seemed the only ones I could find were not willing to perform a surgery that was for "cosmetic purposes". This isn't cosmetic! This is labia that get pulled in during sex causing pain, labia that gets pinched and caught in clothing, labia that can't wear lace underwear because it's excruciating and painful, labia that barely fits in a bathing suit, labia that is too wide for many underwear and so I have to be very careful with what I buy. Labia that is painful and uncomfortable riding a bike, exercising, or even sitting on things like bleachers. I have literally come home on more than one occasion to a swollen, purple, labia because the circulation has been cut off from clothing or certain activities. Having sex is like a parting of the seas and it seems no matter what I do, my long, enlarged labia get "sucked in" during sex and so are costantly being pulled on. This is not cosmetic. This is about quality of life.
I have been with the same man since I was a teenager, him and I are the only ones who see my vagina and I know he loves it and me just the way we are. It's not about that, it's about me and my life. Of course a more aesthetically pleasing vagina would be a nice bonus as well.
Anyhow, my obgyn sent me to another obgyn who also performs labiaplasty. I met with her on October 18th. She did an exam, took some measurements and gave me her opinion. She said she would do the trim method with a laser, and reduce the size of my labia majora as it has lost its fullness. She will do the labia majora by removing some excess skin on the outside of the labia majora. I'm concerned about this as I hsve only ever seen or heard of it being done on the insure between the labia minora and majora, which would then leave the scar between the two which would ultimately be barely visible if at all. Even though this is not for cosmetic reasons I still feel like they should try to make scarring minimal. She also said I only have "2 folds" on my clitoral hood and so that doesn't need to be addressed. I think when she cuts of the minora the hood is going to be weirdly bulging out everywhere as it is clearly too big.
I thought it would be best to have this done by a gynecologist as they would be more familiar with the delicate anatomy , but now I'm growing concerned that it's going to be butchered and I'll hate the way it looks although I won't be sitting on it anymore.
Honestly I'm a little nervous about expressing my concerns because she had my insurance company agree to cover the procedure so I'm worried if I argue about the aesthetics of it that she will think that's why I'm doing it and then I'll have trouble with insurance paying for it. She did take measurements etc and said I do fall in the "above nomad range" which to me is probably why I qualified for insurance.
Anyhow I'm scheduled for December 16th and I'm thrilled as I have been wanting this for 14 years, I just hope I get a say.
I have to take pictures but if you go on my profile under my questions there are pictures from me asking about labiaplasty.
Dr. B

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